AFK Arena – How To Get Gold

is one of the most important resources you can collect in the AFC Arena

You need the gold for many reasons in the game, such as upgrading your heroes and unlocking slots in Resonating Crystal.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get gold out of the CFA arena, which we’ll show you in this guide.

In short, you can earn gold in the AFK Arena by collecting AFK rewards, quick rewards, quests, guild hunt, campaign, King’s Tower, Hero Arena, events, time spikes, gratitude, mystery maze, miraculous journey, combat games and by redeeming redemption codes.

See below for more information on each method.

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CFA Awards

Your team will automatically gain gold and hero experience which you can pick up in the game’s Campaign tab.

The amount of gold and hero experience your team passively generates per minute depends on your progress in the campaign and your VIP level.

The number of hours you can deduct from your AFC awards also depends on your VIP level.

Be sure to claim AFK rewards at least every 12 hours, or as many hours as you can sustain, to get as much gold as possible.

Guild hunting

The guild hunt includes two final bosses, Wrizz and Soren, which you can fight twice a day.

But before you can challenge Soren, your guild must collect enough trophies and your guild leader must start hunting him.

You can reach these two final bosses by going to Ranhorn, then to the guild at the top of town, and selecting Guild Hunt.

By challenging these two final bosses, you earn various rewards, including equipment, diamonds and, of course, gold.

The amount of gold you get for defeating a Guild Hunt boss depends on the amount of damage you inflict on him.

As a result, the amount of gold you earn in guild hunting will increase over the course of the game and can be greatly increased by building a strong boss team.

Quick Rewards

The way to get a handful of gold immediately is to use the Quick Rewards feature.

The Quick Rewards feature allows you to earn two hours of gold and a hero experience when you use it.

The Quick Rewards button is located in the lower right corner of the game’s Campaign tab.

Each day you can use Fast Rewards once for free, after that it is worth diamonds.

Since you should not spend diamonds on quick rewards, you should only use the free daily rewards.


The “Quests” tab of the AFC Arena has a cold one that can be won.

The second reward box in the “Journals” tab contains a 2-hour gold hourglass. You need 40 daily quest points to unlock this box.

On the Weekly tab, the first and third reward chests contain a golden hourglass at 8 o’clock. To unlock these two rewards, you must complete 60 weekly quests.

Some campaign quests also give gold as a reward, such as Accumulate, a total of X gold, in AFK quests.


As you progress through the campaign, you will receive gold, as one of the rewards for passing the milestones is gold.

The amount of gold you get for each completed level is small, at least later in the game.

However, as you progress, the amount of gold you generate per minute through AFC rewards also increases, making it worth your time.

Reimbursement codes

Redemption codes are a quick and easy way to obtain gold in the AFC Arena.

Refund codes are codes issued by the game developers that players can claim.

Sometimes the reward for these codes is gold.

If you don’t know how to trade codes, check out our guide on how to trade codes in the AFK Arena.

Since redeemable codes expire after a certain amount of time, check our list of AFK Arena redeemable codes to make sure you are getting the latest active codes.

Royal Tower

Defeating the steps of the King’s Tower is another good way to win gold.

The King’s Tower consists of floors with one team per floor. Each time you pass a floor, you get a reward that contains gold.

Since the ground you are on contains a lot of gold, you can quickly extract a lot of gold from the King’s Tower.

But it depends on how many times you’ve done it.

If you haven’t done this for a while, you can clean a lot of floors and get a lot of gold.

But if you’re currently stuck on the ground, there’s clearly not much gold to be gained in the King’s Rook until you’re stronger.

The arena of heroes

Arena of Heroes is a PvP system in the AFC Arena where you can compete against teams of other players.

When you win a battle in the Arena of Heroes, you receive a reward.

One of the rewards you can get is gold. However, it is not certain that you will get gold as there are different items in the reward pool.

You get three free passes to the Arena of Heroes each day, so enjoy them all.


Events are constantly taking place at the AFC Arena.

In such cases, you can get various rewards, and sometimes those rewards consist of gold.

So check which events are active at the time of playback.

All active events can be viewed in the left menu, in the “Action” tab of the game.

Remember to check both the left menu itself and the event list, as not all events are listed in the event list.

time spikes

Peaks of Time is a series of small puzzles set in the Black Forest.

In these puzzles, you explore a map full of enemies, chests and more.

The chests found in the high places of time contain useful rewards, including gold.

The amount of gold you receive from these vaults increases each time you unlock a new story.

Don’t forget to do the “Spades of Time” operation, because the amount of gold you get per gold reward is very high compared to the amount you get from other sources.


You can get gold by filling out the notes in the CFA arena, which are available, but will take some time.

To see all the bonuses you can currently pay, go to Bleak Forest and select the charity board.

Here you will find a list of all available bonuses and their rewards, the time they are completed and the time remaining.

The reward for some of these bonuses is gold.

To launch them, just choose the right combination of heroes.

Then return to the Bounty Board when the bonus is paid out to collect your rewards.

Make sure you start with all the bonuses you can get, as they are an easy way to get gold.

Be sure to throw all the team bonuses you can, as they will give you many more rewards.

Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth, also located in the Black Forest, is another way to win gold in the AFC Arena.

Each tile in the Maze with a chest is a team of enemies that you can challenge.

If you defeat a team of enemies, you get a reward that contains gold.

Since there are many enemies in the Arcane Labyrinth, you can earn a lot of gold there.

The journey of miracles

Journey of Wonders is a collection of puzzles.

In the Black Forest, you can take a journey of wonder.

Each Wonderland puzzle requires you to fight enemies and find chests.

Some of these chests contain gold, depending on the journey you take.

Since only one or more flights are open at a time, you may not always be able to get gold in Journey of Wonders, as not all flights have gold as a reward.

Fighting controversy.

An interesting way to get more gold in the AFC arena is to make a battle bet.

The Fighting Bet is a bet on the winner of a fight in a PvP tournament.

You can place a fight bet by going to the Heroes Arena, selecting the active tournament and clicking on the “Fight Bet” button in the upper right corner.

Learn how to get gold at the AFC Arena here!

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you break into the AFC arena?

There is absolutely no diamond or gold hacking in AFK Arena or any other online game, they are just trying to trap you.

What do you do with the gold in the AFC arena?

You need all the gold you can get late to upgrade your mythical gear, perfect your heroes, and buy ordinary items in the store.

Is it worth spending money in a CFL stadium?

No, unless you want to become a whale, your money won’t get you very far…. Spending money in a game to advance is only worthwhile if it changes something fundamental in the game.

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