All About Final Fantasy Vii Remake – Latest Details

At E3 2015, Square Enix announced the development of a remake of the cult game FFVII, Originally released on PS1. An announcement welcomed with open arms by all players who are fans of the license! A few months ago the publisher gave us more details about the release date, the price and the platforms involved. So much information about “Final Fantasy VII Remake” that we are pleased to share with you through this article.

Release date of FF7 PS4

Here’s a news that will please fans of the Final Fantasy license: indeed the American publisher Square Enix has announced the official release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake. According to this Press Release the game will be released on March 3, 2020. Small precision however: the players will have access, initially, only to the first part of the game. Indeed, this remake will be split into several parts following a decision of SQUARE ENIX a decision that has aroused some anger from a majority of players. Nevertheless, in its defence, the publisher claimed that the different parties will have an amount of content equal to a standard title of the licence.

Consoles and prices

In recent years there have been regular marketing “wars” between console manufacturers to obtain exclusivity for certain popular games. In the case of the remake of Final Fantasy VII, the game will be available exclusively on PS4 from March 3, 2020, then the publisher will be able to offer it on PC and Xbox. Nevertheless, the commercialization of the game on these consoles has not yet been officialized for the moment by Square Enix If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get a PS4 for cheap thanks to the 2020 sale on Rakuten for example! Take the opportunity to stock up on accessories and controllers for Sony’s platform in preparation for the release of FF7, which promises hours of gaming fun. In the meantime, the sales will also allow you to acquire some flagship titles for PS4 at a reduced price to wait until March.

In order to satisfy all desires, different bundles of the game FF Remake VII will be put on sale. First of all, the classic version will be available for purchase for 69,99€ with, for those who pre-order it, a bonus: a Chocobo Chicken Summoning material.

For €89.99, you get the Deluxe Edition, giving you access to additional bonuses such as a Steelbook Sephiroth case, a mini soundtrack, a bound Artbook and Pampa Summoning Material.

Finally, on sale at 299,99€, the 1st Class edition will delight undisputed fans and collectors alike. Indeed, combined with the previous bonuses (as well as the game itself), this collector’s edition will give access to a set of exclusive miniatures! Here are the details:

  • Cloud figurine: 400 grams, 9.6 cm x 4.8 cm x 26.7 cm
  • Hardy-Daytona motorcycle: 1.5 kg, 15.6 cm x 42.7 cm x 17.5 cm

Remake or no remake?

In this regard, many changes have been made by the developers of this game. Since this is a remake, the publisher wanted to have some freedom from the game’s storyline, while keeping the authenticity.

So we will find the main characters of Final Fantasy VII like Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barrett, Sephiroth of course, but also new developed characters (sketched in the original version), reworked dialogues and graphics.

Finally, as we could see in the last trailer, Square Enix tried to end the turn-by-turn for the fight scenes by offering real time fights for a better fluidity in the moves. In the face of the outcry from fans of the first opus, the publisher seems to want to spare the goat and the cabbage by offering the two combat modes, at the player’s choice. To be continued…





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