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A dark night washes over the land, and all of its inhabitants become zombies. Your goal is to collect as many souls from enemies in order to power up your weapons before dawn breaks again and you can return home. Terraria has a wide variety of items that help you on your journey – but which ones are the best?

The “terraria soul of night not dropping” is a question that I have seen on many different websites. The answer to the question is that there are no enemies in Terraria that drop souls of night.

Terraria is a fantastic game with a wealth of content and construction opportunities. Some of Terraria’s construction and crafting resources may be difficult to come by. Once you’ve passed the Wall of Flesh, the difficulty level immediately increases. However, this is also a sign that hard mode has started in earnest.

In Terraria, collecting souls is a chore in and of itself. When you don’t know where to hunt for these individuals, it might be difficult. As a result, this article will teach you how to get Souls Of Night from foes as well as where to look for them.

All foes that are vanquished in the Underground corruption or Underground crimson drop Souls of Night. In standard mode, foes have a 20% chance of dropping them, while in Expert mode, they have a 36% chance.

However, they aren’t the only areas where the Soul of Night may be found. In Terraria, the Souls are the most important crafting resources in early to mid Hardmode, therefore acquire as many as you can!

In Terraria, what is a Soul of Night?  


The Soul of Night, for those unfamiliar, is a post-hard level Terraria crafting ingredient that may be utilized to make weapons and equipment. It may be discovered in the Terraria map’s darker parts. Underground Crimson and Underground Corruption are two examples of these locations. 

Enemies not native to these biomes may also drop Soul of Night. Some bosses, such as the Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime, may be summoned with the help of Soul of Night, but that’s not all it can do. The Soul of Night may also be used to make the Key on Night, which can be used to create Corrupt or Crimson Mimics. 

Enemies who Drop the Night’s Soul

We’ll demonstrate how to gather Souls of Night. It’s worth noting that as soon as Hardmode is unlocked, even pre-Hardmode foes will start dropping Souls of Night. You unlock hard mode, you must first overcome Wall of Flesh, therefore make sure to do so before continuing.

There are no’specific’ opponents that drop Souls of Night, unfortunately. Almost every adversary in the crimson or corrupted biomes will begin dropping these Souls. This soul has a 20% chance of dropping. In Terraria, though, this soul is comparatively simpler to get. 



As long as the adversary is in a Crimson or Corruption biome, you may harvest practically any enemy for Souls of Night in Terraria. Unless and until a mechanical monster is vanquished, the majority of Terraria’s opponents will remain in Early Hard difficulty. As a result, take use of this opportunity to explore the subsurface biomes in search of anything suitable.

Early-Hardmode Enemies for Souls of Night Farming

The Eater of Worlds is the finest dropper of Souls of Night on pre-hard difficulty. Because his bodily parts are considered unique opponents, chopping your way through its body will get you a lot of Souls of Night. Worm Food may be used to summon the world eater. To get Souls of Night, make sure you only accomplish this in the biomes listed. 

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If you’ve built a Hellbridge, you may utilize it to entice Underworld opponents into your Crimson or Corruption biome so you can harvest their souls.



After beating at least one of the mechanical bosses, this mode will appear. Since you are now powerful enough to fend for yourself, finding Souls of Night is comparatively simpler in this phase. In this phase, the opponent spawn rate will be much higher than in pre-hard mode.

Mid-Hardmode Farming Enemies of the Night’s Souls

By laying corrupted blocks in an artificial environment, you may harvest Mid Hardmode creatures. If you wish to automate things, you may also include traps. To finish your ideal Souls of Night farm, build a hell bridge in the middle. 

This will be a lot less difficult than venturing into the unknown. While you are undoubtedly capable of holding your own at this point, it is still preferable to avoid fighting an attrition battle unless absolutely necessary. 



When you beat Plantera, the world of Terraria will shift in unexpected ways. This indicates that the Hardmode’s latter sections are being started. There will be a slew of new foes for you to face up against. If vanquished in the biomes listed, all of them will drop Souls of Night. 

Souls of Night may be obtained by farming late-hardmode enemies.

Building an enemy farm is the greatest strategy to farm Souls of Night during this phase. By laying the appropriate blocks, you may construct an artificial Crimson or Corruption biome. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind if you find yourself in such a situation:

  • Use Summons: Many good summons are quite simple to get, so use them to deal with your farm’s foes. 
  • Build Practically: If you aren’t expecting to utilize sophisticated buildings or farming setups again, don’t spend too much time developing them. 
  • Understand Your Enemy: Many foes have AI flaws that may be exploited. Make the most of them by summoning easy-to-defeat foes in your manufactured ecosystem.
  • Take Advantage Of The Spawn Range: Player-placed barriers and lava may easily limit the spawn range of mobs.

Overall, it is how you can efficiently harvest Souls of Night from Terraria’s various opponents. It’s worth noting that in a Crimson/Corrupted environment, even Hollow opponents may drop Soul of Light. As a result, the only thing that counts is that you increase your farming pace in order to obtain these souls. Because the drop rate is pretty high, farming them should be rather easy. 


The “souls of night not dropping crimson ” is a problem that has been present for a while. The “All Terraria Enemies That Drop Souls of Night – .” will help you find the enemies that drop souls of night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What enemies can drop Souls of night?

A: You can find souls of night as loot from enemies in the game. They are a rare drop, and you will only get them if your enemy is carrying one.

What mobs drop Souls of light Terraria?

A: Souls of light Terraria are a type of item that can be found in the game and used to create powerful weapons. When you use these items, they give you an extra bonus when defeating mobs or bosses. The item is most commonly obtained through boss drops.

What is the easiest way to get Souls of night in Terraria?

A: If you are looking for the easiest way to get Souls of Night in Terraria, then probably one of the easiest ways would be to simply buy it from an online store or marketplace. You can also find this item on a regular world spawn with some patience and effort.

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