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We Are PlayStation is THE site that allows Players to get together and enjoy exclusive benefits in the PlayStation universe. We interviewed three wappers to get their feelings and experience as a WAP gamer.

How long and why did you register on the platform?

Neokain17: I signed up on WAP in 2012, but I had a big gap between 2013 and 2016 because I had the birth of my second child. Basically, I signed up for We Are PlayStation following a mailing, so I figured why not. I went to see and the community looked interesting and the benefits too. What appealed to me at the beginning was the community side and the challenge side to have advantages on the awning.

Peanutbleu: I signed up in February 2018. I’m a great player on PlayStation, and a trophy hunter, and I was looking for a community to interact with because I was feeling a bit lonely behind my console, and that’s where I found We Are PlayStation. I signed up without really knowing what it was, and I was more observant at first. But when I saw the good atmosphere, I started posting on the site, answering, and I thought it was really nice. I got more and more involved, and I met a lot of people afterwards. It’s really the community aspect that I like the most, to help each other with other wappers to win trophies, or just multiplayer sessions for fun. I didn’t have too many gamers in my entourage, and with WAP I was able to meet some of them and I can share my passion, and it’s true that today I’ve become very close to some wapeurs.

LMNTRIXX18: I have been registered on We Are PlayStation since 2018. I arrived a bit by chance, and I’ve taken a closer look at it recently, after seeing a video from PlayStation France at Paris Games Week. What I was most looking forward to when I signed up was getting into the PlayStation community, chatting with the gamers, giving my opinion on the games, sharing my experiences, getting access to trophies that can be hard to get to…

What experiences have you had with WAP?

Neokain17: Since I came back in 2016, I’ve participated in three editions of Paris Games Week, and I also did a test session on Days Gone quite recently. That’s especially since We Are PlayStation very kindly allowed the provincials to come, because the events are usually in Paris and it’s mostly Parisians who could access them easily, and for us it was inevitably more complicated to organize. But since this year, We Are Playstation has decided to offer us the trip to be able to attend the events, and it’s much easier for us to come.

Peanutbleu: I was invited to test games, which allowed me to meet some wapeurs. I also participated in an incredible event for the release of Days Gone: Zomb’in The dark. It was a kind of zombie ride in Lyon with other wapeurs and it was great. It was outside of the video game as it was IRL, but we had a great time, with a night at the hotel, meals all together and we were all together with our rallying cry “PlayStation! “With We Are PlayStation, I have met people in different cities who I see regularly even outside of video games

LMNTRIXX18: I’ve really only been active for a month, so I haven’t participated in any events yet. On the other hand, I am very active with the other wapeurs to help each other collect trophies that are difficult to obtain. In terms of experience, We Are PlayStation has mostly brought me new friends. I like the community aspect, but there is also the challenge aspect and the ranking principle to get discounts on the games. The contests are also very interesting to win prizes, collectors’ items… These are nice prizes that players can’t necessarily afford, and which are offered as rewards by We Are PlayStation.

What were your favourite games this year?

Neokain17: My GOTY this year was A Plague Tale Innocence. It’s not necessarily a big game, but he really seduced me. I still haven’t finished it, mostly because I don’t want to finish it. I go step by step, chapter by chapter, and I enjoy it. On the other hand, the game I’ve played the most this year is Tom Clancy’s The Division, the first one and especially the second one in which I have a clan with other wapers.

Peanutbleu : In 2019, Blood & Truth in RV, which I discovered thanks to WAP. I had first tested it with We Are PlayStation in Paris, and then at home I showed it to everyone around me. You really feel like an action heroine.

LMNTRIXX18: The game I’ve played the most this year, although it’s a bit of a cliché, is Fortnite. Lately, I’ve also been playing a lot in the latest Jedi Star Wars Fallen Order. Otherwise, I’ve picked up a few games like Battlefield 5, Middle-earth: The Shadow of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey…

As players, what are your expectations for 2020?

Neokain17: It has to be the PS5. That’s really the 2020 target, especially since I’m a video game salesman at the base, so let’s say it’s in line with my passion and my job. It’s true that I talk a lot about this with my clients and also on We Are PlayStation. Now, in terms of waiting, it’s mostly about seeing the capabilities of the console, because it’s probably going to be the latest generation of physical console, so I’m really looking forward to seeing that.

Peanutbleu: I already know that next year is going to be huge, given the games that will be coming out on PlayStation 4 for the end of the generation. Between The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk, Ghost of Tsushima… A huge list. I, who came to PlayStation with The Last of Us in 2013, am looking forward to what’s next. I hope there will be events related to these upcoming blockbusters. For me, 2020 is going to be the apotheosis of PS4.

LMNTRIXX18: My biggest expectation for 2020 is the announcement of the PlayStation 5. I’m also looking forward to the battle between the PS5 and the next Xbox. Otherwise, in terms of gaming, I’m waiting for The Last of Us Part II, and also the announcement of the future PS5 games at E3.

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