Animal Crossing Festivale Update February 2021: Event Details

Animal Crossing Festivale February 2021 update has been published and this latest update highlights the Festivale’s next event. Therefore, all players of this game want to know what this event means, what will be new in the game because of this event and other details.

Get all the details on the latest updates for the Festival Animal Crossing for February 2021, all the details on the Festival event, the event schedule, new comments and more on what to expect in game during the event. Now let’s look at all the details of this upcoming event.

Update February 2021 Action

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a great life simulation game that you can enjoy on the Nintendo Switch The developer of this game regularly brings amazing events to the game via updates. The Animal Crossing Festivale February 2021 update was released the day before to bring new content to the game for the upcoming Festivale.

During this exceptional event, you can get new clothes and new in-game reaction options. The latest update to Animal Crossing was released on the 28th. January 2021 was released to expand the game with the amazing content of the festival event.

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Calendar of events for the Festival des Traversées Animales

It’s time to check out the program for the next Crossing New Horizons Animal Festival. During this event, you can do many great things in the game.

The 15th. February 2021, Crossing New Horizons Animals organizes a great festival. So be prepared for that. But it is important to know what happens during the event. You can read these details below.

What happens in the game during the festival?

During the Animal Crossing New Horizons festival, you can catch colorful feathers as they swim in the net around the island. Remember, you don’t get this chance until you’re 15. February 2021. After you take the colorful feathers, you can sell them in Pava for a hearty dance number.

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Dancer Pave is coming to your island to bring you confetti and carnival atmosphere. On the day of the event, you can catch colorful feathers floating in your island net and trade them for Pave in exchange for a hearty dance number. Rainbow feathers seem to be particularly rare, so make sure you catch them and trade them with Pave.

There will also be new clothing options and new reactions that you can get in the game. Here’s the full information about the Animal Crossing festival in February 2021 and more details about the event. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the upcoming event in the game. We’d like to know if you’re excited about this event or not.

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Conclusion: February 2021 UpdateAnimal Passage Festival

Finally, we hope you got all the details about the February 2021 Animal Crossing festival update, the festival event calendar and other relevant information about the festival. If you have any questions or requests about the upcoming event, feel free to ask us in the comments. We are here to help you answer all your questions and clear up your doubts.

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