An advancement of the business’s well-regarded SCM19 stand-mount passives, the SCM19 ATs are the outcome of ATC using their experience with expert screens to create a set of portable, residential, fully-active towers. On the planet of stereos, heavy is great. In which situation at over 30 kg each, these ought to undoubtedly be great.

Out of the packaging, impressions declare. The cherry laminate of ‘my’ set has an eye-catching matt surface, which provides a contemporary, ‘designer’ really feel. The 2nd pleasurable shock is the grilles. As opposed to towel, these are a steel mesh, with a modern, practically commercial appearance. An issue of preference, obviously. Kevin McLoud would certainly enjoy them, Enid Blyton would certainly chunder, yet they are happily various. The only little adverse (OCD hat on) is that the chauffeurs have cut-outs where the allen placing screws go. In 1 or 2 locations, this leaves a really little item of the underlying timber noticeable, which is especially lighter in colour. The majority of would certainly not observe this, and also a couple of secs with a little bit of timber color throughout manufacture would certainly arrange it. There are additionally points I can just call slim, red steel mushrooms growing from each edge of the rear-mounted electronic devices. Potentially they exist to quit you from positioning the heatsinks right versus a wall surface yet they look a little weird. Last but not least, the ATC logo design honestly makes the badges look a little bit horrible, though they are mercifully little.

At practically precisely a metre in elevation with spikes, the 19 ATs are reasonably portable. The size is 370 mm and also the sides are wonderfully bent. The closets are multi-layered and also inside supported, so the weight is absolutely not simply the electronic devices. They are additionally secured, so without porting ought to not be picky regarding distance to back wall surfaces a significant plus for many people. Technology specifications are near completion and also there is tons of information on the ATC site, so I will certainly not throw away room with information. Nonetheless, as a summary, they have a soft-dome tweeter and also a 150 mm soft-dome mid/bass chauffeur. Each is independently driven by its very own on-board amplifier, fed by an energetic second-order crossover. The mid/bass amplifier results 150 W and also the treble, 32 W. There are numerous types of overload and also mistake defense. The chauffeurs and also crossovers are created to offer smooth combination, outstanding on-paper efficiency and also lasting dependability; supported by ATC’s six-year guarantee. Of certain note, in the business’s words:“The advantage of active crossovers is that their response remains unaffected by variable voice coil impedance, while the use of phase compensation enables phase coherency at the crossover points, improving the SCM19AT’s tonal balance and enhancing imaging for a pin-point stereo field” I can not claim I differ. As is regular for actives, signal link is totally stabilized.

At first, I positioned them approximately, without spikes. Although much less than best sonically, this is excellent for messing around without trashing rugs. Ye Gods, they’re quiet! All attached, no resource, pre-amp just. Absolutely nothing. No. No hum, hiss or anything. A reasonable little moving about with numerous tracks and also they appear to function best below near to an excellent triangular, yet a little broader spaced and also really a little toed-out. ATC recommend an equilateral triangular and also straight encountering, yet this is constantly area reliant. Time to obtain the spikes out and also come down to it.

An appropriate pay attention

Although I wound up playing many cds and also CDs, for the testimonial I have actually chosen 3 categories that are most likely to cover a practical series of preferences. I have actually additionally prevented exceedingly ‘kind’ tracks, so no perfectly-recorded women vocals below …

A little jazz to begin with. Keith Jarrett on plastic: Personal Mountains. Since the ATCs are much better located and also spiked, the very first evident point is that the soundstage has actually ended up being enormously broader and also the bass far-better specified. They are outstanding at tool positioning and also characteristics. Jan Garbarek’s sax is tidy with an excellent ‘edge’ and also is right there precede. The piano harmonics are additionally great (I played Koln Show a whole lot, and also once again the piano was beautiful). Returning a while in time, to perhaps the supreme LP, Miles Davies, Type Of Blue, and also the ATCs master an unusual method. The discussion is rather onward, yet actually catches the ambience and also state of mind. ‘Presence’ is a tired word, yet it matches below.

Allow’s rock. Led Zeppelin, and also Kashmir from the remastered CD. The ‘wall of sound’ manufacturing stumbles upon, yet the band is however situated spatially. This is perhaps a little except the inmost bass, yet what there is, is limited and also quick. Potentially additionally a little ‘small’ in the photo. Nonetheless, it ‘feels’ right. Drums particularly are natural in their strike. OK. A little even more as much as day, and also while I did claim ‘no female vocals’, I included this, due to the fact that it can be challenging to solve: Imogen Stack, Ellipse, once again on CD. Of all the tracks, Little Bird has Imogen’s voice bordering on the hard-edged sometimes. Several of the most affordable bass notes are once again lighter than I’m utilized to, yet they’re as limited as a duck’s essential. There is an excellent strike to the vocals and also Imogen is onward spatially. Extremely, really pleasurable.

Classic following, and also Itzhak Perlman’s Elgar Violin Concerto. Plastic. I have a couple of recordings of this, yet my favourite is the Barenboim Chicago Harmony. It’s Deutsche Grammophon, which I typically locate to be extra buzz than high quality Nonetheless, this is an excellent recording, and also below it functions perfectly. There is once again a genuine sensation of room and also positioning. It’s practically non-stop precise, yet permeated with affection and also feeling. Among the very best 3 performances of this I have actually listened to, and also the others got on systems setting you back (enormously) extra. One more prize, Tintagel, Arnold Bax, and also the LPO under Boult. A little bit even more of a variety. With the actually large flows, the ATCs appeared a little restricted. Not rather the large open feeling I generally obtain from this. On the various other hand, once more, outstanding positioning precede, and also with fantastic characteristics. The ATCs simply wind via the substantial transients, which converts right into a delightful ‘edge of the seat’ pay attention. To be reasonable, my paying attention room generates practically no support, and also in lots of areas it’s most likely that bass will certainly be much deeper.

A pattern appears below. There is a lure to pertain to actives as some type of residential system, created to offer substantial SPLs without much nuance. The ATCs are practically the polar reverse. At reasonable listening degrees, the absence of colouration, substantial vibrant variety, capacity to replicate transients, and also precise imaging are seductive, though that’s not to claim they can not go loud. They absolutely can, yet still preserve the ‘being there’ sensation. They create a genuine sensation of size and also deepness, and also a natural discussion. Particularly, prima donnas appear to be precede front of the audio speakers

Monotonous (to some) technology things

Drivers: HF, ATC 25 mm twin suspension tweeter. Mid/LF, ATC 150 mm SL
Matched feedback: +/- 0.5 dB
Regularity feedback (-6 dB): 54 Hz–22 kHz
Diffusion: ± 80 ° systematic straight, ± 10 ° systematic upright
Max SPL: 108 dB
Crossover regularity: 2.5 kHz
Connectors: male XLR
Input level of sensitivity: 1 V
Filters: second-order seriously damped with stage payment
Overload defense: energetic FET temporary gain decrease
Mistake defense: DC mistake defense and also thermal journey. Mistake sign on back panel placed LED
Amplifier result: 150 W LF, 32 W HF
Closet measurements (HxWxD): 980 x370 x344 mm (spikes include 25 mm to elevation, grille includes 34 mm to deepness)
Weight: 31 kg

Final Thoughts

The ATCs function extremely well in a residential setup, despite exactly how loud you run them. They are precise, yet that does not indicate undesirable. They do not make negative recordings audio even worse than they are, neither do they make them appear much better. They do not flatter to trick, which indicates they draw the very best out of great (and also ordinary) recordings. They are not medical, sharp, etched or brilliant. What gets on the CD or LP is what you obtain, and also if it’s well taped, you obtain it enormously. Mids are stunningly tidy, and also vocals are actually centre-front. Leading end is clear and also gleaming, and also there is never ever any type of evident action in between regularities. Cymbals have an attractive metal ‘sheen’, drums have actual ‘bite’ and also effect, and also bass notes are limited and also quick. These are, nevertheless, not ‘drum and bass’ or reggae bakeoff audio speakers If unclear, puffed up, window-rattling bass is your point, after that look somewhere else. Because feeling, and also in various other means, they advise me of the best electrostatics. There are actual ‘hair on the back of the neck’ minutes to be had with these, and also just as so at late-night, low-volume having fun. They do loud, yet if anything, they do peaceful much better, which includes a lot of our eavesdroping the real world. They are useful every one of the moment. Play intimate jazz late in the evening, and also vocalize rock at ear-bleeding degrees when no one else goes to house.

The SCM19 ATs remain in a hard location in regards to list price. At near to ₤5000 they are not affordable, and also there is a great deal of severe competitors. Nonetheless, there is no demand for power amps, which indicates that either you conserve, or you can dedicate funds to a much better front end. To obtain the comparable high quality you would certainly require to invest even more (perhaps a whole lot extra) generally on an easy system, which does not think about the severe advantages of energetic crossovers, absolutely when they are just as good as this.

Some might locate them a little forward (initially), some might locate them a little modern-day cosmetically, some might locate them a little bass light. Nonetheless, to my ears and also eyes, they are‘right’ It took a day of paying attention to ‘get it’, yet I currently do. I locate them rather tough to categorize, due to the fact that they do not actually match any type of certain kind of songs. This, obviously, is what great tools ought to do. If you are checking out this Cost Variety I would certainly greater than extensively suggest a tryout.

The evident examination of any type of tool is its capacity to make you maintain paying attention. As I begin the initial draft of this testimonial, we have a lot of the household getting here for Easter on what was tomorrow yet is currently today. It is 3 in the early morning and also I am being groaned at, not unreasonably, for continuing drawing points off the racks to pay attention to. That, in short, is the ATCs. They make you intend to maintain locating points to play. A variety of tracks are most likely the very best I have actually ever before heard them audio.

A couple of days on, and also I am currently at the last variation of this. The ATCs have actually not tired me in all. The paying attention area is a stack of CDs and also LPs out of their boxes and also sleeves, and also I can not quit. What shocks is not the capacity to belt it out, yet additionally to do refined; beautiful images and also large characteristics at reduced quantity. That’s a really tough technique to manage, yet the 19 ATs be successful. I will certainly be dissatisfied to see them go, and also to be sincere, I never ever anticipated to be composing that.

And Also

Exceptional vibrant variety and also ‘speed’.
Great soundstage, with apparent deepness, size and also positioning.
Exceptional combination in between bass/mid and also treble.
Extremely realistic at ‘normal’ paying attention quantities.
Practical dimension and also reasonably unfussy regarding setting.


Extremely precise, so unrelenting of actually negative recordings.
A little onward with vocals.
Light on really deep bass.
A little restricted on actually large jobs.
Looks could not match everybody.

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