An Official Announcement After The Leaks [VIDEO]

you can see from the video below, verifiedtasks has been engaged in a legal battle with the leakster known as “CvC” for the past few weeks. That’s why we can now legally and safely announce that he has been arrested and charged with several counts of information and identity theft, and we have him in custody.

We’re finally here, folks. This is the official announcement of the official announcement after the leaks. The official announcement that will be officially announced on Friday, June 6th, at 15:00 UTC. Tune in for the announcement of the official announcement of the official announcement. Don’t miss this, the official announcement of the official announcement of the official announcement of the announcement.

The Yakuza series is still a turn-based RPG, so those looking for a classic combat system will have to seek refuge in the spin-offs.

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (that’s the original name of Yakuza in the East) have announced a sequel to Judgment, called Lost Judgment. Here’s a review from SEGA: Master the truth. December 2021, Tokyo District Court. Akihiro Ehara is accused of groping a woman on a crowded train. A bystander’s video of his attempted escape and arrest made headlines, and the public demanded the maximum sentence. Three days ago, a body was found in an abandoned building in Yokohama. Have you identified him? He made the announcement as the courtroom became confused.

His lawyer, Saori Shirosaki, has no doubt that crucial details of the situation were overlooked, as Ehara was not even charged with murder. She turns to Detective Takayuki Yagami for further investigation. How could Ehara commit two crimes at once? Was the sexual assault just a cover-up? Did Ehara rip off the entire legal system? As the victims emerge and Yagami dives deeper into the truth, he is faced with a question: Protect the law or serve justice? A man can turn into a monster if he stumbles just once. ….

Lost Judgment puts the player once again in the shoes of lawyer and street detective Takayuki Yagami. Along with their partner, former yakuza Masaharu Kaito, the crime-fighting duo is tasked with investigating a seemingly perfect crime where the prime suspect has a solid alibi. What begins as a tale of revenge turns out to be a tangled web of conspiracies in which several unlikely factions take advantage of a dysfunctional legal system. But as the victims pile up and Yagami discovers the truth, he must choose between defending the law and justice.

Yagami’s martial arts skills allow him to handle any situation with style, whether it’s a group ambush or a solo grab. Master the Crane, Tiger, and New Snake styles, a graceful style that allows you to ward off and return blows by using your opponent’s energy against themselves. […] Yagami’s arsenal of detective tricks has been updated with new gadgets, clever undercover techniques and ways to discreetly track down suspects. Leave no stone unturned in your search for truth. […] Immerse yourself in the vibrant centers of Tokyo and Yokohama at your own pace, in an authentic setting that only RGG Studios can provide. Play at the SEGA club, find your next favorite hangout, do what the locals want you to do, and much more.

Several people from SEGA have also commented on the game. In this sequel, Lost Judgment, we tried to break down many of the walls we had created for ourselves in the first game. Writing the script took countless hours, and we recorded over 1000 minutes of voice-over dialogue for the scenes. Not to mention creating something even bigger than the original. But fans around the world have told us they want a sequel. And our desire to give the fans what they wanted only grew from there. This time the story came out after a heated debate. So I’m convinced we’ve created a game that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. We have surpassed the original in many ways, and I hope you like the result, said Toshihiro Nagoshi, executive producer of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

[…] In the previous game, Yagami used his deduction and combat skills to solve cases. But he has moved on to the next level. Yagami is still working as a simple detective in his neighborhood of Kamurocho when a court decision involves him in a great mystery. As in the previous game, the plot is deep and intense, but this time the story also revolves around high school, which allows for a variety of new stories, including lighter and comedic elements […], said Takuya Kimura, actor Takayuki Yagami.

In the next issue of Judgment, in addition to Kamurocho, we have also added Yokohama as a new place in the game. Yokohama is the largest port city in Japan. By combining the sights of the big city with the dark underground areas, the city is shown from different angles depending on the time of day. In addition, one of the most important new facilities in Yokohama is the high school. And it’s not just a matter of looks. We modelled the classrooms, corridors, staff room and gymnasium in detail. For those of you who consider your high school days a distant memory, perhaps this article can help you relive what it was like to be a young student.

The battles in the first game were well received, so we improved them in the sequel. When facing multiple opponents, you have an excellent multidirectional and acrobatic style. Crane. This style allows you to take out entire groups of enemies in one move. Or you can use the style created for the show. It is in the one-on-one duels that Tiger’s style shows its true potential. Hit your opponents with lightning strikes, leave them no chance to defend themselves and overwhelm them with raw fury. Finally, we introduce a new style in addition to the two previous ones: Hose. Watch out for your opponent’s attack and turn his attacks against himself. It’s a clean, easy-to-use style.

The investigations, unique to the series, have also received an update. Chases and disguises himself against suspects to solve mysteries that only get deeper as they are solved. This sequel features new action that showcases Yagami’s athletic, stealth, and interception skills. We hope players will enjoy exploring new avenues of research. Climb buildings, sneak past enemies and search for valuable information as you travel between Tokyo and Yokohama.

Yagami also infiltrates the school to find important information to solve the case. In this feature, Yagami interacts with students from all walks of life, helps them and unlocks additional content called School Stories. Unlike the serious main story, the school stories are full of laughter, tears, struggles and maybe even a little excitement. We hope you enjoy the unique side of Yagami that emerges in his interactions at school during the exciting challenges of the main story, said Kazuki Hosokawa, producer of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

Nagoshi and Hosokawa confirmed to IGN that Judgment is a continuation of the classic Yakuza gameplay style, while turning the current Yakuza series into a turn-based RPG. The Yakuza series has turned into a turn-based RPG. Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, on the other hand, has gathered the resources and know-how to create lively and exciting action games that can be enjoyed all year round. We decided we needed to bring our signature action gameplay to life in Lost Judgment, they said.

The lost verdict will be released on the 24th. September for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (A PC port is coming later.) Since Leaks mentioned that the Digital Deluxe Edition will have a three-day early access in Japan, we should expect the same in the West.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu

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