Apex Legends Update 1.67 – Season 9 Legacy Patch Notes

Season 9 patch for Apex Legends has arrived, and is currently live. It brings with it new weapons, new skins, and new character and map changes. If you’re wondering how to download the new Apex Legends patch 1.67, read on for full details.

In celebration of their Season 9 launch, Respawn announced a new update 1.67 patch for their hugely popular battle royale game Apex Legends. The patch was released on March 27, 2019 and introduced a brand new hero Octane as well as a ton of changes to the game.

Respawn has released the patch notes for the new Season 9 Legacy update for the game Apex Legends. Below are the official details about this patch, which will be released on May 3, 2021.

The 1.67 update for Apex Legends is now available for download and installation. The update is available on all platforms, and the file size is about 29GB, at least on PS4.

Apex Update 1.67 Patch notes



With the introduction of a new permanent mode, the games go underground: Arena. Completely dumped and unimpressed with the glitz and glamour of the Apex Games, former Apex Predator Ash brings the game back to its roots. A cleaner form of fighting.

The rules are simple: 3 against 3. Destroy your opponents to win the round. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You win or you die.

Arenas introduces a new set of custom maps designed specifically for melee combat (more to follow). Squads begin each round in the respawn room, where they can obtain weapons, equipment, and skills, and adjust their arsenal to suit their strategy. The first team to win three rounds by at least two points is crowned the winner, except in the case of a tie of four. You will then have the honor of participating in Ash’s favorite part of the game: Sudden death.

If you want to learn more about the arena, check out the blog for an in-depth look at this new mode.


Short version: Mirage went on a trip and things didn’t go as planned.

Party Crasher is one of two custom arenas where you can show off your skills. This arena is located in a posh downtown square, where players can choose to perform on the smashing Mirage Voyage or on the luxurious two-story buildings that make up the center of the city. Be careful, as this map offers a variety of combat zones – from near to far.


The Olympus phase shifter is unique, but it was not the first of its kind.

Phase Runner is the second of our custom arenas and the largest. They fight in a hidden test area on a mountain, where a prototype of the phaserunner is ready to be used. This card gives you a lot of leeway, so watch out for those who prefer to be patient and treat you from a distance. Thoughtful tactics and clear communication are what you need to emerge victorious from the battle, on the ground or when leaving the execution phase.

In addition to these two new maps, other areas from our three BR maps will be added to the biweekly rotation, giving you a total of five maps for the arena. For starters, you get the artillery in King’s Canyon, the thermal station in World’s Edge and the golden gardens in Olympus.


Kairi Imahara, daughter of the Apex Predator Viper, rescued the remains of her father’s Titan Northstar years after his death. With Rampart’s help, she turned it into a new jetpack honoring her family’s heritage. She now participates in the games under the name VALKYRIE.

Liabilities : VTOL Jets

Use your jetpack to change position or reach high places. They have a limited amount of fuel and cannot use weapons during the flight.

Tactics: A swarm of missiles

Launch a cloud of mini shots that damage and disorient your opponent.

Ultimate: Diving into the air

Ascend into the air to move across the map over a long distance. Your teammates are welcome.

Good: Light up

By scanning the geodetic markers, you can determine the position of the next circle.


The new Bocek (pronounced bow-chek) compound bow is a weapon designed for sport shooters that requires a deft and steady hand. Holding down the fire button arms the bow for a short time and increases the power of the shot, with maximum power giving optimum damage and projectile speed. Repeated firing of the bocek as it reaches its maximum power produces the best lasting damage.

Bozek uses a new kind of ammo, arrows, unique to this weapon. Arrows are less common on the battlefield, but fired arrows are planted in the surface and remain in the world for players to pick up and reuse. 1x hcog classic, 1x holosight, 2x hcog, 1x-2x variable and 3x hcog optics can be installed. Bozek can also be customized with two new jumps appearing in the game: Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo; he can even use both jumps at once!


A fleet of mysterious ships has reached Olympus, bringing with it a parasitic plant from another world that has taken root on the surface of the earth. The main ship, the Icarus, docked in the city and changed the landscape forever. Fight your way through the claustrophobic corridors of a ghost ship, search among the corpses for a mysterious card key, and be the last to leave the game.

Read our blog about the latest map update to find out what Olympus has changed.

To give everyone the latest map update, Olympus will be the only map in rotation for the first week of the new season.


  • Players now begin the game with a starter pack consisting of a level 1 EVO shield, helmet and shock shield, as well as two shield and syringe cells.
  • We took the level 1 helmets and shields off the loot table.
  • The likelihood of Level 1 EVO shields appearing in spoils has been significantly reduced.
  • In addition to reducing or eliminating the likelihood of these items appearing, we’ve rebalanced the loot so that the high level versions of these items will appear almost exactly as they do now, but other types of items will appear more frequently (weapons, equipment, health, ammo, etc.).

Development Note
We have wanted to improve the giveaway game for a long time. Our goal is to make the loot collection have a greater impact on the game, and to dilute the loot a bit when we add new items. During the recent Locked & Loaded capture mode, we were able to test some of the changes we’ll be making to the game in the future: Some loot items, especially those of a low level, will be removed.

We removed level 1 helmets and attack shields from the outfield because they seemed to be the least interesting and useful pieces of equipment. Their power is almost imperceptible, so they don’t feel like they’re enhancing the character (getting extra slots feels so powerful!).

We’re keeping the level 1 EVO shields in the loot (though they’re less likely to appear) and adding them to the starter set, as their presence in the game is still important for the shield trade.

Finally, handing out these outfits early in the game should also improve the hot-drop: With more health, less damage from shots, and a little protection from knockdowns, players have more time to react to chaotic attacks than before.

Look forward to future changes in the mines! This will be an ongoing project.


Introduction of emotes! Each legend has an emote that is unlocked at the beginning of the game, and additional emotes can be obtained through Apex packs or by creating emotes. Hang your emotes on the emote wheel and go! They are great fun to show off to your teammates in the arena start room, and of course they should be used on the winner’s podium.

With the emotes bringing the camera back to third-person view, we know some people are already thinking about peeking around corners. Fairness to the player remains paramount, so enemies your character couldn’t see in first-person view won’t appear when you’re in third-person view.

This video shows how the anti-surveillance feature works on a purple dummy behind a rock. Without it, Pathfinder could have used a third-person camera to gain knowledge it shouldn’t have. The anti-viewing feature is enabled in all emotes and cannot be disabled.


Unlock and upgrade the Battle Pass premium Legacy to unlock new skins, such as B. Rampart’s Cunning Kitsune at level 25 and Wraith’s Demon Whisperer at level 50.



  • There’s no low profile anymore! This feature has been removed from Wraith, Lifeline and Wattson.

Note for the developer

After a successful experiment with Rafe’s hitboxes, we are convinced that we can solve the balance problems between small and big legends by adjusting their kits and hitboxes. The time has come when the low profile system is finally a thing of the past. (Sorry, Dodos.)


  • Start the fight again: Don’t use the shield again. You can now revive two players at once. You can now cancel active rebounds to let a teammate protect a knockdown.
  • D.O.C. Heal the drone: Increased healing rate from 5 hp per second to 8 hp per second. The duration of surgery for recovery is reduced by about 33%.
  • Care package: The action time has been reduced from 6 to 5 minutes. Guaranteed promotion now (if possible) in three categories: Body shield, other equipment (helmet, backpack and shock shield) and mounted weapons, depending on your team’s current equipment at the time you receive the pack.

Note for the developer

The Lifeline kit was not in the best of shape. The passive shield was extremely strong, to the point of frustration, and the tactics and ultimatum seemed more and more obsolete. These changes are meant to redistribute the large power difference between all their abilities, making D.O.C. and Healing Pack more powerful and effective, while reducing Combat Reanimation to a very dual and situational effect.


  • Stim : Reduction of the cooling time between stimuli from 4 s to 1 s. Increase health care costs from 12 to 20 HP.
  • Increases the dispersion of projectiles in the air and when fired from a low trajectory launcher.

Note for the developer

Octane’s performance is very good, even after the latest modifications. Too good? We’re still happy with how often the bouncy castle is used, but we’d like Octane to think about it when it’s needed, rather than always turning it on by default.


  • The burglar’s best friend: You can now run and float at full speed, aiming for the bracelet and while the bracelet is in the air. The front does not slow down after the movement.
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing wristband launches to fail.
  • Black Market Shop: Increase the action time from 90s to 120s.


  • Gravity lift: A 30% reduction in rate of ascent. Reduction of lateral acceleration. Limit the time you can sit on the gravity lift to 2 seconds. Increase the action time from 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Horizon’s abilities are now activated by Wattson’s supports.

Note for the developer

Horizon is powerful and popular, but that’s not why we’re making these changes. We believe that mistakes made in Apex Legends should be punished, and if Horizon was able to retreat from a bad position and take out an entire battery, that was wrong. These changes serve two purposes: 1) to ensure that enemies can shoot at Horizon while she’s in the gravity elevator, and 2) to make the gravity elevator a less improvised sniper turret.


  • Cluster of joins : The fuse now has two stacks of fuse clusters. Exposure time reduced from 25 s to 20 s.

Note for the developer

The help will be there, but we want to be very careful with his buff so he doesn’t become a legend who kills you with his skills.


  • Smoke ejector : The smoke of Bangalore is getting thicker.

Note for the developer

In the last patch, we adjusted and accidentally diluted the Bangalore smoke particles. This should restore the original visual design while optimizing it.


  • He no longer receives help from the Eye of the Alfather.

Note for the developer

Bloodhound’s scan is strong, but the purpose of this change is mainly to rethink the Asses and their impact on rating points. There’s plenty of intrinsic value in Sonar, and it’s a slippery slope to consider hoarding support for other non-damaging skills. Cryptocurrencies will remain the exception. The active type of Crypto Drone Search is quite different from the passive variant with Bloodhound. This should encourage Bloodhound players to act on the information the scan provides, eliminating instances where they can try to get help quickly without fighting, as is the case with Crypto.


  • The Crypto Drone can now scan and open packages.
  • Can no longer use his drone to capture a respawn beacon already in use.



The G7 Scout and the 30-30 are currently in the assault rifle category, but they are a bit odd in that category due to their shooting style and some handling parameters. Similarly, Triple Take did not belong in the sniper category.

With the introduction of the Bocek bow, we decided it was time to introduce a new category of weapons, the sniper weapons, which includes the G7, 30-30, Triple Take and Bocek weapons. Weapons in this category are high-precision weapons that are most effective at medium and long range, and occupy the middle ground between assault rifles and snipers. This will allow us to change the settings of these weapons to a more stable value for the class, and also to make the AR and Sniper settings more stable and less extreme.

For starters, we increase the movement speed when aiming the shooters’ weapons; it was at sniper level, and will now be between sniper and AR. In addition, we performed a targeted normalization of hippie spread values.


This season we’re taking the Peacemaker out of the inventory and putting a Triple Take in its place. Of course, every time the stock is changed, the weapon’s stats are updated. Find out below how each weapon will change.

Fall coefficients for weapons :
Since we are changing the shotgun to a firing weapon, this is a good time to change the balance of the evaluation weapon. Crabber will appear less often in the beginning of the game and more often in the middle to better reflect its power. The triple take will be the most used weapon in the early game, and the lurker will be the main weapon in the late game.


  • Added: Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock and Sentinel.
  • Erased: R301, 30-30 Repeater, Mozambique, Longbow DMR and Spitfire


  • Flash Hoods – Select a light to switch from standard to flash mode. In fragmentation mode, the projectiles are torn apart when fired. This hop-up can be mounted on repeaters and bocek 30-30.
  • Deadeye’s Tempo – Shooting at the right time increases your rate of fire. It can currently be connected to Sentinel and Bocek.
  • To make way, the bunkers Hammerpoint and Skullpiercer are temporarily out of service and not available.


  • The headshot multiplier for all assault rifles has been lowered from 2.0 to 1.75.

Note for the developer

This has already been done for Hemlok, so R301, Flatline and Havoc are hit.


  • It is standard equipped with a switchable precision choke.
  • Bullet damage reduced from 10 to 9
  • The camera time has been increased from 0.9 seconds to 1.1 seconds.
  • increase in recharge time (normal from 2.45 to 2.5, empty from 3.35 to 3.5)
  • Grain dispersion increased overall, and dispersion at load increased for all load levels (from 0.65/0.45/0.2 to 0.85/0.65/0.35).
  • Rapid loss of charge after leaving the ADS

Note for the developer

When the Peacemaker comes out of the box, we align many of its stats with those before. We also reduce his damage potential and lower his effective range slightly, as you can still use the precision choke now.


  • As a truncheon weapon, it comes with a magazine of 9 cartridges and 63 spare bullets.
  • Fire speed increased from 1.2 to 1.3
  • The full charge time has been reduced from 1.1 seconds to 1 second.
  • Holds the charge for a short period after leaving the ADS.
  • Increased movement speed when aiming to match other handguns – faster than sniper, slower than AR.
  • Increased dispersion in air and at downward orientation.


  • Increased kickback control at the start of the shot

Note for the developer

This should compensate for the reduction in headshot multiplier and make them more suitable for medium range combat.


  • Reduced recoil control at the beginning of the pattern.

Dev Note
At this point the Spitfire is too strong and has good damage with little recoil. If he’s a little harder to control at first, opponents will have more time to fight him. However, we are prepared to modify the Spitfire further if it remains too powerful.


  • The leg damage multiplier has been increased from 0.75 to 0.85.
  • Increased movement speed when aiming to match other handguns – faster than sniper, slower than AR.

Note for the developer

The 30-30 needs some love, so let’s do some leg damage.  This should make him more stable without increasing his high damage potential.


  • Increased movement speed when aiming to match other handguns – faster than sniper, slower than AR.
  • Larger opening when shooting from the hip (reduced accuracy) to be more consistent with other firearms.

Note for the developer

The 30-30 repeater and the Bocek compound bow have more accurate values for sustained shots than the shooter’s base weapon, so the G7 Scout will be less accurate at sustained shots than these other weapons.


  • Increase of the headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.15


  • Increase of the headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.15

Note for the developer

As before, when the Skullpiercer drops out of the loot, we give Longbow and Wingman a compensation buff.


  • Increase of warehouse capacity from 4 to 6
  • Slide the 2 bottom pellets inward in a bundle.

Note for the developer

This increases the base strength level, so finding Mozambique early gives you a better chance to fight and offsets the removal of hammer points.


  • Bullet damage increased from 15 to 18
  • Reduction of the rate of fire from 8.5 to 6.25

Note for the developer

As with Mozambique, we want to increase the power base of the P2020 a bit. Most players were unable to take advantage of the speed of the shots. By lowering this percentage while increasing damage, players should win more early fights with P2020.


  • Aiming and slow motion have been removed from the initial stick.

Note for the developer

Meeting someone should be satisfying because it is a rare and difficult event to obtain. While you can argue that being blocked should be a personal death sentence, the inability to move and spare your teammates for the ensuing explosion makes it difficult to counter a coordinated team. This change should help alleviate this problem without compromising the fun of hitting with a good putter.


  • Icons are now sorted by category and can be filtered by all or only unlocked icons. This offer was made directly by the players. Thank you. This is so much better!

  • When looting coffins, players can now see the health bars of all team members.

  • Tasks can now be prioritized by going to the task menu and right-clicking on the task. This challenge will then be added to the new Favorites tab that appears in the lobby and on the race schedule screen.

  • If you hold down the F2 key in the game, the page describing your character’s skill will appear. This is only possible on a PC.
  • Players can now request better equipment by going to their inventory and sending a request to an equipment item.
  • Your first challenge of the day is now free.
  • If you are retaking the exams, you can choose either a BR exam or an arena exam.
  • Holo sprays, quips and emotes can be chosen. They are used when the player is asked to make a random emote.
  • Club Invitations v2 : You can now specify what you want to play when you send a party invitation to your clubmates through the Club tab. In the list of members, select as many partners as you would like to send an invitation to at the same time.
  • Evaluation: Fixed cases where the outage penalty was incorrectly applied due to server errors.
  • Course correction: Edge paths removed from drop ship approach routes to avoid low or no traffic in large areas of the map. These screenshots show a before and after comparison of possible flight paths to Kings Canyon.


We are still working on an update for Fight Night to improve the pace of the fights towards the end of the game. We slowed down the ring speed towards the end of the game to give you more time to fight and maneuver in the ring. We are also reducing the waiting time before rings 4 and 6 begin to close.

  • Pre-shrinkage time of ring 4 reduced from 2h00 to 1h45
  • The withdrawal speed of ring 4 was increased from 33 to 40 seconds.
  • The withdrawal speed of ring 5 was increased from 20 to 40 seconds.
  • The pre-shrink time of ring 6 was reduced from 1:30 to 1:00.
  • Ring 6 shrinkage rate reduced from 1:40 to 2:00



  • Fixed an issue where the tactical interface was not displaying in Bloodhound Ultimate mode.


  • Gas traps and springboards no longer rise into the air when they are near a ziplane.


  • Small hits to the wall won’t reverse the Wraith’s tactics.


  • Decoys no longer die when infested by termites.


  • The controls no longer get stuck or disappear when you bounce on the jumping mats.
  • Doodstotems no longer bounce when a jumping mat is placed under them.
  • Players will no longer reach for their weapons if they are hit when entering the Fight Night ring via the bouncy castle.
  • Updated Octane’s helicopter sense to properly remove the leg he uses to pilot the helicopter.


  • The Expand index for Watson’s closures was not displayed in some situations.
  • The high drop skin no longer blocks the view when the Guardian is charged.


  • The other places where Lob’s bracelet doesn’t work have been repaired.
  • The Red Handed skin on consoles now animates correctly.


  • The mobile CPR beacon is now correctly aimed at the reinforced coverage.
  • When you jump to and from a damaged Shiela, the flame effect is no longer transferred to your weapon.


  • Players will no longer reach for their weapon when entering the battle night ring via the gravity lift.
  • 1x Holoprinter no longer blocks the view when using certain skins.
  • Fixed an issue where NEWT didn’t get a refund if they died immediately due to an unfortunate situation.


  • 1x Holoprinter no longer blocks the view when using certain skins.


  • Part of the iron sight was visible on the entire weapon.


  • The supply patrol boat can now change its firing mode.


  • Move the tooltips so they do not overlap the jump symbols.
  • Fixed graphical problem when switching to Guardian.


  • Fixed an issue with menus hiding advanced display options.
  • Geodetic markers are now shown on the map when team members are revived.

Source: EA

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