AFK Arena – How To Get Hero Experience

experience is one of the most common resources in the CFA field, but it is extremely useful.

You need the experience of your heroes to help them progress in the game, which makes them an incredibly important resource.

You can gain hero experience in the AFK Arena by participating in the Arcane Labyrinth, Journey of Wonders, campaign stages, Noble Society, King’s Tower, events, collecting AFK rewards and completing campaign tasks.

See below for more information on each method.

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Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth is a three-level tile series where you fight enemies to advance, collect relics, and more.

All tiles with chests are battles that give a reward at the end.

One of the rewards you get every time you defeat a field of enemies in the Arcane Maze is Hero Experience.

So if you want to maximize the hero experience you get in the Arctic Maze, you should select as many tiles with chests as possible.

In addition, tiles with chests that carry a red flag instead of a brown flag have tougher enemies, but also give much more rewards.

If your team manages to do this, look for tiles with chests that also carry a red flag.

If your team is close to death, you should use tiles with healing, rebirth, etc. to keep your team alive longer.

Even if you miss the fight, if you run out of strong heroes and get stuck in the Arctic labyrinth, you will miss many more fights and have to wait for the labyrinth to start again.

Dream trip

The Wonderland, located in the Black Forest in the bottom menu, takes you through puzzles filled with enemies and chests to collect.

Some of the chests you find while traveling contain heroic experiences, and if they do, it’s usually worth 24 hours.

However, there are far from always chests on the journey that can give the hero an experience.

But don’t forget to check out the flights you can do now with Wonder Journey, in case you can get some hero experience.

Differential pricing

Completing parts of the campaign is another way to gain experience as a hero in the AFC Arena.

Each time you complete a scene, you’ll get rewards, including the Hero Experience.

The amount of heroic experience you get after completing a stage depends on your progress in the campaign.

If you’re currently stuck at a certain level of the campaign, there’s not much hero experience to be had at that stage of the campaign.

Noble Society

Only certain players can receive the Heroes of the Nobility experience, as it is required for the Return of the Hero event to be active.

If you do, you can gain hero experience in the Society of Nobles, found in the Merchants tab in the upper left corner of the offline main screen.

In the Society of Nobility, you should have the Just Wealth tab on the right if the Return of Hell event is active for you.

In Righteous Riches you can earn rewards by collecting redemption medallions.

Collecting a number of Savior’s medals will qualify you for rewards, some of which are a leap in time for the hero.

Royal Tower

In the King’s Tower, located in the Black Forest, you unlock the Towers of Esperia after reaching chapter 15 of the campaign.

In the Towers of Esperia, located in the King’s Tower, you can win various rewards by unlocking the floors.

On some floors, the reward is a big part of the hero’s experience.

Esperia Towers’ first Hero’s Experience Award is located on the 105th floor.


At some of the many events taking place at the AFC Arena, you have the chance to win a Hero Experience as a reward for your participation.

Unfortunately, not all of these events have heroic experience on their reward list, but some do.

It is therefore advisable to check both the left menu and the Events tab to see what events are currently active.

Some events do not show up on the Events tab even though they are active, so pay attention to the menu on the left as well.

CFA Price

AFK rewards are unused rewards that your team passively collects for you, even when you are not playing the game.

You can claim them by clicking on the chests and stacks of gold in the middle of the empty main screen.

AFK rewards give you a number of different resources and items, including a hero experience.

Just as you can get a hero experience with AFK rewards, you can also get one with Quick Rewards, which gives you two hours of AFK rewards instantly.

You can use the Fast Rewards for free once a day, which is normal, but don’t spend the diamonds on extra Fast Rewards, as you’d be better off spending them on something else.

Campaign applications

In the Quests tab, located in the upper right corner of the main screen when not working, there is also a Hero Experience item that can be earned.

The kind of campaign quest where you have to collect a certain number of heroes gives experience to the hero.

However, there are no daily or weekly quests that reward the hero’s experience.

Here’s how to have the hero experience at the AFC Arena!

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.


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frequently asked questions

Can you hack the AFC Arena?

There is absolutely no diamond or gold hacking in AFK Arena or any other online game, they just try to trap you.

How do you get good characters in the AFC Arena?

The best heroes in the AFC arena are those classified as Rare or Elite. At first, you will have to rely on heroes of normal rank for the first round of battles. Upgrade with other higher level heroes until you have a few more rare or elite warriors.

Who is the strongest character in the AFC Arena?

Brutus, Saveas and Tasi become the strongest heroes in the average AFC Arena rankings. Nemora, Lucius, Ira and Mirael remained strong, while Lykka and Arden won midway through the game. And, stay with Shemira!

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