Activision Blizzard Lays Off QA Contractors for Call of Duty Developer Raven Software

Activision has laid off a number of contractors from the Call of Duty developer Raven Software, including QA and testing staff. Activision says this is because it wanted to pursue “a different development strategy.” The news coincides with reports that publisher Electronic Arts may shutter Visceral Games in October after completing its Star Wars project.

Activision Blizzard laid off QA contractors for Call of Duty developer Raven Software. The company’s CEO Bobby Kotick said that the decision was made because the game is “in a good place”.

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Over a dozen quality assurance contractors for Raven Software, the creator of Call of Duty have been let off by Activision Blizzard Several COD games, including Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, were developed in-house. The reorganization came as a major shock to the contractors, who had been promised pay rises for months. Instead, they were summoned to meetings and informed that they would be laid off. They were not given a reason, but were assured that they had done nothing wrong.

Right now, I’m devastated. My Raven QA buddies had been assured for months that Activision was working on a pay restructuring that would enhance their salary.

Today, one by one, key members of the team were summoned to meetings and informed that they will be let go.

December 3, 2021 — Austin O’Brien (@eyyohbee)

The contractors’ final day will be January 28, but the corporation has given them permission to go sooner. Some people have chosen to do so. “Our team is shattered, and no one will want to work even if they were promoted,” one employee stated. “I was considering leaving due of Activision’s recent notoriety, and I no longer want to support the corporation.” Working for Activision, in my view, is an embarrassment.”

Difficult Times

The previous several months have been difficult for Activision Blizzard Since July, there have been lawsuits filed over claims of sexual misconduct and harassment. In response to the claims, the board of directors recently announced the formation of a “Workplace Responsibility Committee.” Employees also organized a walkout to demand that CEO Bobby Kotick quit.

The Game Awards are an annual celebration of video games

Presenter Geoff Keighley has voiced support for workers who have come forward as the 2021 Game Awards approach their December 9 start date. He doesn’t want to stifle developers’ ability to show off their work, so he’s attempting to find out how to best deal with the problem. He recently revealed that Activision will not be attending the ceremony, but that the company’s titles would still be nominated.

#TheGameAwards is a moment to celebrate this business, which is the world’s largest source of entertainment.

Abuse, harassment, or exploitative activities have no place in any firm or society.

December 4, 2021 — Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley)

It’s worth mentioning that Activision Blizzard sits on the advisory board for the Games Awards. Other QA testers have been advised that Tapfin, one of the company’s employment partners, has been discontinued. As a result, another character, Volt, is getting a bigger part. The remaining testers will join Volt as employees. Activision Blizzard will continue to meet with employees through December 8 to update them on their employment situation. Those that are kept and promoted to full-time positions will earn increases, perks, and incentives.

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Activision Blizzard has laid off the QA contractors for Call of Duty developer Raven Software. The layoffs are seen as a way to cut costs in light of Activision’s recent acquisition by Microsoft. Reference: microsoft .

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