All skills in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Some of the new features in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, are a map editor, high-resolution textures and characters with full facial expressions.

serious sam : Siberian Mayhem is a new game that was released recently. The “serious sam ” is the name of the game, and it is an action-adventure shooter video game with first person perspective.

Sam may boost his chances of survival by assigning skill points discovered throughout the game to his “Sirian Artefacts of Might” in addition to having useful gadgets and big weaponry (or S.A.M.) Some skill points may be obtained out in the open by following the main route; some can be found by fulfilling side goals, and the remainder can be gained by finding hidden regions. Here’s a list of all the talents in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, which may be used to obtain absolutely amazing advantages.

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  • Looter Shooter – When enemies are slain, they may drop things. Usually, this consists of a few rounds of ammunition or a Health or Armor shard. This is a decent initial skill to buy.
  • Melee attacks heal you, so use them. Unless you’re playing on Hard or Serious difficulties, this isn’t really helpful on its own.
  • Dual-wielding handguns and single-handed firearms are also possible. It’s great for dual-wielding Pistols in the early game, although it’s basically a stepping stone to the better perks.
  • Unflinching – Increase your splash resistance by 50%. If you have a habit of accidently detonating grenades or rockets too near to oneself, this talent will come in handy.
  • Weapons reload quicker for the quick and the dead. It’s a must-have since it’s easy to be swarmed while reloading your weapons.
  • Long Distance Relationship – Increases the range at which a melee attack may be launched. If you often utilize melee attacks, this is a great way to narrow the distance.
  • Objects may be used as melee weapons, Your Honor. Objects may be swung or hurled (primary) (secondary). This talent may be incredibly beneficial when coupled with the other melee abilities, but you’ll mostly be dealing with threats with ranged weapons, so it’s not a must-have.
  • Berserker – When you’re low in health, you can do greater damage. It’s not a terrible buy, but only if you’re playing on severe difficulties where health management is a concern (Hard and Serious.)
  • After reloading, choose Full Speed Ahead to improve your firing speed. This is a must-have item that, when paired with The Quick and the Dead, dramatically increases your total damage rate.
  • Harder Dual Wielding — Use two hands to handle two-handed weapons. Another must-have item, this enables you to dual-wield AK74s and all Shotguns in the early to mid-game, thus tripling your damage output.
  • Born To Run – While running, fire and reload. This is a must-have item, particularly for tougher levels when you’ll need to put a lot of space between yourself and the hordes after you.
  • The Bigger They Are — Attack medium adversaries with melee strikes. If you like melee attacks, this is a fine improvement, but it’s not a must-have.
  • Ride opponents like Werebulls and Khnum in Rodeo Time. Despite the fact that Werebulls die rapidly, Khnum is tanky enough to make this trait worthwhile.
  • With A Vengeance – Dual wield heavy weapons with a vengeance. This is by far the most crucial benefit in the game. Dual-wielding miniguns, rayguns, or cannons increases your damage output while also looking amazing as heck. Who wouldn’t want to strafe hundreds of foes with dual miniguns?
  • Mix It Up – Use two distinct kinds of weaponry at the same time. Mix It Up, as crucial as Dual Wield With A Vengeance is, isn’t quite as important. It may be handy if you’re skilled at multitasking, such as having a Cannon and a Crossbow equipped to deal with Kleer Skeletons and Snipers at the same time, but switching weapons isn’t a big issue, thus this characteristic isn’t necessary.
  • Footsure – Keep moving at a regular pace even while shooting. This talent, along with Born To Run, is essential for side-stepping and circle-strafing adversaries, reducing damage absorbed on tougher levels.
  • The Harder They Fall – Attack huge adversaries with melee assaults. Useful for killing troublesome targets with excessive health, but puts you in risk of being swarmed, since most huge foes are surrounded by legions of tiny and medium adversaries.
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