American Airlines cuts the number of international flights but not its domestic operation

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the tourism sector and American Airlines is planning to cancel many of its international flights this summer. The demand for such roads has not arisen because many countries do not accept foreigners who could be dangerous for others. At some major airports the number of flights has dropped by 50-70%. American Airlines, however, quickly added that its internal services will function normally. A senior official said he would cancel most of his international flights in April and May.

Demand for domestic flights is expected to remain weak until May due to insufficient bookings. He added that the airline does not intend to cancel all flights. This is not practical because some groups of people have to travel, such as members of the medical profession.

The Daily Mail UK quotes an official We’re not going to stop stealing.

The most important thing is to provide a minimum of basic services to customers… …but we do it in a way that doesn’t burn extra money. American Airlines tries to weigh the pros and cons of different options.

New international routes have a low priority for American Airlines

Given the state of air traffic in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the airline will not be a priority when introducing new international routes.

It will run on low heat until 2021. It also intends to postpone the introduction of the new service for the winter season, while suspending a number of flights for the summer season. American Airlines will have to make numerous cancellations for international flights. Most of them will be in the Pacific Ocean, followed by the Atlantic Ocean and Latin America. Times are hard, and an airline cannot refuse to make concessions because it has to survive.

American Airlines’ recent announcement reflects industry trends: In the next two months she plans to fly only 20% of her domestic schedule and 10-20% of her international schedule

– CNN (@CNN) 28. March 2020.

According to the Daily Mail UK, cutbacks will be made in May. The Reagan National Airport in Washington generally offers 250 flights during the week, which will be reduced to approximately 28 flights. The same goes for New York’s Kennedy International Airport. It will increase from 100 flights a day to about one tenth of that number. The Dallas-Fort Worth hub will be reduced from almost 1,000 scheduled flights a day to a fraction of the total.

One of the factors responsible for this situation is the limited availability of public transport. The carrier has decided to suspend flights on the A330 for cost reasons.

American Airlines redefines its strategies

According to Dallas News, American Airlines plans to cancel the majority of its international routes due to reduced customer demand as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. Some of them will come from DFW’s international airports in Rome, Munich and Auckland. The last of these New Zealand cities would become a new destination, but it is unlikely to appear before the winter of 2021. Demand has fallen sharply in recent weeks.

Airlines are working with fewer staff and are trying to develop crisis management strategies. American Airlines reports that the estimated date for the resumption of DFW services to Hong Kong, Tokyo Haneda Airport and Seoul is July 7. July. However, flights to Shanghai and Beijing will not resume until October.

Coronavirus pandemics affect American Airlines

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a disease that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. This has forced many airlines on the ground to expand their fleets, and American Airlines is no exception. The airline connects destinations inside and outside America.

Last year ended the era of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 for American Airlines. Incidentally, the airline has encountered painful problems during its regular flight movements. There was a case where a passenger tried to get into the cockpit of a pilot on an American Airlines flight.

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