Age of Empires Iv : There Will Be Less Civilizations Than in Age of Empires Ii

At last month’s X019 in London, Microsoft unveiled gameplay for Age of Empires IV, which has yet to be released. Nevertheless, as the weeks go by, the game is slowly unfolding. And don’t be surprised, but Age of Empires IV will have fewer civilizations than Age of Empires II.

Fewer civilizations than in AOE II

Recently, the PCGamesN website had the opportunity to talk to Adam Isgreen, creative director on the saga, aboutAge of Empires IV. The opportunity for both parties to discuss the content of the game and in particular the different civilizations that will be represented and playable. And for Age of Empires IV, Microsoft does not want to play with quantity, but rather quality.

You can expect to see a little less than the 13 visible in Age of Empires II, as we seek to make each civilization more unique, rather than aiming for quantity.

While we have kept similar specific structures in the form of language, because we want them to be understandable in all the civilizations that possess them. Each civilization in Age of Empires IV has its own unique visuals for each unit and structure in the game.

In Age of Empires IV, Isgreen and his team want to play the Identity card rather than the quantity card. Although the exact number of civilizations has not been provided, they will be fewer in number than in Age of Empires II. Two factions are known at present: the Mongols and the English. Nevertheless, it remains possible that new civilizations may be added through CSD. Although some players had expressed reluctance to do so, as it would upset the balance of the game, Isgreen had not tossed the idea in the trash. Microsoft would like to remind you that the development teams are working hand in hand with the community and wish to makeAge of Empires IV an unforgettable opus.

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