Another Week of Wrestling #13 (9th August 2021)

Back in my college days I would attend school every day, listen to music on my headphones, pop Luster in my mouth, and play video games (usually like  the ones I am writing about today). I would spend hours upon hours doing these things every day, and I had no idea that I was doing anything wrong. Over time I started to get sick of the same games, so I bought a used Xbox One and started playing Fortnite. The game is ridiculously popular and very addicting.  I lost almost 9 lbs last week while playing Fortnite (a video game that is described as “Epic Battle Royale game mode” and “watch players fight for survival in a sprawling environment that constantly shifts and changes

State your name and where you are going. State that this is your second week of wrestling and state that you are going to continue on for another week.

It has been a whole week since we announced that the official first day of Summer is Tuesday. This means that there is only 1 more full week of summer left! That means that we can only breeze through a few more wrestling matches before we have to spend the rest of our summer hanging around the pool. And it’s going to be a tough week. The Yankees are going to be playing against the Red Sox at the Yankee Stadium And the last time we had to cover a match like that was last Summer when the Yankees were playing against the Red Sox at the Yankee Stadium. And that is not some weird coincidence. They are playing against each other in the same stadium for the first time. So what are we going to do?. Read more about wrestling near me and let us know what you think.

Another Wrestling Week #13 (9th August 2021)



Thank you for coming along with me! I’ll be mouthing off on a Monday about other wrestling events that grab my attention, in addition to giving you That’s Not Wrestling every Thursday and raving about PPVs on YouTube. This is Another Week of Wrestling, and I’m Danny Damage, writing for Geeks + Gamers.

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Bobby Eaton, farewell

This week, the wrestling industry has been in sorrow after the passing of “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton on August 4th, 2021. Eaton had had a number of health concerns lately, but his death came as a shock to many. The 30-year rivalry between the Midnight Express and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came to an end in 2015 with Eaton’s last fight against Ricky Morton, capping up a near-40-year career.

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Even if you don’t see Eaton’s work all over the WWF/WWE, you’ll see it in individuals you don’t even recognize; in fact, some people may not even know they’ve been influenced/trained by others who took notes from Eaton. That’s how influential he was in the company!

Jim Cornette’s two-hour Bobby Eaton tribute episode of The Jim Cornette Experience is worth a listen if you want to learn more about Bobby’s work, life, and a few hilarious road stories delivered 9999x better than me. In the near future, a collection of Bobby Eaton debate from Cornette’s programs will be put together.

WWE Releases This Week…

WWE releases will very certainly become a weekly program in the near future. This week, Ric Flair, Bronson Reed, Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish, Tyler Rust, Leon Ruff, Jake Atlas, Kona Reeves, Ari Sterling, Desmond Troy, Giant Zanjeer, Asher Hale, Zechariah Smith, and Stephon Smith got their marching orders. To be honest, I had never heard of a lot of them before. That, I assume, is my fault for not following NXT as regularly as I did before The Vultures of Television ate the show’s bones.

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Ric Flair, being the font of wisdom that he is, can clearly simply sit in a chair backstage (or at a bar) and be utilized as such. Bobby Fish still has a lot to give in the ring, especially to those who are younger and less experienced. Mercedes Martinez has the potential to be a big star in the women’s category, while Bronson Reed has the potential to be a huge star in the men’s division.

Despite my concerns about AEW employing too many ex-WWE wrestlers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t sign these four as quickly as feasible. The majority of the remaining nine will be spread among the remaining promotions that are presently recruiting.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to lose employment, but for the nine others who were also let go, it’s a chance to travel and learn new techniques for wrestling and interacting with various kinds of people. It’s known as character development. So early in one’s profession (and life), being bubble-wrapped, formatted, and having WWE-indows ’95 installed won’t leave much space for development.

SummerSlam 2021’s main event is Confirmed

After all, it seems like Roman Reigns will face John Cena at SummerSlam. Cena made a surprise appearance at Money in the Bank a few weeks ago to confront Reigns and challenge him for the championship, but the narrative on Smackdown indicated that Finn Balor would fight The Tribal Chief for the title. Before Baron Corbin pulled Balor away from the contract signing, Cena appeared out of nowhere and signed the championship bout deal himself. That’s how contracts operate, evidently, and we’re supposed to simply accept it!

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As I previously said, I originally believed that allowing John Cena to shatter the all-time record was a positive thing. Now, I’m worried that he’ll simply take it back to China and say that Ric Flair was never a national champion. I’m sure the match will be exciting, well-organized, and well-attended, but the whole China/Taiwan debacle has left a sour taste in my mouth. Otherwise, I would have backed Cena 100 percent in this bout, and it’s a pity it’s been ruined before it’s even started.

More Wrestling to Come!

This Friday night sees the debut of AEW Rampage. Although it’s aired on the same night as WWE’s Smackdown, the shows aren’t going head-to-head and are instead offering fans a full night of wrestling… kind of. Smackdown’s been the brightest of the WWE stars as of late, but I’m cautious about Accident & Emergency Wrestling believing they’re at the point where they can put on two televised weekly shows.

wrestling, WWE, AEW, Rampage, Bobby Eaton

Sure, they have a big enough roster of individuals (I hate to term some of them “talent”), but they are lacking in quality and creativity. Don’t get me wrong: as with the rest of the AEW project, my eyes are wide open, and I’ll give it a go. But what I see in front of me seems to confirm my suspicion that Tony Khan isn’t holding back with his’member-berry overdose of WCW nostalgia.

Nitro is used to make dynamite, and the motif of AEW Rampage is lightning, which comes before Thunder. In his frantic little mind, “booking” these connections is enough to justify branching out without understanding if it’s safe or beneficial. I’d be glad to go into a lot more depth about this, but not right now.

That’s Not Wrestling #14: Running Before They Can Walk will air on Thursday.

That concludes this week’s activities. Think about it and talk about it! Remember to keep an eye out for “That’s Not Wrestling!” ” which appears every Thursday on Take care, and I’ll see you on Monday to talk about #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

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