Amazon Now Allows You to Pay for Your Orders in Cash.

Amazon now allows you to pay for your orders in cash on its site. After several months of testing, the Recharge Near You service is finally available in France. You are told how to pay for your purchases with notes or coins.

There is now “a simple and free way to pay cash on”, says the online retail giant on its website. The service is officially launched on 31 January throughout France. This is a free service that does not incur any user fees and allows you to pay on the Internet without a credit card

How to pay cash for an order on Amazon

In order to pay cash on Amazon, you’ll need to visit one of the 15,000 participating stores across the country. These are for example tobacconists or shops. ” Others will be available soon “ announces the site. There are actually two ways to use Recharge Near You.

Before you go to your chosen store, you can choose to generate a barcode directly from your Amazonaccount. Take this barcode with you, either printed or on your smartphone. When you arrive at the point of sale, provide your cash and identify yourself with the barcode. The amount will be added directly to your Amazon account and you will be able to pay for your orders online. The amount of cash must be between 5€ and 500€.

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The other option is to go directly to a point of sale to buy a barcode of a fixed amount : 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros or 100 euros. You will then receive a ticket to enter your customer area Once this is done, your account will be credited with the agreed amount. To check your PC account balance, go to Your Account, then “View Gift Card Balance and Activity”. On your smartphone, go to Your Account and click on “Manage Gift Card Balance”.

If you wish to add a large amount to your account, we therefore advise you to opt for the first solution. As Amazon points out, this system works in exactly the same way as gift vouchers. What do you think of this new means of payment?





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