A Welcome Song and Dance Diversion

Universal Pictures has made the right decision by publishing the Troll World Tour on request. All children quarantined at home sing and dance their hearts out. The Troll World Tour is candyfloss, a musical mash of the multicultural masses. The film combines the successes of each genre in a stream of tripe, full of songs and scenes. Automatic singing is getting more and more boring, but a younger audience doesn’t complain about it. If you liked the first movie, a turbo-charged sequel.

The Troll World Tour reveals other troll kingdoms and their extraordinary musical styles. Queen Poppy (Anne Kendrick) and her enchanted best friend, Branch (Justin Timberlake), will discover that they are Pop Trolly. The neighbour rolls, led by the mocking Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), in a dizzying and heartbreaking way look for a guitar solo to conquer all the others. Rock would be the only music allowed.

POWERFUL: Music video for the World Troll Tour: Dance evening in the living room with artists

Poppy refuses to believe that Barb is a threat. She wants to prove that all trolls can hear each other and respect each other’s music. Branch, Biggie (James Corden) and Mr. Les Dinkles (Kevin Michael Richardson) run to intercept Barb, but they’re on their way back. Poppy underestimates Barb’s overwhelming determination, while Branch struggles to express her love. Their personal problems are another obstacle to ending Barb’s dominance.

Trolls World Tour is a 90 minute video clip. Each new troll kingdom has its own kind. The action is unstoppable, because the remixes of the hits keep coming back. Children need energy, but it will be overwhelming for people with a longer period of time. The cameramen could soften the flow with more pessimistic moments or reduce the number of songs. There’s so much music, nothing stands out. The lack of a catchy melody obscures the troll’s world tour.

The issue of diversity is also uninterrupted. Different sequences are well thought out. But the message keeps hitting like a techno troll on drums and bass guitar. The sermon too often resembles tuning a car. I’m curious what the general reaction will be to a number of new characters. The Troll World Tour celebrates all lifestyles with a clearly liberal system of values. Is he even going to mumble, given the severity of the pandemic?

The film is praiseworthy for its lively animation. It would be stupid to see her in a theatre. However, I was lucky to be able to show the film on a 64-inch OLED TV. Unbelievable is an understatement. The Funk Troll spaceship looked like a rainbow exploding in the living room. Another exceptional show: Queen Barb and her Rocky Trolls are underwater for the techno trolls. A feast for the eyes must be celebrated. The appearance of the film may not play a second violin to the music.

The troll world trip is a demographic success. The young people are fascinated by the film. It’s like seeing and hearing refined sugar. I have no doubt that the world tour of the Trolls will result in countless singing and karaoke evenings. Singing and happiness are more in demand today than ever before. Trolls World Tour is the production of the DreamWorks animation. It is available on request at Universal Pictures.

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