All-in-one Computer

All-in-one Computer

Dell could create a foldable computer with 3 or 4 screens…

A few months ago, Dell filed a patent for a hybrid computer with three or four screens. This new machine could thus be used as a laptop, a tablet, but also as a multi-screen device, especially for videoconferences.

All-in-one Computer

Acer Unveils Two All-in-One ChromeOS Computers for Business and Schools

Acer’s catalogue will include two new desktops running Chrome OS: one for schools and one for the professional sector.

All-in-one Computer

Microsoft Surface in top form

Since its introduction, Microsoft’s Surface Studio all-in-one PC has been a growing success.

All-in-one Computer

HP Envy 27: monitor and all-in-one design and latest technology

HP launches an all-in-one monitor and computer that is both design and quality.

All-in-one Computer gaming mini-PC

CES 2016 : MSI moves the graphics card behind the screen and presents a mini PC gaming

Taiwan’s MSI took advantage of the CES to present some unexpected innovations, including an All-in-One with an external graphics card.

All-in-one Computer

CES 2016 : Lenovo ThinkCentre X1 competes with iMac

In addition to its new X1 notebooks (see [news:790982]), Lenovo is also unveiling a surprisingly slim all-in-one computer.

All-in-one Computer

All-in-one Computer

HP Introduces 34-inch Curved All-in-One PC

At its European event in Barcelona, HP unveiled several all-in-one computers, including a rather impressive 34-inch curved model.

All-in-one Computer

Computex: MSI studies the track of an all-in-one with external graphics card

Originally designed for laptops, the concept of an external graphics card is now being ported to an all-in-one computer by MSI. Would it really be in demand?

All-in-one Computer

MSI Gaming: all-in-one PCs for 3K and 4K gamers

After a surge of notebooks with GeForce GTX 960M and 970M graphics chips, the market is now welcoming variants in the form of all-in-one desktop computers. MSI is indeed announcing the launch in France of desktops that share most of their technical specifications with laptops for gamers.

All-in-one Computer

Samsung: a 12.2″ 950g Ultrabook and a curved all-in-one

In addition to a curved monitor and a pair of omnidirectional speakers, Samsung unveiled an ultra-slim laptop and a curved screen all-in-one desktop computer ahead of the CES 2015.

All-in-one Computer

IFA 2014 : Lenovo Horizon 2s, a family all-in-one PC that converts to a tablet

Lenovo used its IFA 2014 press conference to introduce a new all-in-one desktop computer that converts to a tablet, the Horizon 2s, for family use.

All-in-one Computer

MSI launches compact all-in-one PCs that are ideal as a back-up

MSI announced yesterday that it is expanding its Adora range of ultra-slim all-in-one computers with new, more compact models. In addition to the 24-inch version, it now offers 22 and 20-inch versions.

MSI Announces Two New All-in-One Gaming PCs with GeForce GTX 860M

The Taiwanese MSI announces the launch of two new all-in-ones on French soil. These computers have the particularity, for all-in-one PCs, to be designed for gamers. At the heart is a GeForce GTX 860M graphics card.

All-in-one Computer

Philips: All-in-one monitors running Android

It is now Philips’ turn, or rather MMD’s turn, to enter the market of the “all-in-one monitor”, i.e. the monitor that can operate autonomously.

All-in-one Computer

LG Chromebase: the next all-in-one on Chrome OS

The manufacturer LG invites itself in its turn on the Chrome OS market and presents its first all-in-one computer: the Chromebase.

All-in-one Computer

Acer Z3-600 and DA233HQL: transportable and convertible all-in-ones

Acer is now entering the standalone all-in-one computer market, with one model based on Windows and another on Android.

All-in-one Computer

HP Envy Recline: more ergonomic touch-enabled all-in-one computers

HP introduces Envy Recline, all-in-one computers that can straddle the edge of the desktop for more comfortable fingertip use.

All-in-one Computer

MSI launches the first all-in-one PC for gamers in the marketplace

MSI announced yesterday what it claims, rightly to our knowledge, to be the first all-in-one desktop computer for gamers in the market.

All-in-one Computer

MSI Adora24: Ultra-thin all-in-one with HDMI input

MSI recently announced a new all-in-one desktop computer that has the appeal of being “ultra-thin”.

All-in-one Computer

HP Launches New Notebooks and All-in-One PCs in France

HP has announced the renewal of its range of PCs for consumers, as well as the marketing in France of the all-in-one computers it recently introduced.

All-in-one Computer

HP Slate 21: an all-in-one Android computer

HP has announced the launch of the “Slate 21”, a low-cost, all-in-one computer based on Android.

All-in-one Computer

Samsung ATIV: one tablet, two ultrabooks and an all-in-one arrive

From its Galaxy & ATIV conference, Samsung had revealed some of the content: the one concerning the Galaxy family, Galaxy NX aside. On the other hand, there is still a lot to learn about ATIV products.

All-in-one Computer

AG2712, an all-in-one gamer at MSI

With the arrival of Windows 8, the all-in-one computer with a touch screen has been updated. Many manufacturers are investing in the field, with a wide variety of products. MSI’s Wind Top AG2712, a 27-inch all-in-one model for gamers, is also available.

All-in-one Computer

Acer launches an affordable yet ingenious all-in-one computer

Acer announced yesterday the launch of an exciting entry-level all-in-one computer. This new “Aspire ZC-605” does indeed have some ingenious features.

All-in-one Computer

MSI Wind Top AE2212: two new multimedia-oriented all-in-ones

MSI announced last Friday, in addition to its new nettop, the “AE2212” and its “AE2212G” variant, two new mid-range all-in-one computers.

All-in-one Computer

Dell XPS 18: An All-in-One Convertible Shelf-Mount All-in-One

Dell announced last week the “XPS 18”, a new all-in-one desktop computer that converts to a tablet.

All-in-one Computer

ESC 2013 : All-in-one TV and monitor at MSI

Live from Las Vegas. MSI takes advantage of CES to showcase its new Windows 8 all-in-one systems. With an interesting feature for these new models: an HDMI input to turn the all-in-one into a TV.

All-in-one Computer

ESC 2013 : MSI presents the Slidebook S20

Live from Las Vegas. At CES 2013, MSI will be presenting its Windows 8 tablet with a sliding keyboard. It is the Slidebook S20, which we have already seen before, which is more like a convertible Ultrabook than a tablet.

ESC 2013 : Asus unveils its all-in-one Transformer Windows 8 / Android!

Live from Las Vegas. The Taiwanese brand Asus has unveiled an amazing Windows 8 all-in-one touchcomputer concept where the main screen is removed to become a standalone tablet operating under Android! This is the Asus Transformer AiO.

All-in-one Computer

ESC 2013 : Lenovo IdeaCentre, a self-contained all-in-one

Among the new computer concepts of this CES, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC is definitely in the spotlight! This all-in-one touch PC lowers to become a kind of Table PC, while the novelty comes from the possibility to move it around the house thanks to its integrated battery!

All-in-one Computer

MSI Wind Top AE2031: an interesting compromise for this Windows 8 all-in-one

MSI announced this week a new all-in-one desktop computer, the Wind Top AE2031, which promises to meet the needs of today’s users at an affordable price.

All-in-one Computer

Acer launches all-in-one and touchmonitors for Windows 8

After dedicating the IFA to laptops, whose prices he immediately revealed, Acer announced its all-in-one computers and monitors for Windows 8 in a second step last Monday.

HP Spectre One and Envy TouchSmart 23: standard touchscreen for all-in-ones

HP also took advantage of this morning’s press conference to launch a new high-end all-in-one computer, “Spectrum One,” and renew an existing model.

HP Envy and Pavilion 23: a symbol for the all-in-one computer

HP today announced the renewal of its all-in-one PC line in the United States, which includes several symbolic changes.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720: an all-in-one 27-inch articulating display

Lenovo made official this week the luxurious all-in-one desktop computer it partially unveiled earlier this year at CES, the “IdeaCentre A720”.

Shuttle X50V3: a tactile all-in-one under Cedar Trail

Shuttle, the renowned manufacturer of miniature desktop computers, is preparing to renew its entry-level all-in-one. The “X50V3” has the advantage of being equipped with a touch screen and of being passively cooled and therefore perfectly silent.

HP Launches Z1 All-in-One Workstation with 27-inch Screen

If it is primarily perceived as the result of a consumer positioning, couldn’t the concept of the all-in-one computer be extended to workstations? This is HP’s gamble with the Z1, a 27-inch with a Xeon processor and a professional graphics card.

ESC 2012 : Sony presents prototypes of Vaio, All-in-one and Ultrabook

There was no concrete news about Vaio at Sony, but a few prototypes, more or less finished, were presented. Enough to make you wait for final announcements during the course of the year!

HP Omni 27: A high-end all-in-one to compete with the iMac

HP announced yesterday the “Omni 27”, a computer undeniably intended to compete head-on with Apple’s iMac. It is indeed only the third all-in-one on the market to feature a 27-inch diagonal screen.

MSI Wind Top AE2071: a compact Sandy Bridge all-in-one

MSI has recently announced the Wind Top AE2071, a new mid-range all-in-one desktop computer that will be active at the beginning of the year.

Samsung Series 7: a touch all-in-one that goes flat (update)

For its first all-in-one desktop computer, Samsung goes for originality. The “Series 7” that he announced on Monday does indeed boast an unusual aesthetic, with an imposing base housing all the components, in favour of an ultra-thin screen.

Lenovo C325: All-in-one multimedia touchscreen TV tuner

Lenovo yesterday announced a new all-in-one desktop computer for home use, the “C325”. It is built around a modest AMD Fusion APU but still claims a mid-range positioning with the rest of its data sheet.

HP TouchSmart 520: an affordable, versatile all-in-one with TV tuner

HP is taking advantage of its Christmas renewal to launch a new mid-range all-in-one computer to complement a high-end model announced last April. The new “HP TouchSmart 520” has the advantage of being versatile by housing a TV tuner as standard.

Dell Renews its Inspiron One 23 Touch All-in-One

Dell today announced the renewal of its all-in-one mid-range desktop in the wake of a rival entering the market. The new “Inspiron One 23” exchanges its AMD platform for Intel’s latest platform and takes advantage of the opportunity to become high-end.

Sony Vaio L: All-in-one touchscreen goes 3D

The European branch of Sony has just announced the new Vaio L at the IFA in Berlin. Behind this range is an all-in-one touchscreen PC which now features a 3D screen with an upgraded configuration.

Acer targets iMac with two new all-in-one PCs

Acer today announced the imminent launch in Europe of a new range of high-end all-in-one desktops, embodied by the new “Aspire Z5801” and “Z3801”, with which it is definitely looking to appeal to Apple’s iMac prospects.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M71z: All-in-one PC with Sandy Bridge architecture

Lenovo announced yesterday a new all-in-one desktop for the enterprise, the “ThinkCentre M71z”, which offers, as is often the case in this sector, a wide range of applications with a multitude of options.

Acer Aspire Z5763: an all-in-one PC with 3D screen and Kinect interface

In addition to a new mid-range notebook, Acer also announced today a high-end all-in-one computer dedicated to multimedia. The “Aspire Z5763” is effectively built around a 3D screen and, although it is not touch-sensitive, benefits from motion-sensing control technology.

Asus: a compact 15.6-inch all-in-one and a compact AMD Brazos all-in-one

Asus continues to grow in the burgeoning all-in-one desktop market, and is even diversifying its product line with the introduction of a space-saving, first-price model in addition to a more traditional model based on the AMD Fusion platform.

Toshiba DX1215: an interesting first all-in-one touch PC

Toshiba in turn enters the burgeoning all-in-one computer market with its first mid-range model. The “DX1215” has more than one string to its bow for targeting multimedia, although it sticks to a 21.5-inch diagonal to remain affordable.

Sony Vaio L: a touch-sensitive all-in-one under Sandy Bridge

Sony is about to launch in Europe and in France in particular the renewal of its all-in-one desktop computer. The new “Sony Vaio L” competes more than ever with the Apple iMac, both in terms of aesthetics and price. Beyond the natural exploitation of Windows and not Mac OS, it is nevertheless different in more than one way.

MSI WindTop AE2060: a dual-core touch all-in-one

MSI has recently added a new model to its range of all-in-one computers that offers a good compromise in terms of performance, the “WindTop AE2060”.

HP TouchSmart 610: All-in-one goes down to touch (update)

HP yesterday announced a new all-in-one touch-screen desktop computer that features a 60-degree tilt feature. The tactile function of these computers is often described as anecdotal, due to the fatigue caused beyond a short period of time by their vertical position. The new “TouchSmart 610” can therefore lie down to reduce the strain on the forearms.

HP makes the backplanes for its new entry-level all-in-one

This afternoon it’s HP’s turn to announce a new entry-level all-in-one desktop. If MSI chose this morning a low-performance but modern platform for its first-price model, the American giant is making the opposite choice for the same price.

MSI WindTop AE2050: All-in-one also adopts AMD Fusion

The AMD Fusion solution is definitely a hit. After being advertised for laptops, mini PCs and motherboards, it now includes an all-in-one desktop computer. On Monday, MSI announced the new WindTop AE2050, housing the usual AMD Brazos platform.

Inspiron One 23: AMD All-in-One 23-inch AMD at Dell

Dell, which already has a 19-inch all-in-one touchscreen in its catalogue, has just announced the release in the United States of a new machine, this time equipped with a 23-inch touchscreen panel displaying 1920 x 1080 pixels. It adopts an AMD processor-based configuration. In this case, it is an Athlon II X4, associated with a maximum of 8 GB of RAM.

Asus All-in-one PC ET2400: an all-in-one range in preparation

Asus is about to complete its family of low-power “EeeTop PC” all-in-ones with a full range of conventional all-in-ones. The new “Asus All-in-one PCs” of the “ET2400” series do indeed house desktop architectures and not Intel Atom processors.

Lenovo Introduces IdeaCentre B305 in the United States

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has just made its all-in-one IdeaCentre B305 desktop available on its US online store. AMD Athlon II X2, X3 or X4 processor, it features a 21.5-inch multitouch LED touch screen. Its price ranges from $699 to $949 for the most powerful version.




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