All changes to the Olympus map in Apex Legends: Defiance Season 12

When the Apex Legends Defiance season 12 update finally dropped in July 2019, the game’s map was changed and the new zones had some curious details. The graphic design of these areas didn’t seem to make sense for this era yet they were fine when you flew over them from a distance. It looked like we could expect an explanation soon enough so long as there aren’t any more changes after Season 13 drops later this year.

The “apex Legends Season 12 map rotation” is a change that was made to the map. The new changes are not as drastic as some people might have expected.

Fans have only been able to piece together what the new Olympus map could look like in the weeks leading up to Apex Legends Defiance Season 12 from tiny snatches of gameplay in trailers. Although this has mostly fueled conjecture about what will change in the map, developer Respawn Entertainment has now provided an in-depth look at what will be added — and what will be eliminated. Here’s what you may expect to see on this weird Olympus snip-off.

New places have been added.

<a href=Apex Legends Driver of Phases Olympus’ data-lazy-src=’’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’>Respawn Entertainment provided this image.

Driver of Phases

As a previous Season 12 trailer detailed how Mad Maggie transported Olympus with a reactor, it seems the reactor will now have its own dedicated location. This area is seemingly the biggest addition of them all and is known as Driver of Phases. Located on the South end of Olympus, Driver of Phases will revolve around the reactor (now aptly named the “Driver of Phases Device”) and provides various routes to Hydroponics and Bonsai Plaza.

In terms of the gadget itself, gamers will be able to engage with it by receiving three loot rollers every 45 seconds. Even better, one of these rollers is sure to offer players at least one Gold ball, making the location a popular drop spot for months to come.


Another point of interest will come in the form of Terminal, a large multi-story building that is connected to a tube that spans from the center of the map to Driver of Phases. This location is said to have five different entry points, ultimately giving players new routes to and from Hammond Labs and Bonsai Plaza.

Terrain changes and relocations

1643740578_769_All-changes-to-the-Olympus-map-in-Apex-Legends-DefianceRespawn Entertainment provided this image.

With the addition of Driver of Phases, the south side may feel overwhelmingly packed with points of interest. However, to counter that, a new massive open space will stretch these locations further apart. In result, both Solar Array and Bonsai Plaza have been moved further away from the heart of the map. At the time of writing, not much is known about this new terrain, but it is said to include “small towns” and several other objects.

Another, albeit minor, addition to the landscape is the construction of a new tunnel between Turbine and Rift. This addition, according to Respawn, is due to teams manning the previously lone tunnel, which made it tough to move north earlier.

Modifications to the map

1643740578_61_All-changes-to-the-Olympus-map-in-Apex-Legends-DefianceRespawn Entertainment provided this image.

The terrain now places a greater focus on traversal, as shown in promos for the new Olympus. This implies that in the Battle Royale gamers will notice additional stuff like zip wires tied to various locations of interest. When it comes to travel, the game has luckily placed slopes to the side of Grow Tower, enabling legends to walk over rather than around the site.

Other minor changes to Olympus include the removal of Redeploy Balloons from Solar Array and Hammond Labs, as well as the installation of four new lootbins on the east side of the island. On the subject of lootbins, it’s worth noting that the ones that generated valuables under Hammond Labs’ waterfall have been moved to Docks’ north side.

The developer also said that more modest quality-of-life updates are in the works, although it’s unclear what it’s talking about. Whatever the case may be, fans will find out when Defiance debuts on February 8 across all Apex Legends supported platforms.

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The “apex legends season 12 character ” is a change that has been made to the map in Apex Legends The change is for the new season of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex getting rid of Olympus?

A: Apex is not getting rid of Olympus. If you are currently playing on this server, you should continue to do so for now and we will let you know when a new map comes out.

Is Olympus the best Apex map?

A: No, Olympus is not the best Apex map. The most popular Apex Map is arguably Citadel with a score of 8.4/10 on MetaCritic as of July 2018 (as of this writing).

Is Olympus still in Apex?

A: Olympia is still in Apex. Olympus was removed and replaced with the new map called Olympus.

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