All new maps in Overwatch 2

2 is a game that strives to showcase all the corners and cultures of the world. You can see that there is a wide variety of characters on the list, all with different backgrounds. This general idea also applies to the choice of cards in the game. The original game consisted of levels placed in different places. From the devastated community of Junkertown in Australia to the colorful buildings and waterways of Rialto in Italy, the Overwatch team is always looking for new places to fight. Here are all the maps confirmed in the second part of Overwatch that we know about so far.

Here’s the deal: Everything that was shown at BlizzCon for Overwatch 2 – new maps, gameplay changes, story updates.


It has been confirmed that the following maps will appear in PvP games such as Quickplay, Competition and Arcade modes. These maps will also likely be associated with PvE Hero missions.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Toronto was revealed at BlizzCon 2019 and it’s our first look at one of the new PvP game modes coming to Overwatch 2, Push. Teams escort a robot back and forth between checkpoints, resulting in fierce combat throughout the game. In hero missions, Toronto can explode a blizzard, obscuring visibility. Toronto will also play a role in the Overwatch 2 story and appears to be home to Sojourn.

All over the map of Toronto are field hockey statues referencing the Toronto Maple Leafs as well as ice skating rinks and a curling club in the snowy area. Colorful maple trees line the streets everywhere, and individual stores line the alleys where the teams compete.

Monte Carlo Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Introduced briefly in 2019, Monte Carlo is a reminder of Doomfist, Widowmaker and Reaper visiting the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco during the comic book masquerade. We saw the bright lights in the casino and the paths leading to it, but nothing more.

At this stage, it is not yet known which PvP game mode will be used in Monte Carlo.

Rome Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Rome was the first map discovered during BlizzConline 2021, and was inspired by tons of photos taken by one of the team’s environmental artists during his vacation. The development team rebuilt the broken parts of the city to give it an authentic Overwatch look. The emblematic Roman Colosseum is present, adorned with statues, and the futuristic sky at sunset is dotted with flying cars on their way home. The design team’s vision was to incorporate a touch of the ancient world into the architecture and imagine what this environment might look like in the world of Overwatch.

At the time of writing, we were not yet aware of the PvP game mode on the Rome map, but we did see a path that can be used to control a payload.

Big Apple Image via Blizzard Entertainment

New York City is the second map discovered at BlizzConline 2021. The map is heavily inspired by the Village and features neon lights, small stores, a fire station and a subway. The entire map features a lot of iconic architecture and projects from the 1920s and 1950s, as you explore the various buildings below the skyscrapers that populate the outer portions of the map.

At the time of writing, we don’t know what game mode will be played in New York, but we do see characters fighting at the point of capture, so it could be a hybrid map, since 2CP maps don’t appear in Overwatch 2.


These maps will likely be integrated into the PvE mode in the second part of the video. While there is a chance that they will have alternate versions for PvP, there is no confirmation yet, and we have only seen the movie story used for them.

Rio de Janeiro Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Rio de Janeiro is Lucio’s hometown and was discovered in 2019. We see a giant ship floating above as the Zero Sector attacks the population below. Lucio asks Overwatch for help, and they work together to repel the forces of the Zero Sector and save the people of Rio de Janeiro They make their way through the region’s favela as the sun sets, enveloping the entire area in a sea of orange.

Gothenburg Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Gothenburg, Sweden, was originally revealed as an attack map (or 2CP) in 2019, but according to BlizzConline 2021, it looks like these maps will not be present in the main Overwatch 2 PvP modes. Even if the map is redrawn for a different PvP mode, it will remain. We know that in this story Reinhardt will visit the Cuirass Workshop to speak with his old friend Torbjorn and Bastion, Torb’s new sub-commander.

Torbjorn’s workshop is the main surface of the map. All aspects of the map require its shorter growth, and the molten lava from the core splashes onto the ground with its end result. There will likely be more clues about his and Briggite’s past in the store, which will be revealed when they appear.

India Image via Blizzard Entertainment

What we have seen so far in the Indian part of the history mode tells us that Genji visits the temple where Zenyatta lives. On first observation, we learn that Genji and Zenyatta called the monks’ house in Nepal their home, but this new temple could be part of Shambali trying to expand his influence in the world and spread peace between humans and the omniscient beings. In some scenes in the beginning, we see how the Widow and Sombra attack Zenyatta, while Genji enters and defends his master. It seems that the mission of the story will focus on escaping the attack on the temple by Talon.

During the “Behind the Scenes” feed from BlizzConline 2021, we learned that India is one of the largest maps in the entire second edition of the OBSERVATION. The temple area is surrounded by vegetation, and it seems that the design team wanted to push the use of shadows within the map so that the sun shines through the various angles and twists of the temple walls.

It is also important to remember that Simmetra is originally from India, so there is a good chance that one day we will see her participating in this mission with the company she works for, Vishkar.

Frequently asked questions

Will Interceptor 2 be a whole new game?

Overwatch 2 will introduce new game modes, the most notable of which will be the Player Story Environment (PVE) missions. There will also be new characters and content shared between Overwatch and Overwatch 2, and all progress from the former will carry over to the latter.

What is the latest map of the All-Nighter?

On Tuesday, Blizzard Entertainment released a new map for Overwatch, a free map for all deaths called Kanezaka. The developer also released a new challenge for players, with a new Hanzo skin and other cosmetics available as free rewards. The Kanezaka Overwatch Contest has been running since January.

Will Surveillance 2 be cancelled?

She has now officially cancelled the event and fans are horrified that Overwatch 2 may be delayed. “We are deeply disappointed by this decision, and we can imagine that many of you feel the same way. I truly love BlizzCon, and I know that feeling is shared by everyone at Blizzard.

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