Another Week of Wrestling #5 (7th June 2021)

After defeating the Mighty Mo Mojo, I have been struggling to find a good time to fight against them, and not just any time, the time they have chosen. Let me explain, every time I fight the Mojo, they make their own rules, and these rules are always strange. They always demand I fight in a ring, but the ring is constantly changing.

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote, because of the sudden absence of anything that could be called ‘work’ (though, as it’s my own fault, I’m not going to berate myself). I got a major part of the project underway, albeit slowly (because I’m still busy with other work), and I’ll be able to start posting sporadically about it from tomorrow onwards.

So, it’s been another week of wrestling. This month, we’ve seen a lot of different tactics and counter-tactics, with each match having a unique feel to it. In the first few weeks, we saw a lot of matches by the book. Everything was predictable and easy to predict, but after you’ve done it a few times, the predictability starts to wear a little bit thin.. Read more about wrestling near me and let us know what you think.

Another Wrestling Week #5 (June 7, 2021)


word-image-3649 Thanks for coming! In addition to bringing you This Is Not Wrestling every Thursday and raving about PPVs on YouTube, I’ll also be giving my thoughts on other wrestling events that catch my attention on Monday. I’m Danny Schade, I write for Geeks + Gamers, and it’s another week of struggle! NBA playoffs AEW Dynamite is temporarily airing on Friday nights, which many people are still not used to, judging by the declining ratings. WWE makes people wonder if they will stay or go, which has become a habit for WWE at this time of year, but that n’t make the potential job loss any better. Last week it was Mark Henry this week Andrade El Idolo performed at AEW. It hadn’t been long since Christian had joined them. Hopefully AEW doesn’t take on too many former WWE stars and it becomes TNA 2. I don’t think they’ll hold back, so I’ll be discussing this and other topics related to AEW’s lack of originality on Thursday’s edition of This Is Not Wrestling! Stay with us. word-image-3650 Speaking of quantity, I’d like to point out the lack of quality in Andrade’s debut at AEW. I understood what they were after. All eyes had to be on Mark Henry’s memorable moment, until Andrade came in and sent a cannonball to Henry from the pool. Remember that episode where Miz looked like he was going to make a big comeback in Hollywood, but then The Rock came in and outsmarted him? I’m an idiot. Many of these things are not the same. AEW’s performance was terrible and didn’t produce a fraction of the desired/expected effect. Behind Andrade, in line for possible inclusion on the AEW roster, are this week’s WWE releases. Aleister Black, Brown Strowman, Buddy Murphy, Ruby Riott, Lana and Santana Garrett were released. Originally Strowman was the biggest surprise for me, but given that Vince McMahon now has other giants in his toy box (Dabba-Kato, Omos), Brown’s dismissal makes a lot more sense. word-image-3651 But the release of Aleister Black raised some eyebrows. He seems to be the one who was so close and yet showed the most. If used properly, Black/Tommy End (time to change that name, IMHO) could be a major player in another promotion. In fact, based on most of the talent released this year, you could easily build something like a new promotion. But that’s a subject for another time. Many have speculated that this behavior from Vince indicates that he is about to sell WWE. The downsizing and consolidation of departments at WWE headquarters and cost cutting with an expanded version of his traditional spring cleaning has led many to expect him to sell out the rebuild of his father’s creation. word-image-3652 I’ve spent a lot of time watching and writing about Vince Jr. and I tend to agree with this theory. Vince would be satisfied if he could compare what he paid for the business with what he sold. The icing on the cake would be if he could make a historic amount….. Or at least more than he sold to the UFC. Honestly, I don’t think Vince has an emotional attachment to the company. It’s business, pal! Many hoped (or at least expected) that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would take over after Vinny Mack’s retirement or death, including herself. It looks like they won’t be so lucky! Clearly they have a better idea of what’s going to happen than the rest of us, and presumably they won’t be caught in the act. I think they’ll start their own company if they’re not involved in the future of the post-Vince WWE, assuming they can’t keep NXT as their own. word-image-3653 What is the future of wrestling if someone like Disney gets their hands on the WWE? They own almost everything else, assimilate entertainment like the Borg and stick their mouse logo on everything they can. The WWE has already become caricatured enough; putting it in the hands of people who don’t wrestle would certainly make Vince look reasonable in comparison. If Tony Han is not involved in the mess that ends all messes and is still there when it happens, he will even seem relatively useful. It’s scary to think about. …. But let’s think about this outcome anyway, because it might soften the blow if/when it happens. First, I’m concerned that there will be other people playing the roles of former wrestlers. History has taught us that new owners of existing assets don’t just leave things as they were, remember what was good and hand out t-shirts, bonuses, etc. We all know that someone will pull out a flashlight and a shovel to dig something up and bring it back to life with their own vision/message. Tapping into a predetermined audience is obviously a good thing, but what about the fans? What does this mean for people who have put time, love and energy into characters and stories they care about? I always say eat shit and learn to enjoy it, that’s all! As South Park argued a few years ago live entertainment is in danger of becoming a thing of the past. If Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been working with live musicians, I fear that holograms of old wrestlers are not unthinkable if someone steps into the WWE and its vast library of characters. It can also replace the need for new talent. WWE has already used a hologram of Paul Bearer to retire the Undertaker. word-image-3654 What’s to stop anyone from holding a Royal Rumble in front of 100 people, with stars past and present, in the Thunderdome, with fans responding by request? We not only need to make sure that the wrestling stars of the past are put away where they don’t belong. If you thought Robocop in WCW and all the WWE Hannah Barber crossovers were bad, grab a Disney beer; I’m sure they’ll show us how it’s done. This is one of those cases where I really hope I’m wrong. But the old adage that anything can happen in WWE always makes me wary; both scenarios could replace live performances if we’re not careful. I hope I’m worrying about nothing, or at least that Triple H and Stephanie still have steam in the tank when the dust settles. That’s it for this week. Evaluate and discuss! Don’t forget to keep an eye on This Is Not Wrestling! which is published every Thursday on Keep it up, and I’ll see you next Monday to discuss #AnotherWeekOfWrestling! The background was designed by Rachel Hope. Thanks for reading! If you want to organize something deeper, have a conversation, or just be offended, feel free to contact me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and/or check out everything I do on the site: word-image-3655It’s been a week since we started the 21st century, and now a couple of decades have passed. The 21st century is now well into its third week, and the gap between the 21st and 22nd centuries are getting smaller by the day. I’m not complaining, of course—I’m grateful to have the internet back! But it’s still a bit odd, given that I’m writing this from the year 2096.. Read more about wrestling schools near me and let us know what you think.

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