AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Reportedly Coming Soon, “Better Than Native”

AMD FidelityFX 2.0 is the 8K Gaming Monitor of choice, and it’s reportedly better than native resolutions. The ultimate goal: a console-quality experience on PC monitors.

Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2.0 is a technology that will be coming soon to AMD graphics cards. The technology is said to be better than native, and it will work with games that are already supported by the technology. Read more in detail here: fidelityfx super resolution supported games .

AMD-FidelityFX-Super-Resolution-20-Reportedly-Coming-Soon-Better-ThanImage credit: AMD

For gamers anticipating an upscaling solution that might surpass (or even match) NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) hasn’t exactly delivered, but the latest rumors hint that something fresh from the red team is on the way. AMD is expected to announce FSR 2.0 soon, according to CapFrameX, an updated version of the technology that is reportedly “very impressive” thanks to a number of enhancements such as temporal upscaling and the elimination of the need for AI acceleration, allowing for a more comprehensive level of GPU support. FSR 2.0 is also said to be capable of producing images that are superior than native resolution, according to AMD.

FSR 2.0 will be released/announced shortly. Today I saw some video. Quite amazing.

Temporal upscaling + optimized AA Does not need AI Runs on all GPU manufacturers Performance and picture quality are outstanding.

AMD believes that it can even outperform native. ^^#FSRGen2

11th of March, 2022 — CapFrameX (@CapFrameX)

AMD is certainly preparing a demonstration for the next edition of FSR, according to an event mentioned on the session viewer for this year’s GDC event.

AMD Presents Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Games (GDC)

  • Arcila, Thomas (Software Engineer, AMD)
  • (AMD Senior Developer Technology Engineer Colin Riley) )
  • Location: West Hall, Room 2020
  • Wednesday, March 23rd is the date.
  • 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • All Access Passes, Core Passes, Summits Passes, Expo Plus Passes, Audio Passes, Independent Games Summit Passes, and All Access Online Only Passes are available. Now is the time to get your pass!
  • Programming is the topic.
  • Sponsored Session is the format for this event.
  • In-person/virtual viewing experience
  • Not recorded in the vault

AMD will showcase some of the findings from their research into next-generation picture upscaling technology, as well as how such technology might be used to games to enhance the gaming experience.

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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 was announced and is coming soon. AMD has said that it is “better than native” and will be able to render games at 4K resolution on a single GPU. Reference: fidelityfx super resolution nvidia .

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use FidelityFX super resolution?

A: Yes, in the long run it will save you a lot of money.

Is FidelityFX better than DLSS?

A: Both FidelityFX and DLSS are just methods of rendering that have their own pros and cons. Neither is objectively better than the other, so you should use whichever one makes your game run best for you.

What is AMD FidelityFX super resolution?

A: AMD FidelityFX is a technology that supports High-Definition displays using less power, resulting in increased performance and longer battery life.

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