Amazon Prime: Rates, Video, Music, Account Sharing, We Tell You Everything

Amazon Prime is more than just free shipping within one business day. Multiple services have been added, including Amazon Prime Video An update on Amazon’s renewed offer.

Amazon’s Reward program has long since moved beyond free shipping. A whole ecosystem has gradually built up around this subscription which today gives access to books, films, TV channels, video games or even music for a fixed price payable monthly or annually. Here’s a small inventory of everything that Amazon Prime’s offer carries.

Amazon Prime: How much does it cost?

Amazon Prime can be tested free of charge for the undecided with one month’s subscription free with any first-time subscription. To top it all off, you can multiply this free month by subscribing to it on Amazon’s various international platforms. Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, USA, all offer this month for a single Amazon account.


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Amazon offers several formulas:

  • The most economical: 49 €/year with 30 days free trial
  • The least engaging: 5,99 €/month
  • The student special – PrimeStudent: 24 €/year with a 90-day free trial period (the offer, sponsored by Microsoft, only concerns post-Bac students with proof of attendance).

The contract is automatically renewed at the end of each registration period unless the customer notifies the cancellation of his account. It will then run to its end and will not be renewed.

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Amazon Prime Video a growing catalogue

The Amazon platform competes with Netflix, OCS, Disney+ and Apple TV+ . Over the months, the service has been greatly expanded and now includes some major series such as Handmaid’s Tale, The Man in the High Castle, The Boyz, Jack Ryan, … The cinema catalogue is much less well stocked and offers mostly relatively old or uninteresting films.

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The Prime Video interface is particularly successful with the possibility, for example, to display the names of actors on each scene ofor to choose the type of subtitle display.

Prime Video Channel: pay TV channels

A relatively recent addition to the list of Prime Video Amazon offers these Prime subscribers access to some fifteen pay TV channels for rates ranging from €1.99 to €9.99/month (without commitment) with always a free 30-day trial period.

There are several children’s channels and specialized channels for cars, music, history… :

  • Canal J + Tiji: €1.99/month
  • TFOU Max: 3,99€/month
  • GulliMAX :2,99€/month
  • Mon Science & Vie Junior : 2,99€/month
  • Hopster: 4.99. €/month
  • Automoto: 2,99€/month GEO
  • Television: €3.99/month
  • Mezzo : 3,50 €/month
  • All Story :1,99€/month
  • StarzPlay 4,99€/month
  • GMM : 3,99 €/month
  • Max Action: 3,99€/month
  • MUBI: 9,99€/month
  • Crime District: €1.99/month

Not sure if this offer is a huge success because it implies paying in addition to the Premium subscription for even more content… Is this really necessary? This offer is likely to appeal to those who are looking for specific themes.

Free delivery within one business day

For all products sent by Amazon, delivery is free, regardless of the amount of the order (compared to a minimum of €25 without subscription). Reception is also guaranteed within one working day. Ordered in the afternoon, the package is received the next day. Even faster, the evening delivery is also included in the subscription. However, it depends on the place of delivery and is only available from 25 € purchase. Finally, you will be able to access the Prime Now service which ensures deliveries of fresh produce and home maintenance within 1 hour. This offer is only available in Paris and its surroundings.

Please note that it is also possible to reduce the price of the order by one euro by opting for a slightly longer delivery time (less than three days), a discount that is always welcome for the most patient.

Priority access to promotions

The Amazon Prime subscriber has priority access to the site’s flash sales. 30 minutes before everyone else, he can already buy products at a reduced price. Valid every day, this option is all the more interesting during sales periods, on BLACK FRIDAY for example, when offers are the most interesting.

Prime Day Access

For a few years now, Amazon has been organizing a special sales day reserved for its Prime subscribers. Only they can access a selection of products on sale. Usually, there are a few beads there at bargain basement prices. Prime Day is usually mid-July.

Guest access, limited to delivery

The Reward subscription entitles you to share some benefits with a family member or friend. By linking his account to his own, he can then benefit from free overnight delivery, priority access to flash sales and Prime Day promotions. Please note that other services (Video, Music…) are not eligible for sharing with a relative.

Amazon Photos, unlimited storage

This service entitles you to unlimited online storage for your photos. For videos storage is limited to 5 GB.

The storage is in the cloud and can be accessed from any machine with your login and password. If you install the application that goes with it, Amazon Photos, on your PC or smartphone you can program the automatic backup of your photos on the CloudAmazon. A super handy feature that allows you to manage your backups without thinking about it. Even those without Amazon Prime access can get 5GB of storage for free.

To see how Amazon Photos works, watch our video below:

Download Amazon Photos

Twitch Prime, one free subscription per month

Having acquired Twitch, a video game oriented video streaming platform, Amazon has integrated it into its Prime offer. Subscribers benefit from a free monthly subscription to a Twitch channel, virtual goodies, but also additional content for their games and even complete games since last March.

Prime Music, 2 million titles available

Here, Amazon competes with Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Its music streaming offer opens up to two million tracks accessible from a computer or mobile device (versus 50 million tracks for the Amazon Music Illimited offer). It is also possible to download them to continue listening to your music offline. But don’t expect to find the latest news.

Prime Reading, an eBook lending library

The Reading Service allows subscribers to read hundreds of ebooks from a Kindle application or Amazon Reader, at no additional cost other than their Reward subscription. The list of available books, magazines, short films and comics is regularly updated. Don’t expect to find the latest novelties, but by rummaging through the catalogue, you should find what you’re looking for. The works do not become the property of the user, he only borrows them via this service. Harry Potter, A Summer Without Facebook, The Last Factoror a selection ofPetit Futéare some examples of the books available via Reading. Up to 10 books can be borrowed at a time each month for free in the lending library.

Owners of Kindle readers are also entitled to borrow one book per month free of charge from the Kindle lending library.

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