Age of Empire 4: Finally a Gameplay Trailer, It’s Sublime!

Age of Empire 4 unveils in a Gameplay Trailer that offers a first glimpse of the game’s content. The graphics are much more polished than those of the first three episodes of the main series and there is something to make fans even more impatient. In the meantime, you can already get your hands on the 4K remaster of Age of Empire II which has just been released as an appetizer.

Microsoft took the opportunity of its X019 conference in London to give news ofAge of Empire 4 and it’s simply the first gameplay trailer that we were served. It’s been two years now since the fourth canonical episode of Age of Empire was expected. Microsoft had released an announcement trailer in 2017 and since then, nothing. The second trailer has just been released and is much more expressive since it shows gameplay or game footage to be more precise.

It’s a bit short, but it gives us a first glimpse of the content and graphics of Age of Empire 4 and they are much more accomplished than those of the previous opus of the series. The sequence focuses on major battles between different factions. The narrative arc takes us back to the Middle Ages and depicts the war between two empires: the Mongols and the English. While the graphics are more beautiful, the game mechanics and scenery are still very familiar and many are already complaining about a recycled Age of Empire II. However, Xbox promises a very different game compared to the other episodes.

In terms of development, a new studio called World’s Edge is at the helm of Age of Empire IV and joins the big family of Xbox teams on the Microsoft side. At the moment, we have no indication yet of when AoE 4 will be released. Finally, it’s time to remember that Age of Empire II Definitive Edition which is a 4k remaster of the second episode is released today on Xbox One and PC.





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