After playoff beatdown, New England Patriots’ top priority to fix defense

After the New England Patriots’ embarrassing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in AFC Championship Game, Bill Belichick is now looking for ways to fix his defense. The future of their team and season depend on what changes are made this offseason.

The “2020 new england patriots ” is the top priority for the New England Patriots after their playoff beatdown. They are desperate to fix their defense, which was exposed by the Philadelphia Eagles in a 41-33 loss.

NEW YORK’S ORCHARD PARK — The New England Patriots were blasted out 47-17 by the Buffalo Bills in the AFC wild-card round on Saturday night highlighting what should be a primary summer goal for coach Bill Belichick.

This defense is in desperate need of repair.

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, who had an MVP-worthy performance with five touchdown passes, was a total no-show. But, as good as Allen was, the Patriots’ veteran-laden defense’s lack of fight was alarming.

Longtime captain Devin McCourty described it as “embarrassing.”

Belichick praised the Bills, saying, “We were just unable to stay up with them. They deserved to be victorious. We weren’t able to do anything. We’ll put the parts back together, go back to work, and figure out how to be more competitive.”

How terrible did it get?


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Jones’ performance (24-of-38 for 232 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions) was the least of the Patriots’ issues. Jones, in fact, kept the Patriots in the game when the defense didn’t show up to start the game. He had a 30-yard pass from outside the pocket and a 16-yard scamper, but the team only gained 21 yards on the other ten plays to start the game. Jones was intercepted in the end zone by safety Micah Hyde, ending a potentially exciting first drive on a play that was more about Hyde’s brilliance than anything else. Jones was intercepted again on the first drive of the second half, but he was one of the few bright lights in the game.

Silver lining: In his first season, Jones acquired postseason experience, which is the sort of foundation that might be beneficial. There’s a reason no rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl and Russell Wilson was the last QB to win a playoff game in 2012. Jones had a good conclusion to his rookie season, which was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal night for the club.

Eye-popping Allen took 9.64 seconds to complete an 8-yard touchdown ball to tight end Dawson Knox on the Bills’ first drive, and he sprinted 32.1 yards before throwing it. On this play, the Patriots only rushed three defenders.

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