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asus rog phone 2 performances

Maj. September 6, 2019 at 7 h 31 min.

After a seductive ROG Phone, Asus returns and launches the ROG Phone 2. This new version takes up the ingredients of the success of the first one and brings some improvements requested by the community. Here’s everything we know about the ultimate gaming smartphone, according to Asus.

asus rog phone 2

Launched after an April Fool’s Fool’s Day, the first ROG Phone of the name was a critical success with the media and players. With the ROG Phone 2, Asus wants to go further. The numbers speak for themselves. According to a NewZoo report, mobile gaming will account for 47% of the market in 2018 ($63.2 billion). Above all, it is experiencing insolent growth: +29.1% between 2017 and 2018 (+8.3% for PC and +4.8% for consoles).

To top it all off, gamers are no longer satisfied with fun games, but are increasingly interested in demanding licenses. A new gaming smartphone makes sense for Asus. Moreover, the brand explains that the holders of the first ROG Phone have shown the potential of this niche. On average, they spend $222.5 a year on games compared to $89 for users of other Android smartphones. They also spend an average of 42 minutes a day playing, compared to 16 minutes.

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To create his ROG Phone 2, Asus listened to feedback from his community. On paper, this new model shows promise thanks to technologies that are unique on the market and extensive engineering work.

Our ROG Phone 2 video tutorial


Getting to grips with the ASUS ROG PHONE 2: the ultimate SMARTPHONE GAMING!

Getting to grips with the ASUS ROG PHONE 2: the ultimate SMARTPHONE GAMING!


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Asus ROG PHONE 2 : TEST of the GAMING smartphone with NINTENDO SWITCH look and feel


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Data sheet


Asus ROG Phone 2 Data Sheet


170.99 x 77.6 x 9.48mm


240 g


6.59 inches AMOLED Gorilla Glass 6


2340 x 1080 pixels 19.5/9


Rear: 1 sensor 48 MP + 13 MP

Front: 1 sensor 24 MP


ROG UI based on Android 9 Pie

Internal memory

512 GB




Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot




Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus


12 GB

Fingerprint sensor

Yes, under the screen

Facial Recognition


Water resistance




Load Port

USB Type-C

Quick Charge

Yes, 30W

Wireless Qi Charger




Futuristic design

At first glance, Asus doesn’t upset the codes used for the first ROG Phone. The new kid takes up the same lines and colours as his big brother. The manufacturer always opts for a glass shell. On the back is the photo module, the small ventilation window and the aggressive features of the first version. In the centre, the illuminated ROG logo always catches the eye. The user can totally customize his colors. The absence of a fingerprint sensor on the back represents the biggest aesthetic change : Asus has chosen to position it at the front, below the display.

asus rog phone 2 design

On the lower edge, the manufacturer groups together the USB-C and the 3.5 mm jack. As with ROG Phone 1, Asus has a proprietary port on the left side. It allows you to connect the AeroCool Case 2 (we will come back to this later) or to plug in the charger when playing. The user thus benefits from an optimal grip while recharging the battery.

On the right border, the brand incorporates the Air Triggers 2, an improved version of its triggers. They are equipped with haptic return, prolonged support (for burst shots for example) and a sliding system (to change weapons for example).

asus rog phone 2 air triggers 2

Finally, the ROG Phone 2 is equipped with a new Dual Surrounding vibration system. During gaming sessions, vibrations are felt on all four sides of the smartphone (XYZ axis) for better immersion.

asus rog phone 2 aeration

The integration of all these technologies, in addition to the impressive battery (we’ll come back to this later), has forced Asus to offer a rather imposing smartphone. Its size is similar to that of the OnePlus 7 Pro with a width of 7.8 cm and a length of 17.1 cm, which is necessary to position the front speakers.

asus rog phone 2 design face

120 Hz screen

The ROG Phone 2 features a large 6.59″ AMOLED display in 19.5:9 aspect ratio with no notches. Asus opts for a flat slab, more appreciated by the players. The great originality of the ROG Phone 2’s screen lies in its display frequency. Asus outperforms its competitors and opts for a 120 Hz screen with a response time of 1 ms.

asus rog phone 2 screen

The manufacturer has also worked on tactile latency. Engineers have optimized the response time on three levels: frequency (240 Hz), kernel, and optimization of the Android framework. With a score of 49 ms, the ROG Phone 2’s response time is 44% faster than the competition (87 ms for the Galaxy S10+, 85 ms for the OnePlus 7 Pro and 75 ms for the iPhone XS Max).

Asus also takes care of the display quality with a Delta E lower than 1. Thanks to 10-bit HDR technology, the ROG Phone 2 displays 1073.74 million colours. This allows players to see more detail in the dark areas. Let us note finally that SDR2HDR technology will allow the ROG Phone 2 to improve the display of games not optimized for its screen.

Top performance with the Snapdragon 855 Plus

To meet the demands of the gamers, Asus does not skimp on the means. The ROG Phone 2 is the first smartphone to carry the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor running at 2.96 GHz (2.4 GHz for the Snapdragon 855). An Adreno 640 graphics chip clocked at 675 MHz accompanies the processor. It improves graphics quality by 15% compared to the 585 MHz version. 12 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 512 GB of UFS 3.0 storage complete this arsenal.

asus rog phone 2 performances

In order to avoid fever flare-ups, Asus has developed GameCool 2, a unique cooling system on themarket. Three heat dissipation systems are available to maintain a suitable temperature:

  • liquid cooling with a 3D steam chamber
  • a heat sink and several ventilation grilles
  • AeroActive Cooler II: a supplied accessory dedicated to smartphone cooling. It reduces the temperature by 5°C while remaining silent (24 dBA, four times less than the first ROG Phone of the name).

All of these technologies enable the ROG Phone II to provide excellent continuous performance.

6000 mAh battery

Playing with a high-powered smartphone is all well and good, as long as it doesn’t let you down in the middle of a game after three hours of use. The ROG team is well aware of this and has taken the problem head on. A monstrous 6000 mAh batterypowers the ROG Phone 2. The brand promises more than 7 hours of continuous autonomy on PUBG. By way of comparison, OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10+ can take about 5 hours of play.

The ROG Phone 2 comes with a Quick Charge 4.0 certified Quick Charge 4.0 system. The 30W charger supplied (4A cable) saves the equivalent of a day’s use (4000 mAh) in 58 minutes. The ROG Hypercharge technology provides the same results with any other standard USB-C cable. Finally, Asus promises a longer battery life thanks to its large capacity.

Audio: dtsX Ultra and 3.5mm jack

Sound quality is one of the key elements of a good immersion during gaming sessions. Asus therefore equips the ROG Phone 2 with two stereo speakers positioned on the front panel. The brand promises a sound 2.5 times more powerful than on the first model. The icing on the cake is that the smartphone comes with dtsX Ultra compatibility to enhance the package. Finally the 3.5 mm jack is there.

Four noise-cancelling microphones complete the package to ensure an optimal online gaming or streaming experience. Two of them are located on the bottom edge, one on the opposite side and one on the right edge to maintain good quality in landscape mode.

High-speed network

Many mobile games require a network connection. To ensure an optimal experience, Asus engineers have equipped the ROG Phone 2 with fourantennas. In this way, the manufacturer prevents the user from degrading the signal when covering the edges with his hands. In landscape mode, two antennas are located in the upper corners, one is in the middle of the top border, the last one on the back. This arrangement allows the ROG Phone 2 to provide excellent throughput: ,286.5 Mb/s versus 52.5 Mb/s for the competition.

The integration of Wifi 802.11ad improves the connectivity of the smartphone. With a speed of 4.6Gb/s, a latency of 3ms and less interference (60GHz), the ROG Phone 2 has no equal in the field.

Software: half smartphone half console

Powered by ROG UI (based on Android Oreo), the ROG Phone 2 is distinguished by its custom interface in the colors of the “Republic Of Gamers”. However, if some people want a more classical software, Asus also proposes to use Zen UI, the same software as the Zenfone 6.

In all cases, the manufacturer integrates Armoury Crate, an application dedicated to the game and gathering many functionalities. Game Lobby displays the game catalog in a carousel. The user can either launch the game or access Game Profiles where he can choose his gaming preferences: CPU performance optimization, touch sensitivity or image refresh rate.

Game Genie is similar to Gaming Mode found in competitors. In this section, the player can turn off notifications and calls, block the screen brightness or display real-time information. Finally, Console allows you to optimize the settings of the smartphone as a… game console. The user can choose the color of the logo on the back of the smartphone, customize the AirTriggers or optimize graphics performance.

Game Catalogue

As with consoles, gaming smartphones face the problem of the game catalogue. For the launch of the ROG Phone 2, Asus has sealed some partnerships pending the official European launch at the IFA in Berlin. At the time of writing, three games are taking advantage of the ROG Phone 2’s exclusive features: Asphalt 9, Shadowgun Legends and ROCKMAN x DiVE. It should be noted, however, that the optimizations differ depending on the license. For example, of these three sets Asphalt 9 does not use the 120 Hz screen. Similarly, not all games support all accessories.

Modular accessories

Like the ROG Phone 1, this second iteration comes with a series of accessories to enhance the gaming experience. In total, there are 8 of them, 5 of which are new:

  • Aero Case: a lightweight case that protects the most sensitive points while not hiding the illuminated ROG logo.
  • ROG Lighting Armor Case: with NFC chip, this case covers the entire smartphone. The theme changes automatically as soon as the ROG Phone 2 is inserted into the shell.
  • AeroActive Cooler 2: supplied in the box, it cools the system with a fan and can be fixed above the Aero Case shell
  • TwinView Dock 2: this module with a second screen is an improvement of the first version. It integrates a 120 Hz display and a 5000 mAh battery. He benefits from a slimming cure and a better weight distribution.
  • ROG Kunai Gamepad: probably the most promising accessory. Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, it features two jewels, an adapter that you attach to your smartphone for a use comparable to the Switch and a controller where you attach the jewels as if they were on… the Switch (here you go).

The other accessories remain the same as those offered with the ROG Phone 1 : Mobile Desktop Dock, Pro Dock and WiGig Display Dock Plus.

The great originality of the new collection of accessories lies in their modularity. The user can create “killer death combos” for optimal use. For example, the jewels can be attached to the double screen module. The multitude of scenarios allows the ROG Phone to be used as a home console or even as a PC. It remains to know the prices of these different accessories.

Same camera as Zenfone 6

The first ROG Phone of the name did not particularly shine by the quality of its camera. Asus has listened to the feedback from its users and integrates the same dual sensor as the Zenfone 6. So we find a module powered by Quad Bayer technology and composed of :

  • one 48 MP (26mm) SONY IMX 586 photo sensor
    • photosites of 1.6 um at 12 MP and 0.8 um at 48 MP
    • lens aperture f/1.79
  • a 13 MP ultra-wide angle (125°) sensor with distortion correction (11mm)
    • double LED flash
    • phase-detecting autofocus (0.03s)

At the front, the brand opts for a 24 MP sensor with a special positioning to the right of the loudspeaker. Asus explains that this area is ideal for players wishing to share their sessions in streaming, as the sensor is never obstructed by hands.

Price and release date of ROG Phone 2

The ROG Phone 2 will be available as of September 4, 2019, promises Asus. The official launch will take place at the IFA in Berlin at the brand’s press conference.

During this event, the manufacturer will communicate the price of its gaming smartphone. As an indication, Asus launched its first ROG Phone in 2018 at a price of 899 euros.

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