All rewards in Apex Legends Third Anniversary Reward Tracker

On March 3, 2019 at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET) Apex Legends will be celebrating their third anniversary and releasing a new limited-time event. All players who log in during the celebration period will receive some reward chests based on their level of activity. Players can track what they have received by visiting The Hunt and logging in to see how many points they’ve earned for that particular week.,

The “apex legends special trackers ” is a list of all the rewards that were given out for the third anniversary of Apex Legends

The Third Anniversary collection event in Apex Legends is commemorating the game’s third anniversary. This event has 24 unique items that can be created or bought, with a Mythic rarity Bloodhound skin as the prize for collecting them all. There is also a free Reward Track that offers a ton of unique things, including two legend skins, for those wishing to gain some new cosmetics without paying money. Members of the Apex Legends community were either inspired by or produced the new cosmetic items.

Prizes from the Prize Tracker

All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerRespawn provided this image.

Within the reward tracker, there are awards at various point levels. During the event, which runs from February 15 to March 1, points are gained by completing daily tasks. There are five daily tasks to complete, each with its own set of points.

  • Two matches must be completed (200 points)
  • In arenas, deal 2,000 damage (200 points)
  • In arenas, you must win one bout (100 points)
  • In Battle Royale do 1,000 damage (200 points)
  • In Battle Royale finish in the top ten four times (200 points)

Each task also includes a second layer, which provides more than enough points to finish the tracker before the event finishes. There are two Collection Apex Packs in the tracker, one for 3,500 points and the other for 5,000 points. These packs will always contain at least one item from the Anniversary Collection, allowing anybody who completes the course to get two things without paying any money. Every item in the reward tracker is shown here, along with the number of points necessary to get it.

Year 3 Banner Badge – 250 points

1644956518_825_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

500 points – Apex Pack and Fragment loading screen

1644956518_832_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

750 points — Apex Pack and Time Capsule weapon charm

1644956519_267_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

1000 points – Holospray for a Happy Anniversary and Crackling Surge Rampage

1644956520_272_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by 1644956520_66_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

1250 points – Apex Pack and weapon charm

1644956521_320_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

We’re Better Together holospray and crafting supplies are worth 1500 points.

1644956521_434_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

Aftershock Wave R-301 skin and Crafting Materials – 2000 points

1644956522_457_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

Sun Bleached Wraith skin and Three Cheers weapon charm for 2,500 points

1644956522_224_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by 1644956523_646_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

Bamwoozle loading screen with Apex Pack – 3,000 points

1644956524_525_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

Cuffed Cub weapon charm and Anniversary Collection Pack – 3,500 points

1644956524_358_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

4,000 points – Apex Pack and Real MVP Octane skin

1644956525_172_All-rewards-in-Apex-Legends-Third-Anniversary-Reward-TrackerPhotographed by

Anniversary Collection Pack – 5,000 points

Rewards for logging in

There aren’t any Rewards for logging in directly tied to the Anniversary Collection event, however it does coincide with the second and third weeks of another login reward event. Coinciding with the Anniversary, Respawn is giving away Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie, along with some thematic packs. Unfortunately, Octane’s week has passed, but for the first week of the Anniversary event you can get Wattson and three Wattson Apex Packs for logging in. For the second week, you can get Valkyrie, along with three Valkyrie Apex Packs and one Legendary Apex Pack for logging in.

The “apex anniversary event 2022 skins ” is a special reward given to players to celebrate the third anniversary of Apex Legends This page will keep track of all the rewards that are available from the event.

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