Anime Review: Sword Art Online, Survival in the Game and Real Life

Today we will talk about the anime from the light novel Sword art online. A dive into the universe of a very special video game that is intimately linked to reality.

Anime Review: Sword Art Online, Survival in the Game and Real Life
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An exciting synopsis

In 2022, a new type of video game comes out in the world since it is a system of incursion in a particular universe very inspired by the daily life of the player. Kazuto Kirigaya, a former beta tester, and the other people who bought the game, only a big surprise awaits them. Indeed the creator of the game decides to lock the players and if they die in the game, it happens to them the same misadventure in real life. To escape from their virtual prison, players must complete the 100 floors of the flying fortress that stands in front of them…

Anime Review: Sword Art Online, Survival in the Game and Real Life

What did I think?

I really liked this anime because it was my first of its kind. Moreover the characters are endearing and it is not a fanboy anime in which what the viewer wants happens. I was often surprised by the events that took place there, both good and bad.

The graphics are stunning. They are beautiful and easily make spectators want to find their way around because they are so eye-catching. On the soundtrack side, the anime’s music is catchy and varied and always comes at the right time. The only downside is that too often the same music is used at a not very distant frequency.

The story is not particularly original, but has been well crafted to keep the viewer going. Moreover, the fact that the characters are not good-looking (or beautiful) kids and that they have problems makes it easier to identify with them. 

The anime has 2 seasons currently, of 25 episodes each and divided into 5 bows (season 1, 2 bows and season 2, 3 bows).

If I were to put a score out of 10, here they are: 

History: 6/10

Graphics: 8/10

Soundtrack: 7/10

Overall score: 7/10

For those who have hooked on anime, go for the novels that have come out, they are worth it!

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