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stuck on an island and trying to rebuild your community with a bunch of cute and cuddly animals may seem like a daunting task

You probably need a place to rest from all the construction activity.

What you need is a special place on your island where you can retreat, a resort of sorts if you will.

If you want to design a resort on your island, these ideas will certainly come in handy. We have fantastic spas, pools and beaches – all for relaxing and enjoying life on a tropical island.

10. Bamboo cure day

Image Source by @pomilulife

Bamboo aesthetics are commonplace at New Horizons.

And here’s a great example of how to use it in a relaxed environment.

Of course, to get started, you’ll need some bamboo. And you’ll want to place them neatly to provide shade for your guests.

Next, you will also need to cut bamboo to make bamboo lamps, as well as a bamboo shelf. There are a lot of customization options here, but I think the light wood color works best with the design of this spa.

Finally, you will need to purchase a wood burning stove, hot tub and poolside bed. So you have a place to lie down and enjoy the summer breeze!

9. Beach bar

Dafaben Image Source

The most important part of creating this beachfront bar is finding the right location.

Choose a good spot near the water, whether it’s the surrounding ocean or a nearby river.

You will also need some tables in the living room to create a bar area, and some rattan chairs to sit on.

Also, try to buy rattan chairs for the common area to match the bar chairs.

And the most important thing in any beach scene is all the palm trees and coconuts.

You can plant palm trees however you like, but these are the DIY recipes you can use to make it something you want to focus your attention on.

Make palm lights to brighten up the nighttime atmosphere and add coconut juice to cool you down.

8. Seaside Exhibition Hall

Image source by @crossinspiration/u/absorption

This idea fits particularly well with the open sea views, such as those on the hotel’s beach terrace.

Rattan furniture is typical for these beach scenes, so make sure you have some chairs and tables, as well as pool tables.

To create a deck, you need to create (or download) custom templates. It’s worth capturing the view from the hotel’s terrace.

My favorite part of this design is the stand with the water and coconut juice dispenser, which you have to make out of fruit.

It’s the little details that make this living room worthwhile.

7. RoomBrunch

image source by @ChaACNH1

Many resorts often have nice little dining rooms where you can get a bite to eat. And no meal is better than brunch!

For a reception in this design, you will need some shelves and a menu board.

I also think vintage chairs and mini tables are a good choice for a good time.

The light herringbone floor and the beige walls with flowers complement each other perfectly. And they complement the food very well.

Breakfast is not complete without a tea set, so don’t forget to put that somewhere.

6. Outdoor snow pool

Image source by @acnh.rach

Of all the seasons for relaxing outdoor swimming, winter is probably the last choice.

Still, it’s a great scene.

With this in mind, the sand and loungers by the pool have a custom design reminiscent of a sunny resort.

Right in the middle, you can place a cypress tub and cypress plants, which are actually the centerpiece of this spa.

You’ll also want to plant lots of palm trees in the area to catch the winter snow and give this design a winter glow!

5. Infinity pool

Maradom Image source

Have you ever seen pictures of these pools with no soil around them?

Just a big glass box filled with water – and yes, they look great.

Well, this idea recreates one of those overflow pools (as best it can) in New Horizons.

To build them yourself, you’ll need typical resort decorations, such as palm trees, palm-shaped lamps, coconuts and pool chairs.

But I’m bored here.

The part you want to know more about is the infinity pool itself. To do this, you have to make some kind of structure and carve it out so that the water flows out of the back of the rock.

Then surround the rest of the pool with recessed lighting to get the nighttime party started.

4. Pool enclosure

image source @mochamochi_acnh

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with creating a fun atmosphere for each of my villagers right in front of their homes.

This fun idea caught my attention because it cleverly uses the custom design feature to create an environment that includes all my many villagers.

Sidewalks and water styles are custom designs that you need to pave the floor from house to house.

You can also use rattan chairs and bedside tables as seaside furniture.

Finally, place beach balls in the water to add to the aesthetic of this seaside resort.

3. Enchanted Forest Hot Springs

Image source by @acnh.rach

This idea is simple but beautiful, and that’s usually my favorite kind of design!

Jungle wallpaper and flooring are the first step in creating this beautiful, natural interior.

You’d need a lot of rocks to build an outdoor pool… to put inside.

And there are a few little details I like, like. B. the pile of wooden ducks and leaves this player made. They really make it look like an outdoor paradise!

2. Tropical House

image source from

Here’s an even more amazing idea for a resort that also uses unconventional designs. And they use unconventional designs in a very unique way, I might add!

If you’ve made umbrellas for festivals, you should take them out of your stash and use them here.

They provide the perfect shade for deck chairs and beach towels along the coast.

And for the icing on the cake, buy a bunch of life jackets to walk on the river at your resort! (Uh, you can at least pretend to).

1. Japanese baths

Image source: @acnhmiouabay

This idea uses many of the concepts I mentioned above, but combines them into one homogeneous concept.

Use tatami piping and shoji screen wallpaper to personalize the base of this piece.

You’ll also want cypress bathtubs so everyone has a place to relax.

Also save enough bricks, because 24 bricks are needed for each of the stone lions. And it takes 90 years to make a stone arch. Ouch!

Finally, to finish this construction yourself, make some bamboo partitions for some privacy. And maybe a bamboo shelf for storage.

Then you have a relaxing wellness bath!

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One of the best things you can do to improve the appearance of your island is to plant lots of flowers. About a hundred. It’s crazy. Flowers add color and character to your island and help break the dullness of simple grassy areas.

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