Avery’s having difficulty bringing Omar to the US

Avery Mills, who spent 90 days, was finally inundated with questions from fans about his relationship with Omar Albaccura. They still lived in different countries, which made the eyebrows of the viewers of this TLC show frown. Enthusiastic fans wanted to know why Avery still lives in America and Omar in Syria, even though they are married. So Avery went to Instagram to set the record straight, reports to Touch Weekly. Because of her Instagram stories, she insisted they were happily married.

As to why she is still living in America, Avery confirmed that she is in college, working, and helping Omar get an American marriage visa.

Avery and Omar were introduced to the fans for 90 days: Up to 90 days, 3. season. The couple met through a Muslim dating service. They met in person, for the first time in Lebanon. A colorful wedding followed, according to the fans. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to live together since they got married. The United States is the favorite destination, Omar needs a conjugal visa, although it seems difficult to get there.

The United States has banned entry into Syria, making it difficult for Avery’s fiancée to obtain a visa. Although there is a possibility that Avery may move to Syria, his mother disagrees. Even if she resisted her mother and moved to Syria, it would jeopardize Omar’s chances of getting a marriage visa. She would see her dream of living together in the United States fail.

Avery and Omar hope to profit from the failure of.

According to Avery’s lawyer, they must apply for an exemption, so that Omar can at least lift the travel ban. Although this is possible, the couple must comply with all the rules during the application procedure. Avery does not need to travel to Syria for a valid waiver. She has to prove that she lives and works in the United States and that she can comfortably support her husband.

Inertia is another condition for granting an exemption. Since Avery and her fiancé live in different countries, such a separation can be difficult.

Options retained, but living in America remains top priority

The chance of rejection is 5%. So, while Avery has decided to keep all the guidelines to help Omar get a conjugal visa, the couple will have to consider other options. In this context, Avery and Omar have provided updated information on where they would have stayed if their installation in the States had not been successful. In his three-part contribution to the fourth season of What Now 90-day, Avery mentioned the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Canada as possible options.

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