Another Week of Wrestling #4 (31st May 2021)

April saw another week of Wrestling, with a new WrestleMania coming up next week and the return of the Summer Sizzler Tournament. After the success of the first season of “Another Week of Wrestling” we are proud to see it returning again with 4 new tournaments for this year.

Wrestling has always been fun but something about this game feels different. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but I’m really enjoying it. This week I started blogging about the game to try and get a better understanding of the game and see how I can improve my play.

Last night was the end of another week of the WWE’s flagship show, Monday night Raw. The show was a pretty normal one, with the usual amount of great matches and shocking turns, including the return of Fandango, a new gimmick for Rusev, and a new babyface in the form of Dean Ambrose, who attacked John Cena and forced him to tap out. To end the show, the final match of the night was the return of The Undertaker, who was facing Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship. The match was pretty good, and some fans were hoping that Undertaker would defeat Reigns and win himself a world title. However, the match ended with the two trading punches and kicks, and the Undertaker. Read more about this week in wrestling and let us know what you think.

One more week of wrestling No 4 (31 May 2021)


word-image-16226 Thanks for coming! In addition to bringing you This Is Not Wrestling every Thursday and raving about PPVs on YouTube, I’ll also be giving my thoughts on other wrestling events that catch my attention on Monday. I’m Danny Schade, I write for Geeks + Gamers, and it’s another week of struggle!


The annual spring cleaning continues, and this year is no different when it comes to pissing people off and blaming them for walking out the door. Tom Phillips has left the WWE, but he hasn’t been forgotten. During his nine years with the company, he has done nothing but work hard and achieve great results. It has also gone through a lot of turbulence. word-image-16227 Whether he’s doing the splits during backstage interviews (so the talent doesn’t look too small) or jumping up and down on the promotional tables of various brands, Phillips has dodged and danced everything WWE has thrown at him. I got Tom at the table. It was clear that it had been put on Michael Cole’s operating system but it retained much of its own personality. This became very clear when Tom worked with Corey Graves and/or Byron Saxton.

Cody Focus group

At one point, Cody Rhodes explains that he had a diverse focus group that enjoyed his I’ve got a half-black baby coming, so I’m going to fight a half-black man because I want my dad’s old nickname from last week. The next time he dismisses them as mere ideas exchanged between a few yes-men. I’ve said before that he’s all about it, and he’s a novice who will change his mind and his story if he has to. word-image-16228 Shame on him for using his unborn child as anything other than the blessing of life it should have been. Some people have bad luck with that too. There is no reason to use your child to gain influence in this way. If you must, flood Social Media with pictures; that’s what everyone does who wants their kids to sue them when they grow up! Extra points deducted because you keep talking about race and ethnicity, Cody. Nobody had a problem until you started a fire that you could put out yourself in front of a crowd. It’s a shame Anthony Ogogo missed the chance to get lost in all the crowds.

Sloppy Joey

Joey Gianella is still a chubby piece of shit taking over for someone who could have done a much better job. Despite fighting too hard against Adam Page at this week’s Dynamite, both of Janella’s untrained left feet landed in Page’s face. It made Paige look like she was putting up a much harder fight than necessary for a PPV match against the monstrous Bryan Cage. word-image-16229 I know it was an accident, but many such accidents happen when untrained or poorly trained midshipmen are let go. It wouldn’t be hard to have a group of high schoolers showcase the team’s real talent every week – instead of having plebeians with below-average physiques win over the best. In the long run, it helps no one.

Geographical adjustment

Minutes after I congratulated him last week for his contributions to WWE and rightfully breaking Ric Flair’s record for longest WWE Title defense, John Cena got into it with just about everyone! word-image-16230 As good as he seemed to be, Sina was still the man of the company and was clearly kept on a short leash. He still has it around his neck, but another man is holding it, and his name is now John Xina. As always, you have to be patient to see how this story unfolds. There will be more when Sina is home.

I’m a veteran, get me out of here!

From one person being a hostage to another, Jim Ross is getting some criticism from people on his own team, aka AEW. And this time, it’s not just about the fans. Both Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho have made fun of old-timers that are no longer in the game, but last night on AEW Double or Nothing, JR casually praised Kenny Omega on the air, proclaiming I’M HAVING A GOOD TIME! and statements to that effect. word-image-16231 I mean, I know he was sitting next to Excalibur, but of course he’s used to the noise now. I wrote a bit about this in my article Expressing Yourself: AEW Double or Nothing Review, and in an upcoming edition of That’s Not Wrestling, we take a look at how the ungrateful bastards of Amatuer Everything Wrestling behave towards people they could learn a lot from! I just hope it doesn’t corrode as badly as it looks. Take a look at this… That’s it for this week. Evaluate and discuss! Don’t forget to follow the This Is Not Wrestling show published every Thursday on Keep it up, and I’ll see you next Monday to discuss #AnotherWeekOfWrestling! The background was designed by Rachel Hope. Thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with us on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow everything I do on this site: word-image-16232The final week of May was an interesting one, with a handful of big name matches, and a number of surprise results. The first big result of the week was when the WWE Champion, Kane, was defeated by Kevin Owens at Smackdown. This ended an incredible run in the title, with Kane being unable to win the title all year. The second big result of the week was when Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship. This was a huge shock, as Charlotte seemed to be the best woman on the show, and was in the midst of a dominant reign, but Becky broke the long standing Raw Women’s Championship reign by winning her first title of her career. The third big result of the week was when N. Read more about wrestling articles and let us know what you think.

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