Apple to Make Universal Purchasing Possible for Ios and Macos Apps

Apple has just announced a long-awaited novelty for developers: starting in March, they will be able to create a single purchase for the different versions of their apps. For example, by purchasing the Tartempion application on iOS, the user will unlock Tartempion on macOS at the same time. Or vice versa.

This new possibility, which is not mandatory for developers, is part of the rapprochement of Apple’s two major platforms. It’s especially suitable for Mac applications created using Catalyst, the technology that makes it easy to port iPad apps to the Mac. By default, Apple will enable unified purchasing for apps created with Catalyst.

If the developers play the game, there will no longer be a need to go through the checkout process twice to acquire the same app on iOS and Mac. in-app purchases can also be shared on both platforms. However, there are doubts about the ease of creating one-time purchases for existing iOS and Mac apps.

To make this change possible, Apple will align the different categories in the App Store and the Mac App Store

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