America vacates Afghanistan after two decades of military involvement

After spending two decades building a military presence in Afghanistan and attempting to change the country by force, the United States is finally pulling out. This has been the stated goal of the Obama administration for years, and the withdrawal is now proceeding. The presence of the US military in Afghanistan has been controversial, with the military engaging in combat operations while mistakes have been made. Many civilians have died, the country has been ravaged by civil war, and local people have been affected by the presence of foreign forces. The cost of the war has also been high for both the US and Afghanistan. There are many questions about what will come next.

The US has decided to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the year’s end, fulfilling a promise made by President Barack Obama almost four years ago. The decision brings to an end an 18-year war that saw the country ravaged by years of conflict. The US reached its peak troop presence in Afghanistan in 2011, but has since steadily reduced its numbers. It will now be down to around 8,400 troops by the end of the year.

In Afghanistan, there’s a changing of the guard at an American camp. General Austin Scott Miller has held this position for three years. He handed over command to Marine General Frank McKenzie, who will operate from his headquarters in Tampa, Florida. About his departure, the former general said: Our task now is to remember those who sacrificed their lives. The new general told the Afghan forces: You can count on our support in the dangerous and difficult days ahead. In April, President Joe Biden said he wanted U.S. troops to be on last-minute readiness. September of Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail UK reports that Marine General Frank McKenzie has addressed the media during his trip to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. He crossed the Atlantic in a military plane. He told them that the Taliban were probably out for a military victory over the government. He also said it would not be easy for the insurgents to take Kabul. This is due to the fact that it has an advanced security system. In any case, the Taliban’s ultimate goal could be a political settlement with the Afghan authorities. In November 2019, former President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to celebrate Thanksgiving with American troops stationed in the country.

No progress in peace talks between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban

It was in Kabul that responsibility was transferred to the United States. There are reports of Taliban advance and clashes in areas such as the central city of Ghazni and the southern province of Kandahar. The latter is the heart of the Taliban. Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are under way in Dubai, but the problems have not yet been resolved.

The Taliban have recaptured many areas in recent months. They even claimed to have crossed the border into both countries. These are Iran and Turkmenistan. The Daily Mail UK quotes a former Afghan MP as saying: Over the past four days, Taliban gunmen… Kandahar City attacked from the west. He added that the security forces are doing their best to foil their plans.

In August 2019, Afghanistan was hit by a suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul, which killed more than 60 people and injured many more. This kind of violence and loss of innocent life is not new.

Biden opposes further deployment in Afghanistan

A Pentagon official spoke to a media outlet about the security situation on the ground. The situation worsens and the Taliban seem to get the upper hand. As a result, President Biden has spoken out on the issue. He does not advocate sending another generation of Americans to Afghanistan. He said – there is no reasonable hope for a different outcome. The Daily Mail UK adds that the administration deals with many aspects of retirement.

One is the rehabilitation of thousands of interpreters who worked with American troops.

America will provide limited assistance to Afghanistan in the coming days

According to NBC News, Marine Corps General Frank McKenzie is the new man in the saddle. He told Afghan forces that America will continue to support them. Most of the personnel and equipment have already been withdrawn and by the end of the month the withdrawal will be complete. He assured Afghan forces that support will continue in the dangerous and difficult days ahead. The Biden administration announced that the United States would maintain a core staff in Kabul to ensure the security of its embassy and provide support to Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The US military mission in Afghanistan ends on 31. August officially closes its doors. This would mean an end to US airstrikes on the Taliban. McKenzie showed that the Afghan Air Force had become more independent and had assumed responsibility for attacks.


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