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American Horror Story: Apocalypse: The Biggest Moments from “Apocalypse Then” (Season 8 Episode 10)

American Horror Story: Apocalypse: The Biggest Moments from "Apocalypse Then" (Season 8 Episode 10)

Nicely… I assume that occurred? 

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Season 8 Episode 10, “Apocalypse Then,” proves what I’ve been fearing for the previous few episodes: This season squandered a ton of potential. As an entire, Apocalypse definitely had its nice moments and thrilling set items (as did the finale). However general, I’m left with an intense feeling of… blah.

This isn’t notably surprising. If I’m being trustworthy, the writers have not often (if ever) pulled off a profitable, absolutely satisfying finale. Sometimes, the campy and over-the-top nature of the present leads to a ton of disparate plots being launched only for the sake of getting them, after which they go nowhere.

Step 1: Identity spell. #AHSApocalypse pic.twitter.com/ad7VmiEF2v

— AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) November 15, 2018

Much of the finale is circling back and filling in gaps to explain how we got from where we are to what we first saw in the season premiere. Perhaps most importantly, we see how Coco and Mallory wound up at Outpost 3 — and it’s all part of Myrtle and Cordelia’s plan.

The scene where the two women are given new personalities and identities is actually pretty emotional, but it’s a little hard to care about them. We don’t learn a whole lot about either of them on a deeper level throughout the season. Of the remaining members of the coven, I really only worried about Myrtle, Cordelia, and Madison.

2. Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison pop out of the ground like daisies

It’s time… #AHSApocalypse pic.twitter.com/CJ8XTtVUnV

— AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) November 15, 2018

The writers weirdly kind of gloss over this and don’t give much of an explanation, but basically the remaining witches bury themselves like turnips while waiting for Mallory’s powers to manifest themselves. Fittingly, they pop out of the ground soon after Mallory’s confrontation with Michael, when her powers show themselves (a moment we’d already seen earlier this season).

This catches us up to where we let off mid-season, in the present, before the show jumped backwards to fill in the timeline — the witches’ confrontation with Michael.

Much like the majority of Coven things, this emergence from the dirt is equal parts badass and sorta goofy.

3. Cordelia trades Dinah for Marie Laveau

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That is objectively an ideal second. Angela Bassett’s cameo went unreported previous to the season, so Marie turning up is an sudden and nice shock.

Whereas Bassett’s swagger virtually makes this second value it, it sadly doesn’t make a ton of sense. In principle, Marie is introduced again to take out Dinah and in addition assist maintain off Michael. However… she doesn’t actually do a lot of something on the Michael entrance. She holds him off for like a second earlier than Michael tears her coronary heart out and eats it!

All in all, cool second, however not tremendous logical plot-wise.

four. Madison sacrifices herself to carry off Michael

Plus, she lastly will get the acknowledgment and love from Cordelia that she’s so clearly been determined for. That validation!

5. Cordelia kills herself so Mallory can ascend as Supreme

I want that on a shirt, stat.

In fact, the primary a part of Cordelia’s assertion finally ends up being unfaithful (extra on that under). And apart from that, it additionally begs the query: Why didn’t Cordelia simply do that sooner?

I get that she wasn’t eager on dying, however she’s distinctly conscious that killing herself will permit Mallory to return into her full powers, enabling the youthful witch to carry out the time journey spell to take out Michael.

If she’d simply killed herself pre-apocalypse, wouldn’t which were much less dangerous? And in addition much less of a problem? Or did Mallory nonetheless have to “marinate” in her witchiness (because it have been) no matter whether or not Cordelia was alive or lifeless?

I’m left scratching my head, and never in a satisfying/thought-provoking approach. Simply in a plain confused/”this could be a plot gap” means.

6. Mallory travels again in time and runs Michael over with a automotive in 2015


I’m nonetheless torn on whether or not that is sensible or lazy as hell.

Critically… that’s it?!

After every thing we’ve seen of Michael, are we actually meant to consider a automotive is sufficient to kill him at any level in his life? Additionally, why does Mallory select this specific second, of all occasions?

I imply, I’m glad in a approach, as a result of it provides us extra sudden Jessica Lange time — it was solely reported that she’d seem in Episode 6. Lange’s monologue throughout her remaining confrontation can also be superb. Lange and Cody Fern each give phenomenal performances.

On prime of that, the parallels to Season 1 are nice.

Precisely like Constance’s daughter Addie, Michael dies on the street after being hit by a automotive. Whereas Constance desperately tried to get Addie to Homicide Home so her ghost could possibly be there indefinitely, Constance flatly refuses Michael’s request to assist him die in Homicide Home. She merely doesn’t need to cope with his evil nonsense anymore and positively not for eternity.

You heard her. #AHSApocalypse pic.twitter.com/oVZntKAAXW

— AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) November 15, 2018

It’s also a testament to Fern’s acting that I actually feel badly for Michael as Constance berates him and moments later as he dies. The writers did a great job of humanizing Michael in small ways throughout the season, and it’s actually believable that he struggled against his darkness for a time.

But in the end, Satan’s darkness won out, and he had to die to save the world.

7. Mallory lives out the rest of the intervening years, knowing everything that happened

It begs all types of unanswered questions.

For one: How is Cordelia nonetheless the Supreme? Mallory turns into the Supreme as soon as Cordelia kills herself. Does going again in time undo that? Is she nonetheless ultimately going to grow to be the Supreme?

8. Timothy and Emily give start to the Antichrist 2.zero

Because it seems, these two random youngsters in Outpost three with “special DNA” serve a objective in any case. Particularly, their objective is to supply the back-up Antichrist circa 2021.

Ah, Devil. All the time on prime of these contingency plans!

It’s a intelligent twist. The closing reveal of Devan as one other Antichrist well mirrors the ending of Season 1, the place toddler Michael additionally murdered his babysitter. However I’m additionally just a little confused.

Billie Dean’s prophecy particularly says that the Antichrist can be born of a union between a human and a ghost. Neither Timothy or Emily are ghosts. So… what provides? It’s a bit lame to only toss out the entire “special DNA” factor after which not make clear that or give it any depth.

All in all, this season of American Horror Story as soon as once more tried to do too many issues. With so many balls left up within the air, it’s comprehensible that there can be a couple of resolutions which might be lower than satisfying.

That stated, I’ll absolutely tune in to any and all future Coven crossover seasons involving this or different Antichrists.

Lingering Questions:

  • So Mutt and Jeff weren’t put beneath an id spell after which given the names Brock and Mr. Gallant? They’re simply randomly performed by the identical actors for no cause (aside from the visible LOLs of Billy Eichner and Evan Peters in these bowl haircuts)?
  • Equally, Joan Collins performs each Evie Gallant and Bubbles McGhee only for funsies?
  • Does Mallory’s undoing of the previous imply that all the Homicide Home ghosts get their numerous “happy endings” taken again? That’s extremely distressing, notably within the case of Moira. And it additionally casts a shadow on what was among the best episodes of this complete combined bag of a season! Since Nan appears to acknowledge Mallory and recall what occurred within the Apocalypse timeline, I’m selecting to consider that the undead in Homicide Home are equally unchanged. That’s it, that’s the top canon.
  • Talking of Homicide Home, did Constance nonetheless kill herself within the new timeline? On American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 6, “Return to Murder House,” Constance explains that she killed herself in order that Michael wouldn’t have an opportunity to homicide her. Provided that she’s nonetheless alive after Mallory runs Michael over, does that imply Constance Langdon nonetheless lives within the Apocalypse-averted timeline?
  • What’s the purpose of Michael wanting Meade Bot’s thoughts wiped in order that she doesn’t keep in mind he’s the Antichrist? Extra importantly, what’s the purpose of him psychologically torturing the Outpost three residents with the entire “Sanctuary” factor? Did I miss one thing there?

What did you consider this episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse? Share your ideas within the feedback under!

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