Assassin’s Creed Origins : Information About the Gameplay and the Sail Map

In an interview with the gameinformer website, the project leader of Assassin’s Creed Origins Ashraf Ismail, gave some details about the content of the game.

Large cities, ships and graves

In the new game from Ubisoft’s main franchise, two major cities will be featured : Memphis and Alexandria. To make a comparison with the cities previously modeled in the game, the leader explains that the two ancient cities will be at least twice the size of Havana as represented in Black Flag. However, he wishes to downplay the importance of this large map.

For me, the size of cities is not important. It is theability of the latter to be alive and the experience the player chooses to live that will be the main asset of each city.

Regarding naval battles, the spearhead of the episode devoted to piracy, Ismail explains that ships will be present, but that we should not expect a game similar to Black Flag, especially since there will be no naval battles at the level of BF .

He finished talking about the zones in the map by admitting that very many graves would be available to be discovered and that these will be super cool.

An evolution of the mode of travel

The game controls for parkour trips have also evolved, according to Ashraf Ismail himself. Now you can walk, jog, run and sprint with the stick. As a result, the player has more control over what he targets. This choice to revolutionize the controls of the game aims to make the player as free as possible in his moves.

Finally, the game director implied that the development team has taken into account the fans’ requests regarding the real world phases, although is still quite mysterious at the moment.

We remind you that this Assassin’s Creed Origins will be released on October 27, 2017. In the meantime, we leave you with a few gameplay images, unveiled a few weeks ago at E3.

Disable auto play

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