All Elodie Rakoto outfits in Dead By Daylight

Elodie Rakoto is a character in Dead by Daylight In order to complete the Elodie’s look, you must obtain all of her outfits and use them in-game. The process involves trading with other players or buying their “scraps” on the Steam community Market for real money before stitching together an outfit from those items.
The number of newcomers that are coming into this game every day continues to grow due to its innovative take on multiplayer horror games, making it one of today’s most popular titles
This entire market has created something called “Scrap Coins,” which can be used as currency between two people who wish to trade goods like clothing pieces across multiple platforms outside of the game. It may seem strange at first because these coins don’t exist anywhere else but within DBD yet they have become such a valuable commodity that some gamers will pay hundreds for scraps just so they can get an outfit piece without compromising their own gameplay experience
Players spend more time trying out different combinations than actually playing through content during each match, leading many people consider themselves lucky if they manage not only crafting an outfit but getting one completed without spending any real money
Dead By Daylight doesn’t need DLC packs anymore since everything is available freely over time while also offering microtransactions that help fund development and make sure new content arrives regularly

Élodie Rakoto is one of the several Survivors available in Dead by Daylight. When playing as this character, you have the choice of selecting your perfect combination of Perks and changing her attire to make her stand out while trying to evade the terrible Killer. This guide covers all of Élodie Rakoto’s Dead by Daylight costumes.

Élodie Rakoto’s whole wardrobe


A loose-fitting crop top with a necklace exposed at the top is the default attire. Élodie wears a pendant that was given to her by her mother. It was presented to her only days before their last journey together, and it was the first time she had seen her mother. Élodie wears this suit numerous times, each time with a different color scheme.

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Night in the Fifties

With the ’50s Night Out ensemble, Élodie pays homage to everything trendy in the 1950s. She completes the appearance with a vintage haircut, a pair of classic spectacles, a red shirt, and a pair of slim-fitted polka-dotted slacks.

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Recipient of Gifts

Élodie knows how to show up for a party. In the Recipient of Gifts outfit, Élodie wears an elegant dress and distinct hairstyle for a high-end party for an art gallery, intent on meeting an important deadly of rare jewels.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Élodie features a distinctive crop top, various sets of jeans and shoes, and different colored hair, much like the other Destination costumes. Her model is mostly unchanged.

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Singapore is the final destination

The Singapore is the final destination. outfit is a moderate change for Élodie. Here, her color changes, and her typical crop top from her standard outfit has a different design, along with her pants. She still wears her pendant.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Similar to Singapore is the final destination., Élodie has a uniquely designed crop top, jeans, and colored hair. Much of her design remains the same, though.

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Imposter Gala

While Élodie knows how to show up to a party, she’s also prepared to make a quick getaway, if she needs to. With the Imposter Gala outfit, she’s on the search for a set of stolen jewels she’s been trying to hunt down, and is prepared to run at a moment’s notice.

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Onesie with Reindeer

If you’re feeling festive in Dead by Daylight, you can dress up Élodie into a Onesie with Reindeer. You can see a Christmas Sweater hidden underneath it, with a reindeer face at the top. The outfit is perfectly capped off with reindeer shoes.

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Queen of Seoul

With Queen of Seoul, Élodie prepares to meet with a prized collector by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, an urban dress coat, and ultra-sheer tan tights. The urban dress coat, overtop the tan tights, is partially covered in blood.

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The Global Scenario

The Global Scenario is a similar outfit to The International Organization. The only difference between the two is the colors of the outfit.

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The International Organization

The International Organization outfit features a dramatically different Élodie. She loses the crop top for more of a casual shirt, a skirt, and a scarf around her neck, ready to rest at a fancy resort.

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The Seeker of Relics

The Seeker of Relics outfit is a color swap of Élodie’s default outfit.

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The Witch-Hunter

The Witch-Hunter is a color swap of Élodie’s default outfit.

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The Seeker of Mysteries

The Seeker of Mysteries is a color swap of Élodie’s default outfit.

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The Seeker of Kin

The Seeker of Kin is a color swap of Élodie’s default outfit.

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Elodie Rakoto is a survivor who can be found in Dead By Daylight. She has some perks that you should know about. Reference: elodie rakoto perks .

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