All Drengr locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

are six Drengros you can fight in the Creed of Assassin Valhalla. These enemies are fierce warriors, and you have to be careful how you confront them. You don’t want to rush them when you start the game. Each of these battles is available worldwide, but they are optional and come with different power levels. You’ll want to take care of it when you’re ready.

Eric to Rygjafilk

Erik is the first drenger you have to fight in Valhalla. You can walk past it without thinking about it, because it’s in the beginning area of the riggafilke. It was found in the mountains, in a cave near Hildeswiny Crag. This is the most standard Drengr fight, and a good test for any player who wants to see how they do in Valhalla after following the tutorial portion of the game.

Origin of Hordafilke

Origins is another drengr found in Norway, similar to Erik. But the original is the hardest of all drenches. We strongly recommend that you do not face him until you reach the end of the game and have the highest power level available. You’ll want to use almost every trick in the book to break through his impenetrable shields. He owns a few of them during the fight.

Some players recommend knocking him off a ledge where you are fighting. Those that did had it made life a lot easier.

Thor in East Anglia

Thor is Drengr, who has entered the life of a fisherman. As a fisherman, his weapons are a pair of fishing harpoons that give him greater range in battle. Stay away from him and bet or dodge all his tricks. It leaves a lot of openings through these big attacks. If you dodge at the right time, you can run at him and hit him several times before he can parry your attacks. To fight it, you must be level 120.

Backfilling in Eurawkshire

Knockfilla is a bit of a hideout. You will find it at the highest point in Eurwkshire. You’ll be pretty far out, so make sure you bring the mountain with you when you first visit this area. Fortunately, it is located near a train station for quick transportation. Knockfilla is a little crazy, and without Ragnar, he’s unsupervised. He asks to be shot so he can’t do any more damage, and you have to do it for him. He carries a large axe, and although he holds it with one hand, it is probably a two-handed weapon. He’s fast, he turns and jumps from side to side. You need to be at least at power level 260 to destroy them.

Gothafrid in Eurwkshire

Gothafrid is the most neat of the drones, and was therefore found in a forgotten Roman bath southeast of Jorvik, in Eurvitzcir, in the same region as Nokkfilla. Gothafreed is training and waiting for you at his training ground. During the battle Gothafrid exchanges his large axe and shield for his single axe and throws spears and swords from all corners of the Roman bath. If you see him reaching for one of his weapons, you can expect him to quickly throw it at you. You can enter arrows on all sides of the range if you want to improve your reserves. You have to have at least 300 power levels to fight it.

Skeggold in Snottinghamshire

Dregner’s last game in England was Skegjold. You’ll find it in the eastern part of Snottinghamshire. Skegjold is an interesting fight. Drengr is only willing to fight you if you voluntarily stun him, and you can do that by taking a drink from a special pitcher nearby. When you drink the potion, you get the same slightly blurry colors as when you hallucinate with Avor, and you have to fight Skegjold in this state. She’s got a couple of axes and she’s going to try and squeeze you a little. You will have to travel a certain distance to reach the weak points with your body, but if you have a heavy weapon or several, you will have to work fast. To beat them, you need to be at power level 320.

frequently asked questions

How many drones have been lost?

Location Creed Valhalla Drengr : where you can find and fight the six lost drengers. Erik Loyalskull will likely be the first Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Drengr you encounter, as he hides in a cave north of Fornburg, in Rygjafilk.

How do I find my lost drenger?

Knockfilla Shine Eye This lost foam lies just on the northernmost dubbing point of Eurvicscire, England. Knockfella uses a large axe, and once you choose the option to fight him, he attacks you with a free-to-play red rune, so be ready to dodge him immediately.

Where will the Assassin Creed Valhalla take place?

The main cities are Winchester, London and York. There are also parts of Norway and Vinland, as well as the legendary landscapes of Asgard and Jotunheim. Like the previous games in the series, Valhalla is a story set in the modern world.

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