All Datacard locations in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga features a huge, open world that can be explored and conquered by players. All Datacard locations are carefully crafted for maximum immersion in the game, giving collectors something to look forward to as they progress into new levels of gameplay.

The “all datacard locations skywalker saga” is a game that has been released this year. It has many different levels and collectibles to find. This article will help you find all the places where these collectibles can be found.

Datacards are the most difficult collectibles in the whole Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, yet obtaining them may lead to numerous significant gameplay changes. Players may use them to buy Stud Multipliers, breaded lightsabers (yeah, you read it right), and Porg Companions, for example. These are definitely worth seeing, but you’ll have to visit almost every area in the game to get them. So, to spare you hundreds of hours of hunting, below is a list of all 19 Datacard locations, along with directions to each one.

Datacard for Canto Bight (Cantonica)

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Canto Bight’s Datacard is at a dead end in the city’s southern reaches, as depicted above. The Datacard is floating near a third-story residential building at this location. You can get to it by grappling up each of the card’s windows with a Hero-class character until you reach the card.

Datacard for Cloud City (Bespin)

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The Cloud City Datacard is on the lowest level of the site, in the middle of the map. After crossing the bridge to the northern end, turn right to find a breakable wall with the card hidden behind it. You may use a Breaker Blaster with a Scavenger character to break down this wall, then grapple to it with a Hero-class character.

Datacard for the Crait Outpost (Crait)

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Travel to the northwest corner of the main hanger to find the Crait Outpost Datacard. The card is located on a ventilation system that may be accessed by climbing the buildings to its left. Switch to a Hero-class character to leap and grasp onto the ventilation system once you’re on the structure closest to the card.

Datacard for the Crash Site (Kef Bir)

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This Datacard is located between two cottages on the west side of northern Crash Site and is likely the simplest to get (as shown above). You don’t need to be a certain class to get it, but you will need to have Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker unlocked in order to visit the place.

Datacard for Dragonsnake Bog (Dagobah)

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At a dead end in the southeast region of the map, the Dragonsnake Bog Datacard may be discovered floating above tree branches. Although you can’t climb these trees, a Hero or Astromech Droid may grasp onto a hook only feet away from the Datacard.

Datacard for Echo Base (Hoth)

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The Datacard at Hoth’s Echo Base is hung from the main hanger’s ceiling. You may grab and climb onto a portion of the walls using a Hero or Astromech Droid, as demonstrated above. You’ll next want to keep grasping onto the ceiling lights in the room’s center until you reach the card.

Datacard for the Ewok Village (Endor)

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The Datacard for Ewok Village may be found next to a tree in the map’s northern area. You can reach this tree by travelling to Ewok Village’s second level and climbing it until you see a shooting target. The lego obstructing the Datacard will fall when it is struck, enabling you to leap and retrieve it.

Datacard for the Federal District (Coruscant)

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The Federal District Datacard may be found in the northwest corner of the map. This will lead you to a building with breakable floors, as shown above. After you’ve demolished that floor, go down to the lower level to locate the card hidden behind an electrically-charged gate. This gate may be opened by stepping on the red buttons in front of it with two characters. Switch to a third character and grab the card while the gate is deactivated.

Datacard for the Great Temple (Endor)

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The Datacard of the Great Temple is the most difficult to find, although it’s there in front of you. The card is suspended from a bridge over the temple’s first level. The only method to get to it is to climb to the top of the silver pedestal underneath it and then force-lift boxes onto it. Once three boxes have been piled together, you should be able to leap onto this bridge and take the card.

Datacard for Jundland Wastes (Tatooine)

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Climb the cliff behind Ben Kenobi’s hut at the map’s south end to start your search for the Jundland Wastes Datacard. It will need you to utilize a Jedi or Dark Side character to stab a lightsaber into the cliff’s red and white-painted side and ascend with it. Once you’ve reached the summit, leap from wooden bars affixed to the right side of the mountain’s walls to the other end.

Because some of these wooden bars have fallen out of the walls, you’ll have to shove them back into place. You should then keep climbing further up the cliff until you reach the position indicated above. The card is sitting over a small walkway at this location.

Datacard for Kachirho (Kashyyyk)

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When going through Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, you’ll first come across Kachirho. Traveling to the sixth storey of the tree in the map’s center will lead you to its lone Datacard. You’ll want to go to the exterior of the tree where the card is floating close after you’ve achieved this top level.

Datacard for Maz’s Castle (Takodana)

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Surprisingly, the Maz’s Castle Datacard isn’t out in the open. Instead, you’ll have to climb a skewed pole on the map’s west side and step on the button at the top. At the neighboring lake, a chest with the Datacard will emerge.

Datacard for the Mining Complex (Mustafar)

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You’ll be able to explore the Mining Complex and discover its Datacard if you’ve finished Episode III. The item is perched on a large pole in the map’s center (as marked above). You may simply grapple onto its platforms using a Hero or Astromech Droid to ascend it.

Datacard for Mos Eisley (Tatooine)

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The Mos Eisley Datacard is located in the map’s top-right corner. It’s floating beside a second-story window of a skyscraper. As a result, you may transform into a Jedi or Dark Side figure and move and stack surrounding boxes until they reach the card. This should enable you to access the collectable at the top of the stack.

Datacard for Mos Espa (Tatooine)

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Mos Espa is another simple Datacard to obtain. Start at the top-left corner of the region and walk until you reach the highest structure. This card may be found in a tiny chamber behind this construction.

Datacard for Niima Outpost (Jakku)

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A barren location with nothing but abandoned ship components may be found on the northwest edge of Niima Outpost. The enormous, round spacecraft component you may leap inside from the backside contains this Datacard.

Datacard for the Sith Citadel (Exegol)

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This Datacard is placed on top of a pipe at the lowest level of the Sith Citadel. Climb one of the ropes that hang from the ceiling to reach these pipes.

Datacard for Stalgasin Hive (Geonosis)

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You must go up the cliff on the right side of the map in order to get the Datacard in Stalgasin Hive. However, in order to reach the pinnacle, you’ll need to employ a Scavenger character and their Net Blaster. After that, hop down to the other end of the mountain and climb it again to get the Datacard.

Datacard for the Uscru District (Coruscant)

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The Datacard may be found in Uscru District by first going to the center of the map. There is a walkway connecting the Entertainment District and the Outlander Club from there. You may leap onto the wooden ledge of this footbridge and then onto a circular platform suspended between two buildings. The Datacard and a variety of studs may be found at the rear of this platform.

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