AOC Launches AGON PRO AG274QS Gaming Monitor with 300 Hz Refresh Rate

The AOC AGON PRO AG274QS gaming monitor is a 27-inch 144Hz, 300 Hz refresh rate display with G-SYNC and 1ms response time.
The new display will feature the same design as the current 24 inch model but comes in at 5 millimeters thinner! The AOC Pro series continues to provide gamers with high performance products that offer cutting edge technology for great visuals without compromising style.
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The “aoc gaming monitor” is a new product from AOC. It features a 300 Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology.

AOC’s AGON image

The AGON PRO AG274QS is a new 27-inch display from AGON by AOC with blazing-fast refresh rates. The display has an IPS screen with up to 300 Hz frame rates, DisplayHDR 600, 1 ms GtG response time, and QHD resolution. This is more than double the speed of a standard gaming display, which typically runs at 144 Hz. A almost bezel-less design, RGB effects, speakers with DTS sound, and a stand with height, tilt, and swivel adjustments, as well as pivot orientation, are among the other features of the AGON PRO AG274QS.

Unbelievable speed awaits you. The all-new AGON PRO AG274QS has 300Hz, which may be the difference between winning and losing in high-pressure situations. You’ll be bringing top performance to every game with a high-end IPS screen with a 1ms reaction time and QHD.

June 2, 2022 — AGON by AOC (@AOC Gaming)

The latest Full HD AGON PRO models, the 25″ AG254FG (360 Hz) and the 27″ AG274FZ (260 Hz), show how remarkable speed can be paired with high-quality IPS screens and award-winning gamer-focused designs. With the 27″ AG274QS, AGON by AOC provides crisper QHD resolution (25601440 pixels) up to a breath-taking 300 Hz — one of the first QHD displays on the market today with such a high refresh rate.

The AG274QS shows more frames per second than typical 144 Hz gaming monitors, giving the action additional fluidity and precision. The sooner the user can spot an opponent peering around a corner or watch opponents’ irregular movements in time, especially in FPS games where milliseconds count, the quicker they may respond and get the upper hand in competition.

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