Altice Threatens to Remove Bfmtv and Its Other Tv Channels From Freeboxes

One year after the conflicts between TF1 and several Internet service providers (read: TF1 cuts the MyTF1 service to Orange and Flux TV subscribers: after Orange, TF1 attacks Free and Canal+), it is Altice’s turn to go to war, this time against Free. The group is threatening to cut the feeds to its TV channels from 20 March if no agreement is reached with the Internet Service provider

The threat concerns four television channels: RMC Découverte, RMC Story, BFM Business and above all BFM TV, the 24-hour news channel that remains a major player in the field. As Altice does not hesitate to point out, it is the largest news channel and the group also points out that the four channels account for nearly 7% of French television audiences.

Altice is playing on this threat to make Free bend and certainly get a more interesting commercial agreement than today. Every time, it is a question of money and the television channels try to get more from the Internet service providers. Last year a deal was struck for TF1 and M6, Patrick Drahi’s TV group seems confident that it will be the same for him.

Free is probably hoping to get a better deal. But will it be able to deprive its subscribers of BFM TV when the ISP is not at its best? We’ll know by March 20 at the latest…

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