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Apple Pay is Apple’s payment service that can be used on an iPhone as well as on an Apple Watch or directly in the browser of a Mac. Is your bank compatible? If so, how do you configure it? We’ll explain everything.

Update of 30/01/2019: addition of Crédit Agricole in the compatible banks and details on the deployment at CIC.

Apple Pay is available in France since 2016. In 2020, Apple has one ambition: to make 99% of French Bank cards compatible. This option allows you to pay for your purchases in-store or on the web simply by bringing your phone near the payment terminal or by clicking on a payment button. If you use iOS, you probably have access to Apple Pay.

Which iPhone, iPad and Watch are compatible?

To use Apple Pay, you need a compatible Apple device. All iPhones with Face ID and Touch ID, except iPhone 5S, are compatible with Apple Pay, as are iPad Pro Air, Classic and Mini that have Touch ID or Face ID. On Macs, it is possible to use Apple Pay with Touch ID if you have a Touch Bar, or by authenticating from an iPhone or Watch on all Macs sold after 2012.





iPhone 6

iPad Pro (all)

First Generation

MacBook Air (with Touch ID)

iPhone 6S

iPad mini (with Touch ID)

Series 1

MacBook Pro (with Touch ID)

iPhone 7, 7 Plus

iPad (with Touch ID)

Series 2

All Macs released after 2012 with a compatible iPhone or Watch

iPhone 8, 8 Plus

iPad Air (with Touch ID)

Series 3

iPhone X

Series 4

iPhone XS, XS Max

Series 5

iPhone XR

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max

Which bank for Apple Pay?

If banks have been slow to make their cards Apple Pay compatible, it is clear that the offer is in 2020 rather well integrated in the various French and European institutions. A few years ago we advised people to let themselves be tempted by a neobank like Revolut or N26 to take advantage of the option: today, your classic bank will probably do the trick. Meal ticket services such as LunchR are also available on Apple Pay: simply register the card in Wallet as a payment card.

  • Apetiz (restaurant vouchers)
  • Arkea Private Banking (MasterCard)
  • BCP Bank
  • Bank of Savoy
  • Banque Populaire (Visa cards)
  • BNP Paribas
  • boon. by Wirecard
  • Boursorama (Visa cards)
  • Bunq
  • Caisse d’Epargne (Visa cards)
  • Crédit Coopératif
  • C-Zam (Carrefour Banque)
  • Casino Bank
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Crédit du Nord (Visa – gradual deployment from January 2020 to April 2020)
  • Crédit Mutuel (MasterCard – gradual deployment from January 2020 to April 2020)
  • CIC (MasterCard – phased deployment from January 2020 to April 2020)
  • Edenred (restaurant vouchers)
  • Fortuneo
  • Hello Bank
  • HSBC (Visa cards)
  • La Banque Postale
  • Lunchr (restaurant vouchers)
  • Lydia
  • MaFrenchBank
  • Max
  • Monese
  • N26
  • Orange Bank
  • Societe Generale

In France, the banks announced as soon compatible by Apple are the following:

  • Banque Transatlantique
  • LCL (current 2020)
  • ING (current 2020)

A few diehards are missing:

  • Axa
  • Nickel

If you’re looking to change banks, the online bank comparator of our Frandroid colleagues is one of the most complete on the French web to help you find the best one. What’s so special about it? A comprehensive opinion for each online bank thanks to an exhaustive test of the offers and applications by journalists.

You will be able to use it in all establishments that have a compatible player. Visa has announced that it has already deployed 400,000 in France. You should also know that Apple Pay, thanks to Touch ID or Face ID, is considered strong authentication: this means that the maximum amounts associated with contactless payment do not apply. You can pay an amount allowed by your card ceiling: we have already tested Apple Pay for purchases of several hundred euros without the slightest problem.

If you meet the criteria, follow the steps below and then you can take advantage of Apple Pay at your leisure.

How do I install Apple Pay on iPhone?

First you need to access the Wallet application, pre-installed on your device. Once opened, it asks you to register a credit card You can add more than one, depending on your uses. To do this, your phone’s camera is activated and you must then enter your means of payment in the frame that appears on your screen.

The application will read the series of numbers written on the front of the card. All you have to do is enter its expiry date and the cryptogram written on the back. After receiving a confirmation code by SMS, you will be ready to use Apple Pay.

Apple Wallet // Source : Apple

Apple Wallet // Source: Apple

How do I use Apple Pay?

To make your purchases with this feature you will only have to press the trigger button twice (Touch ID or the on/off button on the iPhone with Face ID), bring your device close to the store payment terminal and the transaction will be carried out in a similar way to a contactless payment. Except you won’t have to draw your Credit card anymore. To validate the purchase, Apple Pay uses Touch ID to recognize the user’s fingerprint, but it is also possible to pay with the credit card code or Face ID on the iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro.

On the Watch, it’s even simpler: a double tap on the button activates Apple Pay, which knows you’re the right user because you’re the one who unlocked the watch and continues to wear it.

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What is the purpose of Apple Pay?

Security is key as Apple Pay does not store any payment information, neither in the phone nor on its servers. Merchants do not have access to it either: it is the card provider who generates a token for each request.

Apple Pay wants to promote the fluidity of in-store payments, but its biggest advantage is above all to facilitate online transactions. Concretely, on a merchant site a simple verification of your fingerprint will allow you to buy a product: you have neither an account to create, nor an address to fill in (the information linked to your iTunes account is used). You don’t even have to worry about a password to remember.

Apple Pay sur le web // Source : Apple

Apple Pay on the web // Source: Apple

If you want to try it for less, the Carrefour Banque card costs 14 euros per year and is grafted onto your current account. The N26 card is probably the cheapest alternative, as is its competitor Revolut. Orange Bank is also compatible if you want to keep your accounts in France.

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Article originally published on 14 February 2017

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