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Audio to text converter online based for Recording Effective Meeting

1. What is audio to text converter

Voice recognition technology is evolving day by day, which has seen the artificial intelligence technology being applied to into the transcription industry.Audio to text converter online is an AI-based transcription software that helps you to convert audio file to text. The Audext app was programmed to save your valued time when transcribing audios to text.

Using their machine learning technology, Audext transcribes audio to text automatically, and offers the following advantages:

  • Fast transcription- Since Audext uses AI technology to do transcription, audio is converted to text online in seconds.
  • Quick and easy Editing- Audext allows you to choose your playback speed when editing. You can decide to slow down the audio and edit the generated text at your pace.
  • Cost effective- Audext transcribes audios 200X times faster than any manual transcription service.
  • Speaker identification.

Audext can identify speakers for both podcasts and interviews. The Audext converter does half of the work for you by identifying who is speaking and when the speaker changes.

2. How it works

Using audio to text converter online is like engaging a computer to transcribe your audio files. The AI software listens to audio files and interprets what is being said using speech-recognition technology. After your audio file has been transcribed, Audext displays the transcript on your browser for easy editing, searching and saving.

After transcription is done user can edit the text in the editor on the Audext website, and each transcribed word would be tied up to its exact audio moment – when you click on the transcribed word, audio will play from this moment. It can also identify speakers and structure the transcription text according to the speech of speakers

3. Find Out Who’s Attending Meeting

Audext helps you to spell the names and positions of all the attendees correctly. Using this software, you can record individuals who are absent or late, and connect the present participants with how well they participate in topics under discussion. When you attend different meetings with different participants, it’s always good to take note of the present members in the conference.

This will ensure that all participants make an effort of being active in the meeting room, making it easier to keep track of commitments, action items, or outstanding discussions without leaving out other individuals or wondering who should be contacted. You can also use Audext to connect meeting minutes to a specific meeting participant who brought up the objections, ideas, and opinions. Using Audext to list the names of the attendees also eliminates guesswork and prevents your minutes from being too wordy.

4.Create a Minutes Template

With Audext, you can also use a custom template as an outline. Templates can be used filling the blanks using the recorded the minutes. Save time by filling in advance any standard information fields for common and known data including date, chairperson and agenda items. Apart from this, you also need to be well prepared to provide an excellent meeting summary, Since each person has a unique way of taking meeting notes, no meeting template fits all meetings.

That’s why you need to identify the best template depending on how you make your notes, your personality and also your working style. After that, you can then proceed to choosing a minutes’ template from Audext that will assist you in recording all the important meeting notes. This is because each meeting has its own detail levels, so the main goal is to deliver the perfect level of detail for your meeting type.

5. Send for Online Transcription

Minutes of any meeting are the only record a company can use for reference after the session is done. This is why minutes are expected to be error-free and easy to read. Uploading your audio on Audext for online transcription ensures that you have accurate and professional results.

This will come in handy especially if you don’t have time to sift through multiple pages of your meeting minutes to correct errors and make the document error-free. Noting down meeting transcripts is the most common method of keeping your company’s meeting notes, but using Audext to summarize those meeting minutes into short, smart and clear meeting summaries will make your experience better. This is because you’ll be able to search through the document. You’ll also be able to access full meeting transcripts which gives you the option of getting more detailed information about those meetings if you need it.

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