An Application for Lying Down Less Stupid!

A application offers you to you lie down less stupid. Try it on!

Applications with a previously untapped concept are still appreciated. This is the case of “Lying down less stupid”: the principle is simple, but chances are you’ll leave it installed on your Android smartphone Already available on the Apple App Store this application is full of information you may not be familiar with. A website also exists in parallel and has the slogan “The site that allows you to shine in society”. The principle of VDM is taken up again, because for each story you can select “I’ll go to bed less stupid” or “I already knew it”. It is also possible to comment, provided that you have registered on the network.

When you log in to the application, you are happy to see that it is not a botched iOS port. You can see the interface of the new Google applications, with the house on the top left (back) and other icons on the right. Android’s sharing features are used, which is a very good point.

At the level of the headings, we find : News, Top, Random, Favorites, Submit, About, Login and Registration. On the first screen, generalist news is displayed, but can be sorted. The proposed criteria are: all anecdotes, animals, art, comics, numbers, cinema, cuisine, expressions, geography, history, unclassifiable, computer, unusual, games, literature, urban legend, brands and logos, music, personalities, health, science, sport television and practical life.


That’s how you can learn that the Volvo brand is so called, as the word means “I drive” in Latin. The advantage of the application is that it provides sources that validate the story. This avoids aberrations.

You can submit your own anecdotes, which will be moderated before publication. On average, between 2 and 4 news items will be published each day. They appear via a push notification.

For this application, you need a terminal under Android 1.6+, with 797 kb to download it (not moveable on the SD card). Level 3 content :

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