Action Camera – an important part of today’s vlogging

Action Camera – an important part of today’s vlogging

In today’s world, many people prefer active leisure activities, they travel, walk, swim, go climbing and so on.

Previously, all these bright moments remained only in memory. Now you can record them on miniature cameras that are mounted on different things, including helmets and other accessories.

Action Camera

So let’s take a look at how important it is to use action cameras in the modern world:

1. Record high points for personal use

Perhaps this is one of the current options for the purchase of action cameras. You can take this device with you on trips and use it at any convenient time, record both the brightest moments and daily life. For example, you can record a video of how you walk in an amazing place if you are traveling in a bus, car, or other means of transport. All captured video in the future can be viewed on a personal computer or mobile device. It is very convenient and practical from many sides.

2. Create creative advertising

In the promotional activities, you can also use action cameras. Thanks to such devices, you can record an amazing video, process it and create advertising for any products or services. It should be noted that such advertising will be unusual, and therefore, will attract a number of the target audience. As a result, the flow of customers will increase.

3. Create a video for earnings on the Internet

Perhaps this is one of the most popular and relevant ways to make money in the global Internet. Many of us have seen a channel on the Internet called YouTube, thanks to which millions of users of the global network can both watch suitable videos and place their own in order to earn money from it. There are various offers, promotions, thanks to which users can receive financial rewards. At the moment, this line of earnings continues to evolve, giving users the ability to both watch interesting videos and post them on the global Internet.

In addition to YouTube, there are other sites that host videos. And especially popular are videos shot using Action Camera. Such videos are unusual, extreme. They can be created using this version of cameras. Agree that using, for example, a smartphone or tablet is not so easy to make a video, for example, jumping with a parachute or climbing a mountain with the help of special accessories.

An action camera is now an important part of creating a successful video blog on Youtube.

Action camera for blogging: tips on choosing

Everyone should try to become a blogger.

What is needed for this? First of all, choose your camera. We recommend using action cameras for blogging following the example of many video bloggers who have already appreciated their compactness, ease of management and quality of shooting.

What should be an action camera for a blog?

  • compact so that you can carry it in your pocket;
  • reliably protected so as not to be damaged when carried;
  • have a good built-in microphone so that the sound is recorded at a very high quality, and also to allow the connection of an external microphone;
  • have Wi-Fi to broadcast filmed on YouTube and other Internet services;
  • with a removable battery so that you can quickly remove the shrunken and replace it with a full one.

Now more.


Riding a bike on rough terrain, extreme riding on the roof of a speeding train carriage turns on an all-terrain vehicle or snow whipping snow, deep scuba diving into the depths of the sea and other “madness” dictate to the weight and dimensions of the video camera the minimum requirements.

And if a traditional camera with its weight in a pound for regular filming is a normal thing, then for an action-style video, the weight will play a big role.

Reliable protection

Shooting at speed and/or under adverse conditions requires stable operation from action cameras, which are provided by special protective devices. With them, ice spray, snow chips, catastrophically low or high temperatures will never affect the quality of shooting!

For in-depth reports, the equipment is protected by the aqua box, which withstands the pressure of the water column up to 60 meters.


An ordinary optional microphone for an action camera will turn it into a semi-professional recording device. The microphone is often provided with wind protection that will successfully prevent interference with sound recording.

Built-in WiFi module

More and more models of action cameras are equipped with wireless modules Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Remember that due to the small size and complexity of the design, action cameras rarely have a built-in LCD screen. But with the help of free applications, your tablet or smartphone can be turned into a comfortable display for viewing and recording video. Parameter settings are also more convenient to do through the application. And you do not need to remove the memory card every time to dump material on the computer.

Removable battery

If shooting is necessary for a long time, you will need an additional or replaceable battery for your action camera. Due to the miniaturization of devices, they are equipped with weak batteries, which is the main drawback of gadgets.

Virtually any battery for an action camera allows it to work for 1-2 hours in high-resolution shooting mode. For some models, the battery life of the device in economy mode (low resolution, turned off Wi-Fi) reaches three hours.

GoPro Action Camera

For example, consider GoPro.

A removable lithium-ion battery for an 1160 mAh HERO4 action camera will provide the camcorder with energy for a couple of hours. When recording in ultra-high resolution, the battery lasts about 70 minutes with the wireless connections turned off.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will take another 5-10 minutes. With the classic 25 frames per second in 4K mode, the power supply can last up to 50 minutes, and when controlling the camera via Wi-Fi, this time is almost halved to 27 minutes.

The 5th generation of GoPro HERO features a slightly increased battery capacity – 1220 mAh.

If the budget does not allow you, then you can purchase a GoPro alternative. There are a large number of cheaper cameras than GoPro, which are not inferior in quality.


Modern action cameras are small and easy to use, they are mounted on any kind of surface, they record video and photos in high resolution with an incredibly wide viewing angle. Many lovers of travel and outdoor activities attach the camera to the monopod and tell about their adventures, extreme sportsmen take off their first-person stunts, for divers, these are the most accessible underwater cameras. They also liked the professionals of the video industry for the opportunity to place the camera where other equipment simply does not fit: at least on the wing of the plane, at least on a live bird.

Therefore, such cameras are of great importance in the industry of vlogs, and we hope that you will make the right choice.

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