Analgesic Productions Reveals Its New Project Sephonie, 2021 Release

Productions, the developers of Anodyne 1 & 2, have revealed their latest project, called Sephonie, which will be released on PC in 2021. Sephonie is a 3D platformer starring a story. The PC version is exclusive on Steam. In addition to the PC release, a Mac and Linux version are also planned.

Beneath the island of Sephoni, you must explore a vast network of caves and interact with unknown species using the new puzzle grid system. You play as biologists Amy, Ing-wen and Ria, who are shipwrecked on an island and must explore its depths while solving scientific and spiritual mysteries. The game offers different skills that will help you cross the island.

With skills like skydiving, wallrun, high jump and quick grabs you can overcome different types of obstacles in the game. You will have to run over high ledges and occasionally sprint to cover long distances. You need Wallrun to get through the dangerous exits. You can even use the environment, such as plants and animals, to gain new skills and progress through the game.

You can explore the unknown creatures of the island by communicating with them. Movement is achieved through the game’s unique puzzle grid system, where you must rotate and place a series of colored puzzle pieces on the board and assemble large solid colored islands. In the caves you will find large and small animals that play their role in the ecosystem of the caves, and each of them will offer you a unique challenge.

The official Press Release describes the story as follows:

In the near future, three biologists will undertake a joint research trip to use ONYX implants to study the living creatures on the uninhabited island of Sephoni. But a mysterious phenomenon destroys their ship and leaves them shipwrecked.

Amy Lim, a Taiwanese-American woman and courageous leader, is from the Midwestern city of Bloomington. Riyu Hayashi, an analyst for the Japan-Taiwanese Researcher, lives in the bustling city of Tokyo. And in Taipei lives Ying-wen Lin, a kind and caring Taiwanese scientist.

As they make their way through the caves of Sephoni, the trio will discover their motivations and loyalties, encountering not only rocks and creatures, but also their deepest memories and dreams.  As they grow closer to each other and to the island, an ancient force deep in the island’s abyss threatens their new relationship and the world…..

The main features of Sephoni are:

  • A profound and moving story about the close bond between the trio, the priorities of nations, and the tenuous bond between man and nature that transcends human history
  • A human experience created entirely by IGF Grand Prize nominated duo Marina Kittaki and Melos Khan-Tani, creators of such works as Anodyne 1 and 2, Even the Ocean and All Our Asians.
  • Master parkour by sprinting, running over walls, jumping and climbing through the rocky and physical caves of Sephonie Island.
  • A new and accessible puzzle system that challenges your brain in a fun way.
  • A beautiful and varied cave system, filled with all kinds of large and amazing creatures.

More information about the game will be announced at a later date. If you want to follow the game, Sephonie’s Steam page is now available and you can add the game to your wishlist.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you want to play Sephonie when it comes out later this year.

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