Ascension of the Metatron Details, Screenshots Released

developer Crim has released more details and screenshots of its upcoming project El Shaddai: Ascension of Metatron. The game was officially announced for PC in February 2021, and after a decent response from video game fans, the developer has now revealed more details and screenshots of the title. The game is scheduled for release on PC in mid-April 2021.

El Shaddai: Metatron’s Ascension combines mechanics from various elements with a rich and detailed storyline. It is presented in a beautiful anime-like graphical presentation that changes dramatically as the player experiences an absolutely enchanting ride. With the recent release of the game’s graphic novel, El Shaddai: Metatron Ascension offers something beyond action, strategy and platforming.

The game follows the story of a scribe who goes in search of seven fallen angels to prevent a great flood from destroying humanity. He is accompanied by Lucifer, the guardian angel charged with protecting the world and who exists with the four archangels outside the course of time: Michelle, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The story is heavily inspired by the apocryphal book of Enoch.

Let’s get on with El Shaddai’s game: Metatron Ascension players will spend a lot of time in battles and confrontations, they will learn many moves and actions to advance in the game. With skills like guard break, counter attack, unarmed attack, double and single jump, dive attack and air special attack, the player can take on multiple enemies.

In addition to these abilities, the player can steal weapons from enemies and use them against them. There’s also a combination of special videos that add an intuitive learning curve to El Shaddai’s gameplay: Ascension of Metatron. The game also contains various boosting abilities that you can use to make the battles more effective. The story has several surprises in store for the players of the game, whether it is the plot, the setting, or the cast of amazing characters.

Each chapter of the game has different levels, and each level is filled with enemies that you must fight. The levels are different, for example B. Combat or movement levels. Although their names suggest that they are completely different, you will also sometimes experience difficulties in the movement phases. The different actions in the movement phases allow you to move to the next phase, and sometimes even directly to the combat phase for a fight.

There are three unique weapons in the game. Each weapon in the game has its own qualities, strengths and weaknesses, giving the player a good choice of weapons depending on their play style. The strengths and weaknesses of these weapons are based on the classic rock, scissors, paper formula, where one weapon can be stronger against one thing and another weaker against that same thing. Enoch’s health also depends on how much armor you’re wearing at the time.

The developer has promised to provide more information about the game in the coming days before its release. So keep an eye on this page to follow the evolution of the title until its full release next month.

I can’t wait to play El Shaddai: Metatron Ascension, when does it come out next month? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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