Amber Heard takes the stand in civil trial, says Johnny Depp hit her

Amber Heard has given testimony in her civil trial against Johnny Depp who she claimed hit her. He said it never happened and he was not there. Meanwhile his attorney is claiming that Amber’s credibility is under question due to a history of mental health issues and drug use.

Amber Heard took the stand in a civil trial and said that her ex-husband Johnny Depp hit her. She also said that he was abusive to their dogs. After being questioned by the judge, Amber Heard left the courtroom. Read more in detail here: where is amber heard now .

Amber Heard said that she knew she should have left Johnny Depp the first time he struck her, but she couldn’t.

“I knew I couldn’t simply forgive him because that would mean it would happen again, right? I’ve seen the films from fitness classes, for example “As she took the stand in Depp’s libel case against her, Heard informed the court through tears. “I was devastated.”

After being smacked, she went away, but Depp returned a few days later with an apology, a couple bottles of her favorite wine, and a vow he’d never do it again, according to Heard.

“I decided to trust him because I wanted to,” she said.

Depp, 58, is suing Heard for libel in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court after she described herself as “a public figure representing domestic violence” in a December 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post. Although the piece does not mention Depp by name, his attorneys claim he was defamed since it obviously linked to charges she made during their divorce proceedings in 2016.

In the now four-week trial, Heard entered the stand for the first time on Wednesday afternoon. She told jurors about how they met while making a movie and fell in love.

Amber Heard testifies in court Amber Heard testifies in Fairfax County Circuit Court on May 4, 2022, in the defamation lawsuit brought against her by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Reuters / Elizabeth Frantz

Despite their 22-year age gap, Heard claims Depp struck up an immediate connection with her when they met to discuss a part in his film “The Rum Diary.”

“I was an unknown actor. My age was 22. He was more than twice my age. He’s this renowned actor, and we’re chatting about obscure books and old blues “music,” Heard, now 36, said.

While they had connection throughout production, she claims they didn’t start dating until 2011, when they went on a press tour for the film’s release. They kept their connection a secret at first.

“We weren’t doing ordinary things…. We were in a cocoon of secrecy that gave off a lovely light “she said

She said the first incident of physical assault occurred when she was trying to read one of his tattoos. While Depp told her it read “Wino” — a modification to a tattoo he’d gotten when he was dating actress Winona Ryder — she laughed.

Heard said, “I simply laughed because I thought he was kidding, and he smacked me across the face.”

She stated she laughed once more, assuming it was a joke. 

“I had no idea what was happening. I simply gazed at him, still laughing, expecting him to join in and tell me it was a joke. He didn’t, though. ‘You think it’s so funny?’ he asked. ‘You think it’s amusing, b****?’ He smacked me once more.”

She expressed her inability to respond. “I didn’t know what else to do so I simply gazed at him. And then he smacks me again. Hard.” She said the third smack threw her off.

Depp, who has previously testified for four days, presented jurors with a different account of the story.

The claimed attack, he maintained, “didn’t happen.” “Why would someone making fun of a tattoo on my body offend me so much? That charge had never made sense to me.”

Depp Heard Lawsuit On May 4, 2022, actor Johnny Depp waves as he enters a courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia. AP photographer Elizabeth Frantz

Heard also spoke about Depp’s drug and alcohol problems. She spoke about a time she and Depp took MDMA on a flight to Russia, explaining that she felt pressure to prove to him she was not a “lesbian camp counselor,” as he’d called her. According to Heard, the pair persuaded the flight attendant to take the medication as well. She later sat with the couple and allegedly touched Heard, prompting Depp to allegedly grab the flight attendant’s wrist and threaten to break it. According to Heard, the flight attendant then ran to the front of the aircraft, where she stayed for the duration of the journey.

Heard claims Depp assaulted her and slapped her in the face when the pair arrived at their Moscow hotel room. Heard ran to the restroom and waited for a while. Depp’s security motioned to her nose as she emerged and handed her a handkerchief because she was bleeding.

Heard stated in court, “I just felt so humiliated… ashamed.”

Heard also mentioned a further event that occurred in July of 2013. Depp was selling his yacht to J.K. Rowling, she added, so he brought his kids and Heard to his island to bid the boat farewell. Meanwhile, Depp was “back on the wagon,” as Heard puts it, but he was keeping his drinking hidden from his children.

Heard told the trial, “There’s simply no off button with Johnny.”

She said that his children began to notice, and that at one time, the actor got off the boat in an unusual manner, causing his daughter to worry and weep. Heard said she was attempting to soothe his daughter, but Depp then accused her of outing him to his children, which she denied. Depp is said to have then thrown Heard against their bedroom wall and grabbed her by the neck. He told her she was a “embarrassment” and that he could kill her, she claims. 

Heard claimed she and Depp’s daughter then requested a helicopter to get them off the island.

Heard’s evidence came after a doctor hired by her attorneys testified that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of Depp’s assault, which included sexual violence

Depp stated that he never hit Heard and that he was the one who was abused. He said she had hit and assaulted him many times and thrown items at him. Heard has a “thirst for confrontation,” according to him.

In her evidence on Tuesday, psychologist Dawn Hughes admitted that Heard had used physical aggression against Depp at times, but claimed it was nothing compared to the violence she had experienced, which left her terrified and afraid for her safety.

Hughes said during cross-examination on Wednesday that she wasn’t making factual conclusions that Depp attacked Heard at particular times. She testified, however, that Heard’s narrative of her experiences is consistent with that of victims of domestic abuse.

Hughes said that Heard was forced to perform oral sex by Depp during the sexual attacks. However, during cross-examination, Depp’s attorneys pointed out that Heard denied being compelled to perform oral sex during psychiatric testing conducted as part of Hughes’ assessment.

Hughes claims Heard framed the encounters as consenting but “angry sex” at first.

Hughes said, “She wasn’t portraying them as physical force.”

The case continues to draw widespread attention. More than 100 people queued outside the courthouse before 7 a.m. on Wednesday, three hours before the hearing started, for the 100 seats available in the courtroom. The majority were Depp loyalists and admirers.

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