MEPs have been fighting for some time with manufacturers to adopt a universal charger to reduce electronic pollution and make life easier for users. Yet, while the industry is gradually moving to USB-C, Apple remains faithful to its Lightning plug on its mobile devices, and even says that a single charger wouldn’t be a good idea.

Apple Hopes the European Commission Will Not Reduce the Innovative Capacity of the Industry

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For more than ten years, the European executive has been fighting to impose a single charger on all electronic devices, especially smartphones. The aim of the manoeuvre would be to drastically reduce the amount of electronic waste generated, but also to make it easier for consumers to use the device in their daily lives. Although micro-USB is still present on many entry-level products, USB-C is gradually starting to establish itself as this universal alternative, except that not every manufacturer is playing the game. Apple, in particular, is a bad student in this regard. Even if the manufacturer was one of the first to switch entirely to USB-C on its MacBooks, even eliminating all the other ports, Apple remains, for the time being, faithful to its proprietary lightning plug on its mobile devices, iPhone in mind. If some rumors evoked the transition to USB-C on future iPhone, it seems that Apple does not budge and wants to keep the lightning.

In the context of this European debate on the single shipper, the Cupertino firm spoke in the Financial Times about the European Parliament’s project, indicating that the measure would not be in the interest of users. “We believe that regulations that force compliance with the type of connector built into all smartphones will stifle innovation rather than encourage it, and will harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole,” the firm said, adding that “more than one billion Apple devices have been shipped with a Lightning connector, in addition to an ecosystem of accessories and manufacturers that use Lightning to serve our customers. “Regarding the limitation of electronic waste, an effect intended by the European executive with this measure, Apple considers that the abandonment of Lightning would cause the opposite effect, and that it would create on the contrary “an unprecedented volume” of waste.

Finally, Apple reminds us that it is starting to harmonize the connectors present on its chargers, failing to do so on its devices. Thus, the iPhone 11 Pro’s charger has a USB-C socket, on which a USB-C to lightning cable is connected. The firm concludes its statement by saying that it hopes the European Commission will not “reduce the innovative capacity of the industry”.

Apple Hopes the European Commission Will Not Reduce the Innovative Capacity of the Industry

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