All-in-one Pc: the New Desktop Trend

Apple iMac

Offered in 20 and 24 inch sizes, the iMac is the contemporary forerunner in the all-in-one computer market and is a sure value at Apple. The iMac is a luxury all-in-one computer with Intel Core 2 Duo chips ranging from 2.4 to 3.06 GHz, and a choice of high-performance graphics chips from either Ati or competitor nVidia. iMac comes with a Personal Productivity Software Suite (iLife 08) and can be configured on-demand (to add RAM, storage or additional software). Apple sets the entry ticket at 999 euros (for a 20-inch model with a 2.4 GHz chip, 1 GB memory and a 250 GB hard drive), a price that doubles for the high-end 24-inch model with a 3.06 GHz processor.Learn more about the iMac 24-inch

Apple’s product testing and specifications


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