All Eagle Peaks Journal Entry Locations

Outriders, there are several diary entries scattered throughout the map. These diary entries are just randomly scattered. Even if you don’t think about it too much, they are a good secondary goal to start with. Some of these diary entries can be viewed up close and are easily accessible, while others are quite difficult to access. The Love Eagle picks, with 10 such diary entries floating around. In this guide, we’re going to tell you about all the Eagle Peaks logbook locations in Outriders.

Where are all the Eagle Peak logbook locations in the arrows

Eagle Heights has 10 separate sites with a variety of magazines. The last 4 can be found in one place at a time.

Flores Engine Report

This is the first place you’ll come across, and also one of the easiest. This message informs us of the condition of Flores’ engine on the way to Enoch. You’ll find it at the beginning of the camp. Walk past Jakub’s house and you’ll see 2 boxes with these notes on them. Collect them and add them to your inventory.

Second storm anomaly

Go to the Bunker Cable Station. Just outside the door you’ll see a staircase. Go up the stairs until you find two tents. Between these two tents, you will see a body. Here’s the second set of clues.

Foreign representative

For the third location of the game, you need to go to a waypoint on the snowy shelf. Immediately you will encounter randomly placed wooden nails. Switch from one to the other. Continue until you come to a dead end. Here you see the coffin lying next to the body. The third journal entry for Eagle Heights can be found here.

enclosed in

Locked is the fourth place you will find log entries. Walk from the snow plateau to the Bunker Peak area. There are several enemies you must defeat to succeed. There’s a huge bunker there. When you enter, you see a table with chairs and beds around it. This table shows the locked set of journal entries.

Jocelyn Dunham Journal

To enter this protocol, you must go to the cable route antenna. This is the fifth location of Eagle Peaks magazine. Go to the radio tower and go to the bunker. Enter the large bunker and you will find diary entries floating in the corner.

Signal detection

It is also located in the building of the radio tower. Just go inside and turn left for the exit to the lighthouse. Here in the corner is a stack of notes. This is the sixth set of notes you need to collect.

Alchemist’s Journal 1

To do this, you must return to the crosswalk on the snowboard. Go to the left and you’ll see an opening to the bunker. You must kill the perfora that moves in this area. Later you can just follow the quest marker to the note. This is also part of another side quest in the game called Scientific Method.

Alchemist’s Journal 2

Continue through the laboratory and you’ll enter a room with glass chambers. They are straight out of a Hollywood horror movie and impossible to miss. Kill the enemies in this room and you will get another quest marker that will lead you to the notes.

Alchemist’s Journal 3

Continue to explore the boundaries of the lab. You will find another quest marker that will help you find the third set of notes. This is also when you start to hear a strange voice. Talk about scary.

Alchemist’s Journal 4

This is the last entry in the Eagle Peaks News. In this room you will have to defeat some more enemies. After that, there is another quest marker that will lead you to the final diary entry. They find it next to a body rolling next to some computer terminals.

That’s all you need to know about all the Eagles Peak magazine entry points in Outriders. While you’re here, learn a few other things about the game, like. B. How to level up quickly or get infinite ammo.

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