Age of Empire 2

andemias 22:46 10/03/2008

Good morning

I have a problem with Age of Empire 2: as soon as I want to launch the game, I get an error telling me that directdraw couldn’t initialize the graphics card I followed the protocol to get a screen in 800 by 600 with the modified driver. I wanted to know if those who run it have made any particular modification!

Thank you!

exactly the same problem on an EEE900D, which has a solution?

ccwh 11h34 21/10/2008

Is DirectX9 up to date (Update of August 2008) ?

uhuu good question I mean good… age of empire 2… it must be directx7 what

I’ll try again tonight with the new directx

always the same problem even with the new directx

the game launches but impossible to create a game,

you can navigate in the menu,

create a game but at launch,

black screen then the game closes after 5s

I’m sorry to bring this up again, but I would have liked to know if you had found a solution.

I play it without any problem on my 1000H, and we would like to play it in LAN with my darling, the problem being that she can’t launch it on her 701 (directdraw error…)

FYI on his 701:

XP Pro SP3

DirectX up to date

matronix 00h24 18/02/2009

Have you tested a clean installation or are you copying the installation folder?

I copied the installation folder of my landline to my 1000H and runs without problems :/

I’ve tried both. It always runs great on the 1000H, but not on the 701. /

matronix 00h58 18/02/2009

Do you have the original OS or the same OS?

Could be a hardware problem.

bell_8 23:24 29/08/2009

Hi everyone!

I own a EEE PC 1101HA with WinXP in SP3 + 2GB ram.

When I want to launch AoE 2, he tells me he has a mistake with the directdraw. I’ve been in the DirectX dialog box and the directdraw test is ok.

I don’t know how to do it! I n’t make an ISO to install it, just a folder in which I pasted the entire contents of the original CD which I then copied to the EEE SD before installing the game.

If someone can explain to me how to properly install AoE 2 and the extension on my EEE it would be really cool !

Also last question: why it is often said that it is better to install the games on a USB key rather than on the SD, knowing that mine is 160 GB???

Finally, does Quake 3 run correctly and is it easy to install ?

Thank you all !!!!!

matronix 05h12 30/08/2009

Hello to you!

So… (clears throat)

AoE 2 normally runs perfectly, update it.

Install your games on your DD, this is a crazy story!

Quake 3 passes perfectly (haaa LANs in progress )

Don’t hesitate to go to my site (in signature) for other games!

bell_8 12h05 30/08/2009

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately I tried to install again this morning with the patch no cd 2.0b, and nothing can be done about it! He’s always telling me there’s something wrong with the directdraw …

An idea:?: 😥

matronix 14:02 30/08/2009

Try in order :

to put in compatibility XP SP2

to launch by the executable, not by the shortcut

Update directX and retry the 2 on top

not to install the intro video

Hang yourself
Tire La Langue

bell_8 16h11 30/08/2009

Matronix, since you seem to be pretty much in the loop, and hanging has not been able to solve my problem, I turn to you again regarding the two games I would like to run on my 1101HA, which are not fully working: Quake 3 & AoE 2

Quake 3

I can set up the game and throw it. Since the EEE 1101 does not offer a CD/DVD drive, I am obliged to make an ISO of my original cd and then use daemontools to install it on the EEE. Of course, still no player, I have to use a nocd patch to run Quake 3. The game launches without any problem, but after a while it either crashes and brings me back to the desktop (where I can restart it without any problem), or it gives me the following error message CL_ParsePacketEntities : End of message.

I think the latter is the result of using a nocd patch, but I’m not sure. Could you enlighten me if you see a way to solve this problem?

AoE 2

Concerning AoE, the problem remains. I can install it without any problem from an ISO of the collector version on DVD. But when I want to launch it, it gives me an error message: Unable to initialize graphic resolution. Make sure your driver and video card are compatible with DirectDraw.

Knowing that my 1101HA runs under XP, I can’t launch it in XPSP2 compatibility, the choice not being proposed !

Anyway, if you can guide me again on the way to success, because it’s really too stupid to know that I can run these games that I own in original versions, and not be able to do so

Thank you in advance !

matronix 9:18 pm 30/08/2009

For Quake 3, go to my site, it’s ready to download without installation.

For AoE2, try to install it on your fixed line, put the crack on, see if it works, if so copy everything on the netbook.

bell_8 00h07 31/08/2009

Concerning Quake 3, the file on your site works wonders … as does your site, which is one of them all by itself! A must from now on

However for AoE, I took your advice. Everything works nikel on my desktop PC, but when I copy everything to the EEE, it still makes it impossible for me to initialize the graphic resolution. Make sure your driver and video card are compatible with DirectDraw when I want to launch the game …

It’s awful not to be able to throw this thing !!!!!!!!!

If you have a solution, see a version of the game like Quake 3 😳

bell_8 00h18 31/08/2009

It’s all the more annoying that using your file, I can run AoM without any problem !!! 👿 👿 👿

matronix 00h26 31/08/2009

Well, I’m sorry I’m out of ideas.

I had a fully functional version of AoE 2 for our current lan, I have to see if I still have that (I promise you nothing). I can’t look there, my fix is off, I’m on my eeemac there

bell_8 01h01 31/08/2009

If by chance you still have this, that’s great!

And if you don’t have it, listen, I’m not going to die from it right away either, especially since I’ve recovered thanks to you Q3 and AoM! 😈

In case it’s really cool of you to have taken the time to answer me and help me the best you can. And it is clear that we will meet again on your site which, as I said, will become a must !!! 8)

matronix 3:13 pm 31/08/2009

Well, I’m sorry I don’t have that anymore.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to helping you =)

If you want to thank me, please tell your friends

tofly974 12h23 06/09/2009

for info at home age of ampire 2 + the expansion works very well on my samsung nc10 is its nikel!!!!

bell_8 10h10 18/09/2009

Sent by :

for info at home age of ampire 2 + the expansion works very well on my samsung nc10 is its nikel!!!!

What version are you running? I’ve tried with Star Wars Battleground, which should pass too since it’s the same engine as AoE, and ditto, it tells me there’s a problem : Unable to initialize graphic resolution. Make sure your driver and video card are compatible with DirectDraw

As I was telling Matronix, it’s all the more annoying that I can run AoM with no worries!

bell_8 11h00 22/09/2009

Sent by :

for info at home age of ampire 2 + the expansion works very well on my samsung nc10 is its nikel!!!!

Tofly if you can hear me, can you give me a hand, a mouse or at worst a kick? Unless a charitable soul takes the front, the back and all the other orifices

matronix 13:08 22/09/2009

Uh, coming from a girl, that’s doubtful: mrgreen:

Don’t fall into prostitution to get help haha

she practices humor (a little out of place, I agree, especially on a self-help site like this one) but you have the art and the way to welcome people Matronix … bravo 😕

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